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Balcony Glass Rooms

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Customized Solutions for Balcony Glass Rooms

Why is it required?

A Balcony glass room expands over and may enclose the balcony area. This increases the style and appeal of your home, both from interiors and especially the exteriors. Being a temporary structure, stylish in nature and easy to install and uninstall, these glass rooms can be found hanging at various spaces especially on the residential side. Such temporary structures maximize your living space and perform a semi function of living under pergola and gazebo like structures. This is one of the latest home innovation techniques that has taken huge attention of home owners.

Glasxperts - For the Best Specialised Glass

Being a specialized solution from GlasXperts, these balcony glass rooms are manufactured specifically to meet the requirements of the area and integrate with environment of the space.

Our careful and apt selection of glass and hardware system ensures that there is no unwanted heat and there is zero compromise on aesthetics. Being a highly customized solution, the glass room is curated completely as per the site requirement.

The functionality and utility provided by these glass rooms is the result of carefully done heat simulations and weight load analysis.

Our Balcony Glass Rooms Come With Following Features:

  • Improved heat efficiency through low-e coating and argon filled panels of glass
  • Enhanced strength and durability through specialized laminated glass
  • Solar control nature of chosen glass makes the temperature of the interiors not too hot in summers and not too cold in the winters
  • Available in transparent and opaque appearance to control the privacy. It can also be integrated with blinds inside panels which can be further manually or remote controlled
  • Easy to use , maintain and clean
  • Easy to install and un-install
  • Moisture, UV & Heat Resistant
  • Available in number of colours, shapes and sizes

GlasXperts offers expert analysis and solutions through dedicated team of professionals. Our 360 degree support system offers full cycle service from design to installation to service.

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