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Acoustic Glass Solutions for Offices

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Acoustic Solutions for Office

Why Is It Required?

An office is the center of communication, thinking & collaboration. Any unwanted noise within an office is a major distraction and is a reason for employees not being able to achieve optimum productivity. Soundproof windows are a necessity in India, because apart from the noise within office interiors, there is a huge problem of unwanted noise from the exteriors such as traffic, construction, etc. which have the same unpleasant effect. The soundproof windows at offices help in noise cancellation of this unwanted noise which intrudes the ‘thinking space’ of the employees.

Similarly, besides noise reduction, at times it is required to prevent certain discussions from being heard outside a cabin or conference room. Glasxperts makes sure to put an end to this undesirable situation. Our state-of-the-art acoustic glass solutions make sure that peace and tranquility within office is maintained, and that important discussions remain confidential.

noise proof laminated glass

Keep your meetings private by using laminated glass

sound proof glass partition

Add glass partitions indoors to keep an aesthetic feel and isolate the noise

noise free acoustic solutions

Ensure that you have privacy during that very important meeting by using GX Acoustic Solutions

sound proof windows

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors without all the noise and hustle with GX Acoustic Solutions

noise proof laminated glass
sound proof glass partition
noise free acoustic solutions
sound proof windows

GX Solutions for Peaceful Interiors

Glasxperts provides 360 degree solutions for glass interiors and take full responsibility right from inspection, product selection, design, installation to fitting and service. We provide a wide range of solutions such as toughened glass, acoustic glass and other types which helps in noise reduction and suits the acoustic requirement which an office needs. We do a thorough site analysis, understand and give you the measurements of all the intrusive sounds that may bother you. Based on the analysis, our experts recommend the best glass solutions which take care of your privacy as well as aesthetics.

As one of the leading premium quality uPvc doors and windows manufacturer, we also provide the best-in-class frame material choices, be it wood or PVC. Rapid industrialization and growing traffic in metro cities like Delhi has increased the need of noise cancellation solutions and the demand for soundproof glass.

GX - Noise Cancellation Glass Solutions

The very nature of Glasxperts is to bring the best of materials in one plate for you. We provide acoustic solutions in:

  • uPvc Frames: “Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride” which provide improved efficiency and long warranty for doors and window frames.
  • Wooden Frames: A premium and environmentally sustainable option, wood is a great choice when it comes to providing a strong base for glass windows and doors.

AIS AcousticglasTM:

A glass solution with specialized PVB interlayer dampens external sound.

  • Benefits: Provides 50-60% sound reduction
  • Also used in:
    • Boardrooms
    • Partitions
    • Houses
    • Facades

AIS Insulated Glass Unit (IGU):

A glass solution which combines two or more glass panes separated by a space hermitically sealed with a primary and secondary sealant.

  • Benefits: Reduces noise level by 30Db
  • Also used in:
    • Clinics
    • Office cubicles
    • Boardrooms
    • Partitions

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