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What is Switchable Glass? How Does it Work?

Posted Date: Sep 19, 2019

Switchable glass or Smart glass is a revolutionary technology which changes transparency at the click of a button. The electric switch controls the transparency of the glass from clear to translucent as per the requirement of the user. An important purpose it serves is to provide optimal privacy to the user and get rid of the outdated alternatives available in the market. It also features properties of heat and sound transmission, resulting in indoor climates suitable to your needs.

How Does it Work?

The switchable glass works on the principle of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) that is similar to an LCD. There exists a ‘smart film’ which is made up of liquid crystals in a polymer base, controlled using voltage charge. These crystals are enclosed by electrically conductive coating. This film is surrounded by sheets of glass from both sides, bound together under high pressure and temperature to form a single unit of smart glass.

In a normal state, these particles are scattered and when the light hits the glass, it is thrown in all directions by these scattered particles; the glass appears to be opaque or milky white in this case. On the contrary, when you pass an electric charge through the glass, these crystal particles align themselves into a symmetrical line. Now when the light hits these particles, it passes through easily; the glass appears clear and translucent in this case.

A lower electric charge would only result in a few liquid crystals aligning into a straight line, and a higher electric charge would result in an increasing number of liquid crystals forming symmetric patterns. This is how you can control the opacity or transparency of the smart glass by adjusting the amount of electric charge running through it.

Why is it Required?

Technology has enabled us to increase the level of ease and comfort we can bring into our daily lives.
Glass partitions, windows, blinds, and curtains have traditionally been used for selective privacy. However, most of these solutions serve one of two functions – ensure complete privacy through opacity, or no privacy through clear glasses. These solutions can also be awkward and low on efficiency, considering the frequent need for switching. Smart glass integrates these two benefits, giving you an easy solution to privacy and indoor climate control. In other words, it gives the perfect blend of aesthetics, privacy, and comfort.

It is also noted that the use of glass allows natural light of the sun and moon to enter the room. This increases the energy efficiency of the space and brings in positive energy and spirit. These benefits can be enjoyed with the help of a switchable glass which takes care of all the privacy concerns that come with using glass.

Where Can You Use It?

1. Switchable glasses are widely used for homes in the form of glass walls, partitions, bathrooms, shower enclosures, windows, and skylights. They not only provide your home with an elegant and modern look but also allow the optimal amount of light to pass through, creating a soothing ambience along with control excessive light and heat inflow.

2. Switchable glasses can replace the extensively used glassware in commercial spaces including conference rooms, office windows, cabins, etc. by replacing the cumbersome blinds or curtains. They are also optimal solutions to create private spaces by eliminating the need to open the glass.

3. In the retail space, changing rooms, projection displays, transaction windows, etc. can be replaced with switchable glasses. Curtains are still widely used in most of these places, which are not always efficient.

4. Hospitals have a large scope for the application of switchable glasses in ICUs, ERs, OTs, X-ray rooms, clinics, etc. to separate patients, doctors, equipment and others. Patient privacy is crucial in any hospital, and curtains are not the best solution to this need.

5. Another area where switchable glasses can be used extensively is vehicles. Sunlight can prove a major hurdle to clear vision in a car while driving. By increasing the opacity of the side mirrors, you can protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. You can also maintain a cosy indoor temperature by control thermal transmission.

Whether it is your office or your personal space, the application of smart glass is endless. It strikes the perfect balance between style and utility. It supports the need of the hour today: solar and thermal control in a constantly changing environment and privacy control in a highly public world.

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