Best Tips toTransform your Home with Wooden Glass Doors
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Transform Your Home with Wooden Glass Doors

Transform Your Home with Wooden Glass Doors

Posted Date: Nov 08, 2019

Transform Your Home with Wooden Glass Doors

Want everyone to be in awe of your home décor skills?  Simply invest in the timeless elegance and grandeur of wooden doors. In the past, wooden door designs may have gotten a bad rep for being high maintenance and prone to warping, bending, water-logging and swelling. However, advancements in technology have made way for high-quality wooden door designs that offer breath-taking aesthetics along with superior functionality.

Doors are the gateway to your humble abode. Even choosing typical doors for your rooms can nullify the beauty and magnificence of your charming interiors. To avoid making such blunders, more and more homeowners are opting for quality doors to transform their interiors and create a luxurious space.

With creative innovations in the world of interiors making headlines every day, wooden glass doors have gained popularity as the simple yet truly eternal item in the door industry.

Growing Popularity of Wooden Glass Doors

Since time immemorial, wood has been considered as an exquisite and durable building material which makes you feel like royalty every time you enter the house. And just when we thought that nothing can surpass the timeless beauty of wooden door designs, glass emerged as the 100% recyclable and versatile building material. Made from limestone, sand, limestone and sodium carbonate, it undergoes various treatments and processes to achieve unique properties, stylish textures, vivid colours and trendy designs. A perfect blend of traditional and contemporary- wooden glass doors emerged as the go-to choice for homeowners and interior designs.

Shopping for wooden glass doors can be a fun albeit tiresome process. With the expansion of the door industry, it’s easy to get lost amongst piles of wooden glass doors catalogues. That’s why we have created a list of the top wooden door designs that are sure to dazzle all your visitors at first sight.

Hollowed-out Panelled Doors

Like to have your own privacy but don’t want to restrict outdoor visibility? Hollowed-out panels offer the perfect fusion of privacy and openness. While typically made out of wood, these wooden glass doors have strips of glass in the hollowed-out panels. It allows you to keep an eye on the passers-by, giving you a sense of security for you and your family. The glass panels serve as an additional source of light as they allow natural light to filter through.

Vibrant Wooden Doors

Are your house’s dull surroundings bringing down the cheerful vibe of your space? Liven up the neighbourhood with vibrant wooden door designs. Opt for a warm-hued wooden door with vibrant undertones to contrast the neutral concrete exteriors of your house. If your house is painted in warm and inviting colours, browse through wooden door designs with cool, dark tones to make your door stand out and maintain the sophisticated feel of your house. You can even brighten up your home’s interiors with matching doors for your rooms and maintain a matching colour-scheme to give the illusion of meticulously-planned décor.

Oversized Wooden Glass Doors

Wood and glass go together like peanut butter and jelly. They complement each other perfectly to bring out their best features for a sense of effortless beauty. If your entrance has a big opening, opt for oversized wooden glass doors. They have an intricate wooden panel detailing along with a glass hatch for easy access and keep you in touch with the outdoor world.

Love the idea of wooden glass doors but want your privacy too? Invest in smart glass for your oversized glass panes. AIS Glasxperts offers a revolutionary smart glass called SwytchglasTM which renders the glass translucent at the flick of a switch. It offers much-needed privacy without blocking the natural light. Based on the PDC technology, they are a great addition as they increase anti-theft protection with their interlayer to keep your family away from harm at all times.

Designer Panel Doors

Want your doors to reflect your chic personality? Opt for trendy patterns on your wood and glass panels for a designer look. Keep things classy with a minimal wooden frame and choose glass panes with etching or intricate designs. They also serve as the perfect addition for illuminating homes with gardens. If you like to keep things playful, break away from the traditional stripes and choose wooden door designs with a solid chevron pattern.

Carved Doors

Nothing screams splendour and sophistication like intricately carved wooden door designs. Go with horizontally large doors for a dramatic look and add regal finishing touches with laser carving. You can even select hand-carved double doors for a traditional style, making you feel like royalty every time you walk through it. Take inspiration from this contemporary spin-off and opt for carved, double doors with hollowed-out rectangular glass panes for a sleek look.

Looking for high-quality wood for your wooden door designs? Nothing beats the durability of Accoya- the highest performing wood in the world. Available in a variety of designs, AIS Glasxperts offers Accoya wood with a 50-year timber warranty. It is known for its moisture, heat, impact and termite-resistant properties and does not swell, bend, warp or get weathered either. Along with top-drawer aesthetics, it also offers noise and heat insulation and requires little to no maintenance.

AIS Glasxperts offers 360-degree solutions for all your glass décor requirements as well. Our expert team of consultants help you guide you right from the selection process up until the final installation process along with post-instalment services to ensure an immensely satisfying experience for our valued customers.

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