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Customized Solutions for Spider Glazing

Why Is It Required?

With the constant development in science and technology, glass has found more use in our daily lives than ever before. It is used in internal spaces as glass doors, windows, furniture and more. The extensive use of glass has also led to the development of new technology to support these structures. Spider glazing is a modern solution for exterior bolted glass assemblies. This secures the glass to a support structure by means of point fixings.

These stainless steel fixings are designed to absorb all static and dynamic loads, including the dead weight of the glass, wind loading, and differential expansion due to temperature difference, and distribute them to the support structure. Spider Glazing is a complete package that includes the glass, fixings, fasteners and spider brackets that connect to the structure, for example a pillar or building walls. This solution provides maximum transparency and ensures that the interiors are generously provided with natural light.

These solutions are also water and weather proof- allowing it to even be used in locations with unpredictable weather. The hardware is also made of stainless steel and glass spider fitting, which prevents it from rusting. Spider glazing is available with a multitude of hardware which is customized according to your needs and the thickness of the glass. Spider glazing solutions are completely safe with no compromise on quality.

Glass spider fitting, fasteners and spider brackets

Spider glazing is an aesthetic modern solution for exterior bolted glass assemblies

Glass spider fitting, fasteners and spider brackets

Glasxperts – For the Best Specialised Glass

Glasxperts provides 360 degree solutions for glass interiors and take full responsibility right from inspection, product selection, design, installation to fitting and service. We have developed a comprehensive set of solutions that perfectly fulfil your privacy requirements. Sourced from our versatile portfolio of specialized glass, Glasxperts brings together superior technology and reliable expertise to create solutions in living glass. Spider glazing are created by utilizing glass spider fitting which makes it much stronger and resilient than normal glass solutions. With our glass arrangements and impeccable service, we help you in creating the best interior décor with the perfect glass solutions.

GX privacy glass solutions

Switchable Glass

Presenting AIS SwytchglasTM

It is made using PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Film o create solutions in living g comprising of droplets of liquid crystal uniformly dispersed in a flexible plastic film. It is a superior technology providing superlative experience.

The uniqueness of the product lies in the fact that it changes appearance from clear to translucent at a touch of a button.

Enables instant privacy and reduces noise.

Finds application in doors and, internal partitions (to check for window solution)

Glass with integrated blinds

This is a product which brings blinds and glass into one, single integrated unit with remote control operation. Available in Venetian, roller and pleated type for different visibility options, it is the perfect marriage of privacy and aesthetics. Moreover, it is 100% water and dust-proof and requires zero maintenance. Suitable For windows, doors, partitions, personal cabins, study room and skylights.

Glass with view control films

This is a unique glass whose appearance changes from transparent to translucent with different viewing angles. It is, thus, perfect for restricting visibility from a particular angle. It can be installed on existing glazing or windows. It is useful for, personal cabins, internal partitions.

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