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Security is the prime concern of every homeowner to keep his or her family safe from external threats like weather conditions or burglars. Fortunately, more innovations are being made every day in the world of doors and windows to provide customers with high-end solutions.

wooden doors and windows

Super-strong wooden frames

We have partnered with Wood from AIS Glasxperts, a premium wood products master, in order to provide super-strong and aesthetically pleasing doors and windows for the Indian customers. They manufacture wooden frames of unmatched quality. These frames are weather resistant, thermally efficient, sound-proof, and have a longer lifespan. With the combined power of Glasxperts and Wood from AIS Glasxperts, you can install wooden doors and windows in your house that will ensure your safety.

Now, security is always an important aspect for homeowners. Thus, installation of security enhanced glass in wooden frames further enhances the security and safety of your building.

At Glasxperts, our wooden door and window solutions are equipped with glasses that are highly durable require very low-maintenance making them the picture-perfect solution.

Security Enhanced Glass

As a homeowner, you can bolster the security of your abode with our wooden solutions that are competent to withstand strong forces and provide utmost security to the homeowners.
For example, AIS Stronglas is far more superior to any ordinary glass. It is more durable and reduces the risk of breakage. People widely favour this glass type owing to several benefits like:
• High impact resistant
• High durability
• Reduced chances of breakage

Commonly, these glasses are used in:
• Table Tops
• Washbasins
• Shelves
• Facades
• Partitions
• Canopies

AIS Valuglas is another value-added laminated glass for your wooden frames that is distortion-free and has superior strength. It includes a PVB interlayer for better stability and provides great value for money.
• Its impeccable strength makes wooden doors and windows long lasting
• It is highly secure and hence, eliminating the need for grill designs.
• It blocks outside noise and offers a pleasant environment indoors.
• When installed, it provides the wooden structures an alluring aesthetic appeal.

AIS Valuglas can be put to several uses like:
• Roof Lights
• Canopies
• uPVC, Aluminium, Wooden glass door and windows
• Glass-fit stairways
• Skylights

AIS Securityglas is a burglar proof glass that consists of a specialised interlayer to add to its strength. The high level of intrusion resistance has resulted in its global acclamation. Mentioned below are the benefits of installing these glasses:-
• Since such window glass variants are super strong, installing grills as an extra layer of security is not required against intruders.
• It enable wooden windows to provide a better view without compromising on the security.
So, rest assured that your wooden doors and windows are as secure and safe as they are regal!

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