How to Take Care of Wooden Doors and Windows Oct 13, 2017

In design and architecture, wood holds special importance. It was one of the first materials used to build homes and buildings, and continues to be an excellent option, especially when you want to incorporate Read More

Tempered Glass & Laminated Glass: Which Glass Type To Use Where? Oct 09, 2017

The world of glass is flooded with a variety of options when it comes to architectural glass. With advancements in technology, specialized glass types have been synthesized which offer a lot of benefits for the home owner or the office worker. Apart ......Read More

4 Reasons to Choose Glass Staircases for Your Office Sep 22, 2017

In modern architecture, glass presents plethora of opportunities, be it at your home or the office. It is a premium material and the most preferred choice when one decides on taking the aesthetics of the place to the next level. Moreover, advanced te......Read More

Increase Your Retail Store's Security and Aesthetics with Glass Sep 21, 2017

The concept of window shopping is possibly as old as the commercialization of the retail sector. Large windows and clear facades not only offer retailers a chance to attract customers through their displays, but also add to the architecture and the a......Read More

How to Secure Your Residence with Glass Sep 11, 2017

Glass as a material has always held its forte as an aesthetic addition in architecture. Its use as a primary building material in swanky offices, high rises and sky scrapers has become hugely popular., so much so that modern homes have started incorp......Read More

How Glass walls can beautify your home interior Aug 17, 2017

A home’s interior design reflects the personality of its inhabitants. It’s tough to design a balanced space that is alluring and provides utility at the same time; especially when the material choices are limited to wood or marble. Glass has beco......Read More

Noise cancellation doors and windows for office Aug 11, 2017

The most desirable quality in office design is the seamless flow of thoughts, ideas, and communication without being affected by any external factor, such as noise. After all, offices are spaces designated for brainstorming, productivity, and growth.......Read More

Glass - A versatile solution for interiors. Jun 27, 2017

Be it home décor or commercial space décor, glass solutions have taken over the traditional concrete décor. Glass has been transformed from the most fragile to the most versatile and durable solutions for interior design. Glass is massively used i......Read More

Glass flooring for an impeccable decor. Jun 20, 2017

Modern glass solutions can transform your abode or commercial space into a beautiful attraction for onlookers. The reflective brilliance of glass greatly adds to the aesthetics and style of any interior design. The durability and sturdiness of glass ......Read More

Energy efficient glass solutions for comfortable interiors Jun 20, 2017

Summers and winters, both are associated with high energy bills. During summers, the excessive use of air conditioner increases consumption of energy. Whereas during winters, heaters are used to maintain an optimum temper......Read More

Specialized Solutions for Residential Spaces May 31, 2017

Glass is not just a transparent décor solution anymore. With advanced technology, it has evolved to be one of the most sought after home décor solutions. Add a sense of luxury, peace and beauty to your residential space with specialized residential......Read More

Stylish Ideas For Premium Villas May 31, 2017

The advancement of modern technology has led to the creation of highly efficient and improved form of glass known as smart glass. This cutting-edge glass solution combines beauty with feasibility. Innovative glass solutions are the newest way to add ......Read More

Right Glass Solutions for Peaceful Interiors May 25, 2017

Noise pollution has become a major concern for almost every urban city and for the inhabitants of that city. For instance, if you live in a crowded area, sleepless nights can become a habit. Any renovation or construction in one house can disrupt the......Read More

Noise proof Solutions for commercial and Residential Space May 09, 2017

Every establishment requires pioneering ideas and cohesiveness within the department for effective functioning. For business centers, noise free interiors are a priority as it generally requires meeting rooms or halls where teams can get together and......Read More

Why home owners should opt for modern innovative glass solutions Apr 30, 2017

Every space, be it residential or commercial, needs to be designed in a way that is unique to its inhabitants and usage.  Not only does the space need to be comfortable but also be visually appealing and trendy while reflecting the personality of th......Read More

Save energy and money in summers using solar control glass solutions Apr 25, 2017

The approaching summer months already have people in turmoil about the increased electricity bills and unbearable heat. Stepping outdoors during these months is only limited to air- conditioned malls or restaurants where the temperature has been cont......Read More

Enjoy Benefits of Energy and Cost Savings with Glazing Mar 31, 2017

Glazing provides homes and buildings with light, warmth, and ventilation. The same glazing can also negatively impact a building’s energy efficiency. The best way to reduce energy costs by installing energy-efficient glazing or windows for your hom......Read More

Make your restaurant's safe and secure with glass solutions Mar 20, 2017

Restaurants are mostly known for their elegant settings and pleasant ambience, apart from the culinary experience. Can you imagine having a good time in a restaurant which exudes a poor sense of décor? The answer is no. Style and décor play a major......Read More

