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Traditionally used in just doors and windows, glass has come a long way since its inception. Apart from serving the most critical function of letting some natural light in, glass has become an essential decorative material in the fenestration industry. Lacquered glass, with its shiny and colored surface, unites the brilliance of glass with colored lacquer to render results that suit the requirements of the locations such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Lacquered glass is tenacious and aesthetically pleasing, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular daily. The painted side of lacquered glass never comes in touch with ambient particles and, therefore, maintains its finish for years. Try back-painted glass instead of distempering your walls if you want a contemporary interior look.

Why Should You Choose Lacquered Glass?

One of the main advantages of installing lacquered glass is its colorful, shiny, and opaque appearance. Due to its shiny and reflective surface, lacquered glass reflects light, making the room appear brighter. It optimizes the effects of natural and artificial light, reducing your energy consumption. Moreover, the shiny surface also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your space. You can install lacquered glass in your homes and offices to add vibrancy and a pop of color.

Lacquered glass is known for its ability to resist UV radiation and withstand high temperatures. It can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius without damage or shattering. Hence, it is ideally used in the kitchen, where the temperature usually remains high. Along with its ability to resist heat, lacquered glass is also resistant to humidity and can be installed in bathrooms without worrying about damage caused due to excessive moisture.

Overall, lacquered glass is a highly functional and durable glass option. It is resistant to scratches and can be cleaned easily – a straightforward wipe with a clean cloth is enough. Hence, installing lacquered glass in your space is a highly beneficial long-term investment.

Where Can You Use Lacquered Glass?

Here are a few ideal applications of lacquered glass.

Lacquered Glass for Your Kitchen

Lacquered glass does not just enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen and keeps it safe from curry backsplash. The wall right behind your cooking stove often experiences stains and spots spluttering off a pan. With time, a distempered wall develops permanent blotches that can go away only with a fresh lick of paint.

On the other hand, back-painted glass can comfortably withstand curry backsplash on its surface without getting dirty. In the case of curry backsplash, lacquered surfaces can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. These surfaces do not get stained permanently and are also resistant to moisture. This benefit allows you to bid adieu to kitchen wall maintenance woes forever. Back-painted glass is an excellent choice for kitchen wall cladding, island tops, wall panels or kitchen counters, kitchen cupboards, kitchen cabinet shutter and kitchen backsplashes etc.

Lacquered Glass for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are no more just another utilitarian space! This room is also used for pondering, introspecting, and indulging in single-secret behavior. Therefore, they must look and feel welcome. Nothing refreshes a dated bathroom quite like lacquered glass. Since back-painted glass can comfortably withstand steam and splashes of hot water day after day, they make an ideal choice to do up your bathroom.

Lacquered surfaces are available in so many patterns and finishes that you can use this glass for shower enclosures, bathroom walls, washbasin tops, etc. Choosing the right kind of lacquered glass can entirely transform the aura of your bathroom, thus making it noticeably edgier.

Lacquered Glass for Your Office

Want your office to look more sophisticated yet spunky? Use back-painted surfaces to create highlights of color in an otherwise dull space. You don't need to clad all the walls inside your office with lacquered glass. It is ideal to choose just one wall of any room and wrap it with lacquered glass.

Why only walls? Back-painted glass can also help make conference room table tops, cabin doors, room partitions, etc. The finish of a lacquered surface is clean and crisp and blends beautifully with the formal and semi-formal demeanor you may want to create in your office. Additionally, you can also choose to fashion lacquered surfaces to match the colors of your company's branding. Since these surfaces come in various colors and finishes, you are bound to find one that fits your company's color(s).

Lacquered Glass for Commercial Structures

Back-painted glass can liven up any space and award it a unique sense of openness. Therefore, it is widely used in shopping malls, stand-alone stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, hotel lobbies, elevators, convention centers, art galleries, etc.

Lacquered glass surfaces are sturdy and durable. The uniformly applied coats of metallic paint have a considerable role in this. Furthermore, back-painted glass can be manufactured using tempered glass surfaces for enhanced strength. The inimitable tenacity and versatility of lacquered glass panes make them popular for commercial venues.

Using lacquered glass as writing boards is becoming excessively common. Its low maintenance qualities make sure that the glass doesn’t get scratched. You can also easily clean the glass surface after using it by simply wiping it with a damp cloth. This ensures that you can go on about your work without causing any damage to the glass.

The AIS Advantage

At AIS Glasxperts, we provide you with different styles and designs of lacquered glass to render a sleek and modern look to your space. Besides the aesthetic appeal, our lacquered glass is highly durable, easy to maintain, environment-friendly, moisture, UV, and heat-resistant, and has a high-quality finish. We help you find glass solutions that perfectly fit your needs. Our end-to-end services ensure that our professionals assist you until you’re 100% satisfied. Our numerous glass solutions aim to provide you with a beautiful yet fully functional space. So, to enjoy the many benefits that different glass solutions bring to your room, get in touch with AIS Glasxperts today!

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