Wooden Door Design: Should You Opt for Solidor Glass?
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Doors are an important element of the home décor. However, they are often not valued as much until one has to buy new doors for renovation or construction of a house. While buying them, one has to consider a lot of factors as there are many types and models, not to mention the variety of materials available in the market. Of all the materials, wooden doors have their own charm. They have a strong presence and add a bold statement wherever they are used, be it at the entryway or inside the house. If you also want to spruce up the décor of your house with wooden doors, it is important that you know about popular wooden door designs.

Solid or Glass Wooden Door Design: Which is Best

Now, when it comes to purchasing wooden doors, people are often confused between opting for a solid wooden door or a glass wooden door. Here, we tell you why you should opt for the latter i.e. a glass plus wooden door design.

1- SOLID WOOD DOORS: if you are opting for solid wood doors, it is true that you will have a variety wood species to choose from: from cherry, walnut, mahogany, and oak to douglas fir or paint grade. Tropical hardwood is a bit costly but it has higher resistance to weathering and sunlight. However, there are some disadvantages in comparison to glass-wood doors. A solid wood door will require much more maintenance since wooden surfaces are generally difficult to clean. Then there is the factor of optical visibility. An opaque wooden door will block heat and light, yes, but this would also mean that you will miss out on the outside view and natural lighting, especially if the door is to be installed in a dark space. An all wood door is also much more prone to weathering and also has a higher chance of developing leakages.

2- WOOD DOORS WITH GLASS: When you marry wood with a highly functional material like glass, you reap the benefits of both the materials simultaneously. While wood adds the necessary charm and aesthetic factor to your door, the specialized glass lends its technological finesse to the door by making it much more secure, private, energy efficient, and sound proof Glass. Glass also adds a contrasting visual element to your wooden door, and makes it extremely weather resistant since glass as a material does not rot, swell, chip, or flake. Wood doors with glass are also much easier to maintain, and make the space look airy with adequate natural light. At Glasxperts, there is a premium range of wood plus glass door designs for you to choose from.

In the end, if you want doors that will last and make your home a much more comfortable place, choose a wood door with glass that matches with your home’s architectural design and fulfils its functional needs.

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