Why glass windows are recommended in residential spaces Mar 10, 2017

A window is an essential part of every residence which serves more than just one purpose but, is rarely seen as a décor solution. However, with modern innovations, glass windows have become a complementary décor feature for every residence. Glas......Read More

Keep your interiors pollution-free with specialized glass solutions Mar 06, 2017

The toxic air from outside can permeate your indoors and harm your health. Earlier, this issue used to be concerned only with outdoors but slowly the smog and pollution has started to leak into the living space. Home owners don’t realize that tiny ......Read More

Elevate the Décor & Design of your Residential Space with Glass Mar 02, 2017

The living space we occupy and dwell in is considered to be the most relaxing, luxurious and comfortable as far as interiors are concerned. Aesthetic qualities......Read More

Add a touch of privacy and comfort to your hospital interiors Feb 28, 2017

When you say ‘hospital’ an image of a white painted interior, with rooms on either side, bustling people, and hushed voices come to mind. Patients in hospitals require sufficient comfort and privacy to aid in their recuperation. A secure environm......Read More

Elevate your resort’s interiors with modern glass solutions Feb 28, 2017

Resorts are usually associated with style and luxury. While a hotel serves as a medium where tourists visit with the agenda of exploring the place and returning home, a resort serves the purpose of a place where visitors spend a few days, enjoy the a......Read More

Bring colours to your hotel rooms with glass Feb 06, 2017

Hotels are the establishments’ people turn to when they want to experience a luxurious and relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Along with being an avenue for escape, the interior of a hotel also needs to reflect positivity......Read More

Window Renovation Tips to Give your Home a Facelift Jan 31, 2017

Windows are the most important part of a residential space. The style and aesthetics of a window determines the setting of the home interiors and exteriors. There are a number of ways in which windows can be renovated, but there are certain limitatio......Read More

The Need for Glass Solutions in Hospitals Jan 30, 2017

Hospitals are generally located in the heart of the neighborhood, surrounded by constant hustle and bustle. This can make the surrounding environment quite noisy and loud especially in high traffic areas. However, with the advent of soundproof window......Read More

Add a sense of luxury to your residential space with customized glass Jan 30, 2017

Glass is not a just a décor solution anymore. With present day manufacturing process there has been an immense advancement in the status quo of glass. The look out of glass solutions in today’s time has transformed from a decor material to an over......Read More

Innovative solutions from AIS Glasxperts showcased at ACETECH 2016 Jan 12, 2017

Architecture is an art that can transform your way of living and lifestyle. With this belief firmly in place, Economic Times ACETech incepted a platform that offers an opportunity for different brands and companies to showcase their products and inno......Read More

Glass Based Security Solutions for Interiors Jan 05, 2017

Issues of safety and security are critical and essential for any interior set-up. Welfare and protection are of prime importance for any living space. When we speak about the security of any space, we refer to keeping it secure from outside elements ......Read More

Revamp Your Terrace and Balcony With Glass Dec 31, 2016

In our homes, there are few places that can be as versatile, and offer as many possibilities as a balcony, which can quickly become the pride and joy for many homeowners with a balcony glass system. The sky's the limit when we consider the exciting r......Read More

Cut electricity costs at your shopping center with glass solutions Dec 21, 2016

There are a number of traditional solutions available in doors, windows and facades but after a certain period they start to lose the charm. With the help of glass, shopping centers get a chance to be re-looked from outside and nature inside for a mo......Read More

Multiple ideas in stained glass designs for office and hospitality spaces Dec 02, 2016

Glass is one such solution that adds décor to the space while making the space look ornate and classy. Installing a glass solutions is no more a hectic task. The adaptability of ......Read More

Entering the Age of uPVC Solutions Dec 01, 2016

In an age of rapid evolution in technology and innovation, it is necessary for all sectors and services to be equipped with new and trending solutions. The materials which are used for interior décor and construct must be manufactured using the best......Read More

6 Reasons Why Privacy Solutions Are the Best Choice for Commercial Spaces Dec 01, 2016

Glass has been continually advancing, regarding application, innovation and sort. For your business spaces a few arrangements can be mulled over for the stylistic layout, entryways or windows of the space. Read More

Why You Should Opt For Glass Flooring For Your Home Interiors Nov 30, 2016

Modern homemakers today are looking for ways to give their homes a unique touch of luxury. They’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make their homes stand out from the lot and be the talk of the town. While there are many ways to achieve aesth......Read More

Décor, privacy and acoustics: Bring home these features with glass solutions Nov 30, 2016

