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Aesthetic Solutions for Hospitality

Why is it required?

What are the reasons that make any destination worth visiting? The atmosphere, culture, quality of life and of course the aesthetics of your accommodation. When one looks for accommodation, we look for comfort and convenience and check if the place is visually appealing – is it beautiful?

Hospitality industry has realized the fact that aesthetics and décor is important for the hotel space. Beautiful décor give the guest a pleasant and memorable stay. The reason why glass has become an ideal solution for hotels and other branches of hospitality sector is because apart from making the space elegant and stylish it also fulfils a number of purposes. Take lacquered glass for example, it can be used in doors, windows and internal partitions. Apart from aesthetics, décor glass also fulfils purposes like privacy and safety. Glass solutions brighten up interiors and animates the surroundings with reflections and brilliance.

Bring the new feel to your home
Painted tempered glass furniture

Use aesthetic glass furniture to make a space look more spacious

glass canopies

Use glass canopies outdoors for a touch of elegance

glass railing for elegant look

Glass railings are not only beautiful, but completely safe

Bring the new feel to your home
Painted tempered glass furniture
glass canopies
glass railing for elegant look

Glasxperts - Elegance and Comfort Into Reality

Glasxperts provides 360 degree solutions for glass interiors and take full responsibility right from inspection, product selection, design, installation to fitting and service. Glasxperts gives you professional expertise that helps you find the best solution in glass, frame and fittings to provide a world class experience. Being design consultants, we come up with the best décor options for your hotel’s interior and give you a myriad of options like printed, stacked, etched and lacquered glass to choose from. Our team of experts suggest solutions for doors & windows, walls and partitions from AIS stable. Lacquered glass is now being used increasingly in cities like Delhi for home décor solutions. We also provide aesthetic options in uPVC and engineered wood profiles with thermal break systems with all sorts of RAL colour variants. The combination of right glass and frame, thereby, enables the perfect noise reduction solution for hotels, resorts.

GX - Aesthetic solutions for Hospitality

The professional service from Glasxperts ensures you excellent quality products. We provide aesthetics solutions in:

AIS Décor Lacquered Glass:

An exclusive range of coloured opaque glass for interior applications.

Ceramic fit:

Enamel painted tempered glass solution suitable for decorative purposes.

Colour Laminated Glass:

A strong, durable and efficient glass solution for interiors

Fabric Laminated Glass:

It combines the rich colour and texture of fabrics with the structural strength and practicality of glass.

Crackled Glass:

An ornamental, transparent glass that enhances mood and aesthetics.

Patterned Glass:

It is a textured glass with different patterns impressed upon the surface

Printed Glass:

It is a modern alternative for printing on canvas created with digital graphics

Stacked Glass:

It consists of many layers of precisely placed glass, stacked and deep-carved to form a three dimensional unique sculpture.

Etched Glass:

It is a glass with artistic carving on the surface.


A new generation environment – friendly copper and lead – free mirror.

Safety mirrors:

They are laminated mirrors for the back to avoid black spot formation

Extra clear mirrors:

It is processed by a specific type of melted glass. In particular this glass is made with a very low iron content in order to minimize sun’s reflection.

To know more about, acoustic glass solutions doors and windows in UPVC and Wood contact us

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