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Acoustic Glass Solutions for Hospitality Spaces

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Acoustic Solutions for Hospitality

Why Is It Required?

It is observable and goes without saying that noise pollution is detrimental to health. The physiological and psychological manifestation of noise pollution can do permanent damage. For hospitality industry, it is very important to give the guests a noise free and pleasant stay. For an industry whose main focus is the comfort of their guests, they cannot afford to let the element of unwanted noise cause a hindrance.

Modern manufacturing process has made glass a solution that doesn’t only fulfil the aesthetic needs of a space. There are sound proof glass solutions available in the market specially manufactured and designed to keep the interiors noise proof while maintaining the décor of the interiors at the same time.

Ground-breaking new glass solutions are revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Soundproof windows in your spaces connect your guests to the world outside and are now insulated acoustically with the right glass and profile combination for a tranquil setting inside. Soundproof windows in India are slowly becoming popular because it fulfils the décor needs for the interiors at the same time. It also provides durability, high performance and multifunctional benefits in addition to preserving the aesthetic appearance of the interior. The solutions also find application in other areas of your hotel or café- from glass partitions to shower cubicles and party lounges or Yoga rooms.

Customized solutions for sliding glass systems

Provide your guests some peace and quiet with Acouticglas

Frosted glass

Isolate any noise indoors by using laminated glass partitions

reduce noise with GX glass solutions

Using GX Acoustic Solutions will reduce, if not block, all unwanted noise

sound proof windows

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors without all the noise and hustle with GX Acoustic Solutions

Customized solutions for sliding glass systems
Frosted glass
reduce noise with GX glass solutions
sound proof windows

Glasxperts - Provides Noise-free Interiors

Glasxperts provides 360 degree solutions for glass interiors and take full responsibility right from inspection,product selection, design, installation to fitting and service. Our expertise enables us to give you the best solution in glass, frame and fittings to provide a world class experience. Being design consultants, we begin with simulations to test the sound levels in your surroundings and find the right decibel required in your home. Depending upon the noise reduction requirement,we then choose from different product options like laminated glass (with specialized PVB inter-layers) and insulated glass unit combinations from AIS stable. We also provide sound proof windows options in uPVC and engineered wood profiles with thermal break systems with all sorts of RAL color variants. The combination of right glass and frame, thereby, enables the perfect noise reduction solution for your home.

GX - Noise Cancellation Glass Solutions

The very nature of Glasxperts is to bring the best of materials in one plate for you. We provide acoustic solutions in

  • uPvc Frames: “Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride” which provide improved efficiency and long warranty for doors and window frames.
  • Wooden Frames: A premium and environmentally sustainable option, wood is a great choice when it comes to providing a strong base for glass windows and doors.

AIS AcousticglasTM:

A glass solution with specialized PVB interlayer dampens external sound.

  • Benefits: Provides 50-60% sound reduction
  • Also used in:
    • Boardrooms
    • Partitions
    • Houses
    • Facades

AIS Insulated Glass Unit (IGU):

A glass solution which combines two or more glass panes separated by a space hermitically sealed with a primary and secondary sealant.

  • Benefits: Reduces noise level by 30Db
  • Also used in:
    • Clinics
    • Office cubicles
    • Boardrooms
    • Partitions

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