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Customized Solutions for Glass Staircase

Why Is It Required?

In the recent times, interior designers have resorted to new materials of choice when it comes to renovating homes. Glass not just elevates the aesthetic quality of the space but also adds a touch of refined innovation. It offers myriad of options to browse and can enhance the beauty of your home in ways previously not imagined.

Glass is considered to be the ideal choice for designing excellent interiors as it’s possible to blend both structural and functional aesthetics. Glass Staircase design is one such architectural avenue that has the tendency of taking the stylish excellence of any foundation to the next level. Glass staircase now days, have become quite popular and with modern technology every step appears modern and elegant. These staircase designs become all the more suitable when we can vouch that it gives you a brilliant security and pristine arrangement. Glass spiral staircase design is also an option which completely changes and enhances the look of the interiors.

Toughened glass staircase

Glass staircases can take the aesthetic value of any establishment to the next level

Staircase glass railing


glass staircase designs


Customized solutions for staircase


Toughened glass staircase
Staircase glass railing
glass staircase designs
Customized solutions for staircase

Glasxperts – For the Best Specialised Glass

Glasxperts provides 360 degree solutions for glass interiors and take full responsibility right from inspection, product selection, design, installation to fitting and service. The principle objective has always been to grant the individuals the choice to customise the interiors according to one’s requirement and decision. With our glass arrangements, we help you pick the ideal arrangement according to your choice of outline. Though glass may seem to be an unlikely choice for a structure meant to carry weight, but the latest developments of glass applications’ handling have demonstrated that glass can defeat those physical confinements. Glass utilized in creating these staircase designs are produced using Sentry PVB glass which is impossible to shatter or break.

Glasxperts offers you a wide variety of designs in glass staircases including steel railings. Further customisation includes the choice to opt for a see through staircase design or an opaque set of stairs which can be made possible through the use of frosted glass or films.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glass staircases are staircases made of heat-soaked laminated or sentry glass. They are functional and robust; they add a stunning element of design. These structures are a classic way of modernizing your interiors. Owing to their transparency, the staircase glass creates the effect of natural openness.

Staircase glass is highly safe as the design with heat-soaked laminated sentry glass (used in staircase glass) is made five times stronger. The resultant glass is solid and robust and can easily endure heavy foot traffic.

The glass staircase creates a smooth blend of aesthetics and functionality. Below are some of the advantages of installing them at your house:

  • Safe and Secure: The glass stair railing and glass staircase are made from Laminated or Sentry Safety Glass. These glasses are highly strong and impact-resistant – almost five times stronger than ordinary glass.
  • Unmatched Aesthetic Appeal: Glass staircase designs offer an easy-on-the-eyes feel, preventing the interiors from appearing gaudy. The clear, fluid visual appeal of glass creates the illusion of a larger and airier space. They are available in different styles, glass options, and even tints that open a world of design possibilities.
  • Low-Maintenance: Glass is by far the simplest material to maintain. You only need a soft cloth and a decent-grade mild cleaning product to remove dust and marks.
  • Helps in Better Lighting: If you place your glass staircase in the sunlight or near a window, it will not block natural light and will be visible all day.
  • Highly Durable: Since glass is synthetic, it is not affected by pests, termites, or humidity. Glass staircases by Glasxperts, remain pristine even after years of installation.

The moment you start thinking about gracing your home, office, or any other space with glass staircases, you may contact AIS Glasxperts for assistance!

AIS Glasxperts offers many customized glass staircase design solutions. Popular staircase glass railing designs and staircase glass designs among modern Indian households are listed below:

  • All-Glass Staircase
  • L-Shaped Staircase

For top-notch glass solutions for both residential and commercial applications, you can connect with our experts today!

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