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Acoustic Glass Solutions for Healthcare Spaces

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Acoustic Solutions for Healthcare

Why Is It Required?

The environment within a healthcare facility plays a significant role in patient rest and recovery. Noise is a huge stress factor that affects patient’s satisfaction and physiological conditions like blood pressure, heart and respiration rate and muscle tension.It has the potential to increase complications in patients, raise staff stress levels, cause medical errors and inhibit recovery. Healthcare quality surveys also report patient sleep disruption from noise as a very common and serious complaint.

So how can one achieve the perfect environment for patient comfort?

Our range of bespoke acoustics solutions help in maintaining continuous and consistent background sound levels and decrease the exasperation a patient experiences as a result of intruding noise. Installing soundproof glass for interiors achieves an acoustically balanced healthcare environment reducing stress, fatigue and distraction amongst patient care teams.

Tempered glass

Provide your staff and your patients the peace and quiet required in a healthcare facility

Create peaceful environment in hospitals

Use Acousticglas to ensure that all outside noise is kept at bay

Privacy glass

Give your doctors and patients the lierty to have a private conversation by using glass that isolates sounds

Cozy lighting with glass in hospitals

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors without all the noise and hustle with GX Acoustic Solutions

Tempered glass
Create peaceful environment in hospitals
Privacy glass
Cozy lighting with glass in hospitals

GX - Provides Noise-free Interiors

Glasxperts provides 360 degree solutions for glass interiors and take full responsibility right from inspection, product selection, design, installation to fitting and service. Glass is an expert solution and our knowledge enables us to give the best solution in glass, frame and fittings to provide an acoustically balanced experience. Being design consultants, we begin with simulations to test the sound levels in your surroundings and find the right decibel required in your hospital/clinic. Soundproof windows and doors are a must for healthcare centers for maintaining peace and tranquility within. The different glass options, viz. laminated glass, a double glazed glass unit, or a combination of both can be provided depending upon the requirement, after a detailed study is conducted on site.Soundproof glass provide durability, high performance and multifunctional benefits which attains an acoustically stable and peaceful environment.

GX - Noise Cancellation Glass Solutions

The very nature of Glasxperts is to bring the best of materials in one plate for you. We provide acoustic solutions in:

  • uPvc Frames: “Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride” which provide improved efficiency and long warranty for doors and window frames.
  • Wooden Frames: A premium and environmentally sustainable option, wood is a great choice when it comes to providing a strong base for glass windows and doors.

AIS AcousticglasTM:

A glass solution with specialized PVB interlayer dampens external sound.

  • Benefits: Provides 50-60% sound reduction
  • Also used in:
    • Boardrooms
    • Partitions
    • Houses
    • Facades

AIS Insulated Glass Unit (IGU):

A glass solution which combines two or more glass panes separated by a space hermitically sealed with a primary and secondary sealant.

  • Benefits: Reduces noise level by 30Db
  • Also used in:
    • Clinics
    • Office cubicles
    • Boardrooms
    • Partitions

To know more about, acoustic glass solutions doors and windows in UPVC and Wood contact us

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