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Customized Solutions for Smart Glass

Why Is It Required?

In an age where technology meets everyday life, it comes as no surprise that technology has come up with ways to merge with one of the most popular and elegant construction materials –glass. The advancement of modern technology and glass has resulted into the creation of a newer and improved form of glass known as smart glass. It switches from opaque to transparent. The unique feature of smart glass is its ability to alternate its light transmission properties under the application of voltage, light or heat.

The construct of smart glass involves a film of liquid crystal, which create an opaque state for the glass. The intriguing feature about this is that when connected to a power supply, the liquid crystals are affected by the change in current and lead to a transparent state that allows light to pass through. Its property of being able to alternate from an opaque to transparent state at the push of a button demonstrates its viability–it can decrease visibility up to 80 percent. Smart glass is a great alternative to other materials when it comes to creating privacy at the office or even at home without disrupting the aesthetics of the environment. This makes it perhaps the best solution that merge aesthetics and privacy.

smart glass

Glass can now go from an opaque to transparent state at the push of a button

Smart Glass is the best solution that merges aesthetics and privacy for your home

It can decrease visibility up to 80% being a good fit for shower enclosures

Smart glass is useful for personal cabins

Smart glass is useful for, personal cabins, internal partitions

smart glass
Smart glass is useful for personal cabins

Glasxperts – For the Best Specialised Glass

Glasxperts provides 360 degree solutions for glass interiors and take full responsibility right from inspection, product selection, design, installation to fitting and service. We have developed a comprehensive set of solutions that perfectly fulfil your privacy requirements. Sourced from our versatile portfolio of specialized glass, Glasxperts brings together superior technology and reliable expertise to create solutions in living glass. With our glass arrangements and impeccable service, we help you in creating the best interior décor with the most suitable glass solutions.

GX privacy glass solutions

Switchable Glass

Presenting AIS SwytchglasTM

It is made using PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Film o create solutions in living g comprising of droplets of liquid crystal uniformly dispersed in a flexible plastic film. It is a superior technology providing superlative experience.

The uniqueness of the product lies in the fact that it changes appearance from clear to translucent at a touch of a button.

Enables instant privacy and reduces noise.

Finds application in doors and, internal partitions (to check for window solution)

Glass with integrated blinds

This is a product which brings blinds and glass into one, single integrated unit with remote control operation. Available in Venetian, roller and pleated type for different visibility options, it is the perfect marriage of privacy and aesthetics. Moreover, it is 100% water and dust-proof and requires zero maintenance. Suitable For windows, doors, partitions, personal cabins, study room and skylights.

Glass with view control films

This is a unique glass whose appearance changes from transparent to translucent with different viewing angles. It is, thus, perfect for restricting visibility from a particular angle. It can be installed on existing glazing or windows. It is useful for, personal cabins, internal partitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart glass (also called Light Control Glass or Switch Glass) is an innovative, modern building material made using electrochromic glass. This glass offers a versatile privacy solution to homeowners at a click of a button.

Yes, both are the same. AIS Glasxperts offers privacy switchable glass ensuring complete privacy at a click of a button.

Switchable privacy glass works on smart glass technology for PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals). When electricity is applied to the glass, the liquid crystals align themselves so light can pass through it entirely. However, when the circuit breaks (or the power is turned off), the liquid crystals return to their original place, thus making the glass opaque. That's how smart glass works in modern homes & workplaces.

AIS Glasxperts offers customized solutions for privacy smart glass solutions. Depending on your requirements, our experts can suggest different types of glasses, including clear to opaque glass.

The usage of smart glass spans across the residential and industrial (or corporate) sectors. In the residential area, smart glass windows can provide more privacy to its residents. Whereas in commercial space, switchable privacy glass windows can be installed in hospitals, hotels, and office conference rooms & private cabins.

Smartglass doors & windows solutions offer unbeatable advantages such as increased privacy, UV protection, reduced power consumption, better aesthetics and much more. Also, you can use smart glass doors for bathroom windows, your office cubicles, and conference rooms.

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