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Transform Your Home Interiors with Lacquered Glass

Uses of Lacquered Glass

Posted Date: Mar 01, 2020

Created to adorn our homes and offices, glass is viewed as an essential design component. With technological advancements, glass went through multiple treatments and processes to achieve the perfect combination of aesthetics. and efficiency, and smart operability. Having acquired new qualities, glass is no longer the fragile and delicate material that it once was. Its newfound properties have made it a staple element in modern architecture – revered architects and interior designers consider glass to be their go-to construction material. After all, contemporary glass innovations are such that there is a glass solution to fulfil every need – functionality or aesthetics.

And although all glass is made from the same components i.e., sand, limestone, and sodium carbonate, modern glass could be manifested into endless designs and unique creations for varying purposes. For instance, while some glass designs such as tempered and toughened glass are mainly used to increase security and some like frosted and tinted to offer privacy, lacquered glass is a one-of-kind glass design that can take the aesthetic appeal of a space to a whole new level.

What is Lacquered Glass?

Those who are unfamiliar with this gorgeous innovation, lacquered glass, is a type of decorative glass that is manufactured with a colour coating applied to one of the glass surfaces made from lacquer. It is made with thin-film curtain coating wherein a film of lacquer or the curtain is dropped onto the back of a glass moving on a conveyor belt. Once the colour coats the back of the glass, it is then baked and cured in an oven to create a durable and opaque lacquer that is capable of withstanding daily wear and tear without losing its charm and integrity.

And once the lacquered glass coating dries and cures, the glass sheets can then be edge-cut, carved, or even drilled like regular glass. They can also be sandblasted and engraved to create exceptional textures and designs. As a result, lacquered glass has emerged as a highly versatile and customizable glass option that is used to create the desired shape, design, logo, and much more.

Properties of Lacquered Glass

Lacquered glass is not only a wonderful way to amp up your space’s interiors and enhance décor but is also highly functional. For one, it is entirely eco-friendly. The process of manufacturing lacquered glass follows strict rules and regulations regarding the emissions of volatile organic compounds or VOCs like formaldehyde, thereby making it a highly sustainable option. As a result, several designers, architects, and decorators looking to incorporate sustainable materials in their projects are opting for lacquered glass. Moreover, it is incredibly durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, UV, heat, and humidity-resistant and is available in a wide number of processing options.

Trendy Applications of Lacquered Glass

Let's take a look at some of the simplest yet most stylish ways you can use lacquered glass to brighten up your home -

Decorative Wall Panels

Susceptible to regular wear-and-tear, your home’s wall panels deserve to be taken care of. The easiest way that people can think of is to get them repainted. After a few renovations, however, the process can start feeling tedious. Furthermore, the toxic fumes emanated by the lead paints can have adverse health effects on your family. But with the revolutionary lacquered glass, you can say goodbye to harmful fumes, unnecessary expenditures, and short-lived makeovers as they are eco-friendly. They are also highly UV-resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 80° C.

Lacquered glass can redefine your living room aesthetics with colourful wall panels. Moreover, the shiny surfaces of lacquered glass reflect light, creating the illusion of a much bigger, brighter space. Tired of bland study rooms? Brighten your home workspace with colourful lacquered glass wall panels that also double as writing boards to fulfil two needs with a single deed. AIS Glasxperts offers a wide range of colours like the luminescent Black Pearl shade to the crystal-clear Snow-White hue to elevate the look and feel of your interiors effortlessly.

Cupboards and Cabinets

Bored with the monotonous look of your home? Want to add a splash of colour into your bland interiors but find the thought of enduring lengthy renovations too tedious? Simply replace your old closet cupboards or kitchen crockery units with colourful and lustrous lacquered glass designs. Whether it is a sliding door to your walk-in closet, a complete floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, or the worn-out cabinets in your kitchen, multi-coloured lacquered glass designs can add a touch of eccentricity to your homes. Moreover, they are highly resistant to scratches, fading, and are extremely low-maintenance - the perfect choice for areas that are used daily.

Magnetic Marker Boards

Keep forgetting the extensive list of things to do for the day? Need a space where you can find your mom’s traditional recipes handy? Maybe the kids are exploring their Picasso-like potential on the walls? For all such concerns, magnetic lacquered glass marker boards are the ideal choice. You can install it in the living room and write down the important reminders for the day, have it installed in your kitchen and jot down your favourite recipes or have it in your kids’ room and allow them to reveal their inner artist.

Looking for high-quality lacquered glass to build the most imaginative and aesthetic homes? Get in touch with AIS Glasxperts to avail of our wide range of sleek and modern lacquered glass designs along with our end-to-end services right from the initial professional assistance with regards to selection up until the final installation process. Your search for the ideal aesthetic solution for your interiors ends with AIS Glasxperts! Get in touch today.

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