The best journeys always take us home. This is why most home-owners spend a lot of time and effort to make their homes a unique piece of art. Modern décor ideas for windows, doors and partitions are expected to fulfil the aesthetic value as well ......Read More

Security solutions for banks and financial institutions Nov 29, 2016

Banks and financial corporations are the places where customers expect their money to be safe. To reinforce this trust, these institutions need the finest security solutions. This includes integrated alarms, access control systems, anti-theft product......Read More

Save energy at residential spaces with Glass Nov 04, 2016

Who doesn’t want to have the best of all? One compromises while choosing the décor for their home spaces as some lead to heavy electricity bills, some requires a lot of maintenance etc. etc. The monetary part is prioritized as extra spending’s a......Read More

How glass solutions can ensure safety at healthcare spaces Nov 02, 2016

Hospital is a place where there is a requirement of unmatched and unparalleled standards of the quality of the health care services that they provide and the medical excellence that is given to the patients for their treatment. Safety at healthcare s......Read More

Ensure A Peaceful Environment At Your Home With Glass Oct 17, 2016

It has become hard to find a quiet and a peaceful place in this chaotic world. Our homes have welcomed noises from the neighbors, the traffic outside striving hard to get cleared, loud mu......Read More

Why Glass Solutions are ideal for Shopping Malls? Oct 17, 2016

What comes across your mind when you think of taking your family or friends out to a shopping mall for a good shopping day or a fun filled eating session? It’s of course the ambience, theRead More

The Trend of Shopping Malls Going with Glass Solutions Oct 07, 2016

What is the major factor that drives you into a mall? The décor and styling plays a major role when it comes to increasing the popularity of a mall or a major retail establishment. Today, a majority of malls and retail chains use glass solutions for......Read More

Innovations in Glass to Beautify your Interiors Sep 16, 2016

‘’Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.’’ – Nate Berkus  
Read More

How To Keep The Interiors Cool For Your Sun Facing Showroom Sep 16, 2016

The architectural décor and layout of showrooms have become highly stylish and has advanced enormously throughout the years. With developments in metro and non-metro cities and opening up of corporate and shopping centers, the need for innovation is......Read More

Noiseproof your Retail Store Aug 09, 2016

The retail industry is an ever growing sector. In India, there are a retail stores, outlets and showrooms that have come up in a span of last 5 years. This has resulted in a very competitive race among the retail space owners in order to create a str......Read More

Give your Home Interiors a Stylish Look Aug 09, 2016

Home décor is a coming up trend and is very popular considering the fact that no one in this age likes to live in a place that has no character attached to it. Interior decorators look around for ideas and viable solutions to fit the need of the spa......Read More

Making classrooms noise proof Jul 15, 2016

In an age where noise is proving to be a distraction killing concentration at offices and educational centres, making interiors noise proof is very important. Today, the school and colleges suffer with the problem of Read More

Glass solutions in doors and windows Jul 14, 2016

Glass is the most novel, innovative and modern home furnishing/décor solutions. It was introduced as a new and contemporary way to design and build house interiors, so as to provide an ......Read More

Make Your Home Interiors Safe & Secure Jul 11, 2016

Glass is the most modern and stylish home furnishing & décor solution. It was introduced as a new and contemporary way to design and build house interiors, so as to provide a sophis......Read More

Advantages of uPVC Windows at Retails Stores Jul 11, 2016

The retail sector needs to keep itself updated with latest trends. While it requires to have a trendy appeal, at the same time it needs to keep its expenses in control. In a quest to achieve both, this sector keeps looking for new ideas and innovatio......Read More

Classy Décor Ideas for Party Venues Jun 21, 2016

Pubs and clubs are in constant need to upgrade the décor to attract the young and enthusiastic crowd. These venues focus a lot on aesthetics of the interiors to present the visit......Read More


Glass partitions as decor is in trend today. It has replaced the boring old plastic curtains. Washroom is a very personal space and equal importance is given to enhance its beauty and loo......Read More

Add Elegance with Glass Partitions Jun 13, 2016

Glass partitions are one of the best measures to rekindle your space at home and offices. It gives a sense of luxury and style to your space. Glass partitions at office space gives a p......Read More

Perks of Using a Solar Control Glass Jun 08, 2016

We all love to install decorative glass windows at our houses and work place. They instill excellence and brighten every cornered space. It enhances the ambiance of the room and makes u......Read More

Visually Appealing Glass Facades for Corporate Hubs May 05, 2016

With the rapid advancement in modern technology glass has changed the perception from being only a decorative material to a strong, durable solution with visually appealing aesthetics i......Read More

