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Complete Wooden Door and Window Solutions

The timeless beauty exhibited by wooden doors and windows goes unparalleled. The flexibility it allows whilst designing along with its classic appeal makes it the most preferred substrate for doors and windows. AIS Glasxperts presents to you a complete range of wooden doors and windows for living and working spaces, suiting all functionalities and requirements. We take pride in offering the best wood and glass combination solutions in the Indian market.

AIS glasxperts offers unique wooden doors and windows to give your space exquisite aesthethics. This gives us a cutting edge and competitive advantage in all spheres – from product & design to installation & post-installation support. Bring the ethereal charm to your home with wooden doors and windows by AIS Glasxperts.

Impressive wooden designs for your residence

Luxury arrives your door step

Key Features of Wooden Doors and Windows by AIS Glasxperts -

  • Reliable quality
  • Breath-taking aesthetics
  • Use of low VOC, water based environment friendly coatings

Products & Solutions for you:

  • European Quality Real Wood Windows and Doors
  • Real Wood Exterior Cladding
  • Real Wood Exterior Decking
  • Real Wood Solar Shading Screens
  • Real Wood Garden Furniture

Benefits of Glasxperts Wooden Doors and Windows Solutions

Since time immemorial, wood has been the material of choice for lavish and durable architecture all over the world. Advancements in technology, as is incorporated by Glasxperts in its wooden doors and windows have enabled them to be equipped with modern functionalities and advantages that any other doors and windows cannot provide.

  • Durability – AIS Glasxperts offers best quality wooden glass door and window glass designs.
  • Weather resistance – Each Glasxperts’ wooden door and window is resilient to moisture, heat, impact, and termites, etc. Therefore, our wooden doors and windows do not warp, bend, swell, or get weathered.
  • Low maintenance – Modern wooden door and window designs by Glasxperts require very little maintenance and cleaning as they do not accumulate dust and dirt easily.
  • Noise & heat insulation – Glasxperts ensures that its glass door wooden frame and wooden glass windows are designed in a manner that offers excellent insulation from the external environment, thus keeping your home cool in summers, warm in winters, and exceptionally peaceful throughout the day.
  • Premium aesthetics – Glasxperts’ international manufacturing standards for wooden doors and windows ensure a brilliant, long-lasting finish that imparts a regal aesthetic quality to them.

Applications of Glasxperts Wooden Doors and Windows Solutions


Wooden door and window designs are a hallmark of modern, luxurious homes that not only bring great aesthetic value indoors but also provide a host of insulation properties in terms of heat and noise. For homeowners, the plethora of benefits that the AIS Glasxperts’ wooden doors and windows bring and the aesthetics they imbibe in the space makes Glasxperts’ solutions, great value for money.


Wooden door and window designs create a rich ambience and environment inside an office in terms of aesthetics and architecture. A wooden frame with a glass door is a great choice for private cabins and meeting rooms as it helps maintain privacy and keeps all sorts of noise disturbances at bay.

Retail store

At your retail store, it is all about creating an inviting aura through the interior design and architecture. This is where a wooden window with glass or a glass door with wooden frame imparts the right regal appeal which piques a customer’s curiosity and provides him with the ideal environment to indulge in.


For hotels, aesthetics and comfort are everything. In a premium hospitality space, a combination of wood and glass is ideal for creating an enchanting ambience.


In a hospital or a clinic, wood’s insulation properties help maintain peace and comfort. Incorporating wooden doors and windows with glass along with glass cabins can be a wonderful architectural solution for a modern healthcare facility’s functionality as well as aesthetic requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wooden doors and windows offer a plethora of benefits to modern homeowners. The wooden door window frames are highly durable & long-lasting, environmental-friendly, can be maintained easily, provide optimal insulation, and accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Wood has one of the lowest expansion coefficients amongst materials used for constructing window frames and doors. This essentially means that wooden doors and windows are immune to thermal fluctuations and do not expand or contract due to weather changes, making them last longer.

AIS Glasxperts combines an integrated approach and specialized knowledge manufacturing wooden doors and windows with glass solutions. We meet your need for modern, eco-sensitive aesthetics with a full spectrum of world-class quality, branded glass products, fittings, and systems with assured safety and hassle-free services.

Wooden doors with toughened glass can protect your property from physical intrusion or breakage. As toughened glass is impact-resistant, you can also use wood window door designs with toughened glass inside your home without the worry of it causing any injury.

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