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Privacy Glass Solutions for Offices

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Privacy Solutions for Office

Why Is It Required?

Office interiors are very perceptive and sensitive in terms of privacy. Personal cabins, meeting and boardrooms always demand privacy and serenity. At the same time there is a need for style and décor to create a positive environment at the workplace. These prime factors makes glass solutions an ideal choice for office interiors.

Modern manufacturing techniques can change the transparency of glass on a considerate level. Today it is easy to find transparent and opaque glass solutions depending on the type of requirement the space needs. Laminated glass is the next level of privacy based solution that changes transparency settings at the click of a remote. Glass as a décor solution can maintain a close association between the inner and outer world while successfully creating a boundary between private space and the public domain.

aluminium frame windows and doors

Ensure privacy with the click of a button

frosted glass

Use Switchable glass to instantly make your glass opaque

Enables instant privacy and reduces noise

Glass is the perfect way to get some privacy and reduce noise

Opaque vs. transparent glass

GX Privacy solutions allow you to decide when you want opaque vs. transparent glass

Glass with integrated blinds

Glass is not always transparent, opaque glass can be used to provide privacy

aluminium frame windows and doors
frosted glass
Enables instant privacy and reduces noise
Opaque vs. transparent glass
Glass with integrated blinds

Glasxperts- For Best Privacy Solutions

Glasxperts provides 360 degree solutions for glass interiors and take full responsibility right from inspection, product selection, design, installation to fitting and service. The comprehensive set of solutions offered from Glasxperts includes myriad of privacy based solutions available for office space. These privacy solutions come with brilliant aesthetics and are recommended for doors, windows and partitions. Elegant frosted glass doors create an atmosphere of privacy and solitude. The team of professionals provide best glass designs for office interiors complementing the atmosphere of the workplace. We have a versatile portfolio of specialized glass solutions that includes frosted glass, laminated glass, tinted and tempered glass solutions. Glasxperts brings together superior technology and reliable expertise to create solutions in living glass.

GX – Glass design solutions for Office

Glasxperts helps you to achieve the delicate balance between aesthetics and privacy; we provide your privacy solutions in

  • uPvc Frames: “Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride” which provide improved efficiency and long warranty for doors and window frames.
  • Wooden Frames: A premium and environmentally sustainable option, wood is a great choice when it comes to providing a strong base for glass windows and doors.

AIS SwytchglasTM :

It is an intelligent glass that switches from transparent to translucent and vice- versa with the press of a button. It is made using Polymer Dispersed Crystal (PDC)

  • Benefits:
    • Instant privacy in contemporary form
    • Remote or manual control
  • Also used in
    • Hotels
    • Conference rooms
    • Personal cabins
    • Health and beauty salons

Glass with Integrated Blinds:

This is a product which brings blinds and glass into one single integrated unit with remote control option.

  • Benefits
    • Available in Venetian, Roller and Pleated types
    • 100% water and dust proof
    • Requires zero maintenance
  • Also used in
    • Partitions
    • Personal cabin
    • Study room
    • Skylights

Glass with View Control Films:

It is a unique glass whose appearance changes from transparent to translucent with different viewing angles.

  • Benefits: Restrict visibility from a particular angle
  • Also used in:
    • Internal partitions
    • Personal cabins

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