Making a Noise Proof “Think-Tank” - Library May 02, 2016

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. - Sidney Sheldon   Libraries are essential in a process of giv......Read More

Stylish Décor Ideas for Fitness Centres Apr 28, 2016

''The greatest wealth is health''
  The humans today, called as ''civilized animals'' of the 21st century, are running a mad-rat race, chasing obstacles, deadlines and conquering challenges. In this time and age, where ......Read More

Control What You See! Apr 26, 2016

Office is like a second home for most of us. We tend to spend more time in the office than at our own home. Every day, we come across a diverse range of people. Some sharing similarities, ......Read More

Save Electricity Bills With Glass Apr 16, 2016

Are you tired of huge electricity bills, no matter how much you try to save and cut the usage of electric appliances?   The wrath of unreliable weather, high temperature......Read More

Elegant Decor Ideas for Healthcare Centres Apr 12, 2016

Healthcare centres are the place from which people expect unparalleled standards of quality, good health care services and medical excellence for their treatment. But nowaday......Read More

Glass Décor Ideas for Bedroom Interiors Apr 08, 2016

Glass nowadays is one of the most innovative, modern and sought-after home furnishing/décor solutions. It was introduced as a brighter way to construct and mould house interiors, so as to provide an attractive and pristine artistry within. With the ......Read More

Acoustic Solutions For A Peaceful Workspace Apr 04, 2016

“I come to the office each morning and stay for long hours doing what has to be done to the best of my ability. And when you've done the best you can, you can't do any better.” Harry S. Truman An Read More

Know How Glass Doors Are Helping You Achieve More Privacy Mar 27, 2016

While there are plenty of door choices in the market, none of them offers that aesthetic feel which glass doors have. Glass doors give an elite look to the house and are absolutely stu......Read More

How Glass Solutions Can Help Control Pollution Mar 25, 2016

Pollution is a huge problem for the modern world. With changing times it has only become worse. Most of the harm comes through sound and air that affects us in a number of ways. It brings our Read More

Glass Solutions For Your Living Room Interiors Mar 23, 2016

Today glass is a popular choice for living room interiors. It not only beautifies the living space but also provides security and noise proof solutions. Glass enhances visual appeal of t......Read More

A Luxurious Bathing Experience With Glass Mar 21, 2016

Designing your home can be a difficult task, not just for those who are not specifically trained for the job, but also for architects and designers themselves! It is often due to the abundance of choices that leave us confused and at times overwhelme......Read More

Security for Homes with Glass Mar 19, 2016

Glass options like tempered glass, heat strengthened laminated glass and laminated glass–enabling you to explore various possibilities in terms of safety and security. Presenting various strengthening and safety solutions from Glasxperts. There are......Read More

Maintenance of Glass Facades Mar 17, 2016

Let us start with the basic answer of what is a glass façade exactly. A glass façade is an external all weatherproof casing of a building. These days we often see glass buildin......Read More

How Glass Help in Energy & Cost Savings Mar 15, 2016

With improvement in lifestyle needs and advancements in technology the need for glass installation has changed a lot. Earlier glass simply used to be part of the décor. Now glass serves Read More

Clear Glass for Interiors Mar 13, 2016

AIS Clear glass™ is gaining momentum for interiors as it has become an integral part of modern day architecture. Its versatility provides a variety of choices to today’s designers to......Read More

Know how Glass Doors are Helping You Achieve More Privacy Mar 11, 2016

While there are plenty of door choices in the market, none of them offers that aesthetic feel which glass doors have. Glass doors gives an elite look to the house and are absolutely stunning. Some people when they hear “glass doors” they automati......Read More

Security Solutions for Retail Spaces Mar 09, 2016

Brands nowadays leave no opportunity to attract their customers no matter it is in mall or street market. Any retail shop is incomplete without the finishing of the storefronts. The displa......Read More

Glass Solutions For Your Living Room Interiors Mar 07, 2016

Today glass is a popular choice for living rooms interiors. It not only beautifies the living space but also provides security and noise proof solutions. Glass enhances visual appeal of the interiors and lets you see the beautiful views outside. &......Read More

Walk on Glass Mar 06, 2016

Glass is a characteristic feature of architecture and design in the new age.  As innovative uses for glass continue to expand, glass is now available in various colours, textures, shapes and de......Read More

Bring Luxury to your Home Mar 04, 2016

Home is where you feel at home and are treated well.- Dalai Lama

What comes to your mind when you see these homes?

Read More

AIS Innovative Solutions Showcased at Acetech 2015 Jan 14, 2016

ACE Tech is a leading trade fair in Asia for architecture, construction, building materials, engineering, innovation, interior and design and only third-of-it’s kind in the world. This ......Read More

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