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Wooden Doors and Windows

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Complete Wooden Doors and Windows Solutions

AIS presents to you the coming together of two experts to deliver an outstanding wood offering. AIS Glasxperts partners with RitikaaWood, a premium wood products master, with pan India presence. The amalgamation of experts in glass and experts in wood enables an ultra -premium solution based offering with unbeatable quality. The crucial simulations and numbers behind acoustic analysis, thermal efficiency, load analysis etc. are technical expertise which not everyone is able to offer. We take pride in offering the best wood plus glass solutions in the Indian Market. This gives us a cutting edge and competitive advantage in all spheres – from product & design to installation & post installation support.

Impressive wooden designs for your residence

Luxury arrives your door step

Glasxperts and RitikaaWood together offer -

  • Impeccable Credentials
  • Strong Capabilities
  • World Class Strategic Tie Ups
    • Accys Technologies (UK) for Accoya Wood
    • Teknos (UK) - Wood Coatings
    • Stahlmann Consulting (Germany) - Window Design Expert for High Performance Windows
  • Nationally known Brands with strong capabilities
  • Strong foundations built on ethics, transparency & long term approach to business
  • Excellent Manufacturing, Operational & Logistical capabilities
  • Strong Strategic partnerships nurtured and matured over decades

    Products & Solutions for you:

    • European Quality Real Wood Windows and Doors
    • Real Wood Exterior Cladding
    • Real Wood Exterior Decking
    • Real Wood solar shading Screens
    • Real Wood Garden Furniture

    As an esteemed client, you get:

    • 5 year product warranty
    • 50 year Timber Warranty – Made from Accoya, the highest performance wood in the world
    • No Bending, No Warping, No Swelling
    • Advantage over all other wood types
    • Increased design Options
    • Significantly improved Coating performance
    • 100% FSC / PEFC certified real-wood
    • Made to Current International Standards
    • Glass from AIS, India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer.

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