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AIS Glasxperts and Renson: Bringing Futuristic Solutions to Create Healthy Spaces

Saving energy and regulating the indoor climate at home and work are the two key imperatives in new age construction and renovation. With this in perspective, AIS Glasxperts has partnered with Renson to create innovations in health and aesthetic spaces. The two entities have become trendsetters in their respective specializations of glass and ventilation, designing cutting-edge products and systems in fenestration.

AIS Glasxperts and Renson have synergized their passion to design and deliver more sophisticated solutions in healthy and comfortable living and working environment, to enhance people’s lifestyle and boost their personal and professional growth. We take into account energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy through the intelligent combination of glass and ventilation systems to enable you to breathe healthy air at all times. Working on ventilation since 1909, the Renson innovations specialize in the following:

Ventilation Systems

The idea behind Renson ventilation systems is to tap the potential of natural ventilation for enhancing indoor air quality. The Renson ventilation products come equipped with I-Flux technology which guarantees maximum comfort indoors with minimum energy loss. They make for a healthy and energy-efficient choice because the fresh air is supplied directly and energy is also saved as the natural flow of fresh air ensure no energy is required. Thanks to its simplicity in design, the system is also maintenance-friendly.



Sun Control

Immoderate sunlight can cause overheating, disruptive reflections and fading of the furniture and decor. This hampers the well-being and productivity of people inside a building. An efficient outdoor sunscreen above window, sliding panels, and wind-resistant screens enable occupants of the building to enjoy the sun at any time of the day without over-heating the indoor air, without disturbing the view of the garden and natural surroundings outside. With a great emphasis on designing, premium sunscreens by Renson prevent annoying reflections or glares and can be fully automated for maximum comfort. Equipped with Fixscreen technology, these sunscreens also offer superior wind resistance and help maintan an optimal temperature indoors.



Cladding and Interior

What makes Renson stand out from its peers is its keen eye on aesthetics apart from functionality. The Renson architectural cladding has a durable aesthetic finish which makes your façade stand out. Indoors, its invisible door systems are integrated seamlessly into the surroundings with no conspicuous frames or visible joints. The cladding and interior designs are futuristic inasmuch as they anticipate the era of architecture that whets functionality and minimalism.



Terrace Coverings

The garden outside the house is an extension of our personality and what we want to be. The natural surroundings and open vistas give our mind and soul a fresh perspective, a fresh lease of life. Indeed, it is important for a healthy, comfortable and optimum lifestyle.


But one has to consider nature’s elements too. If the sun becomes too hot, or it starts to rain, or the wind suddenly blows harder, do we have to run inside? No. Renson’s eye-catching terrace coverings and striking façades are the ideal solutions for such situations. Available in all colours, adapted to the style of the house, they add remarkable aesthetic value to architecture. The terrace coverings ensure a pleasant ambience so you will love to spend more and more time outside, all the year around, without any hindrance from excessive sun, rain, wind or cold.



In today’s age of climate change and depleted energy resources, astute ventilation is key to achieving optimal living indoor and outdoor, at home or work. Renson specializes in ventilation, sun protection, terrace cladding with a full appreciation of the aesthetic values of every building. AIS Glasxperts and Renson’s partnership is driven by a strong and clear vision of ensuring the health and comfort of people inside a building, with due consideration to energy efficiency and the added value of aesthetics.

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