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Tips to Choose Wood Doors for a Contemporary Home

Adding Finesse with Wooden Glass Doors

Posted Date: Mar 31, 2020

Adding Finesse with Wooden Glass Doors

In an increasingly chaotic world, homes are sacred sanctuaries, offering peace and comfort. And doors play a huge role in maintaining the sanctity of our homes. After all, these components welcome and greet all those who walk into our humble abodes.Tips to Choose
Wooden Doors for
Home | AIS

While we take extensive measures to install fresh flowers, play the right music, cook favourite meals, decorate the walls, etc.; we should be mindful to not forget these simple yet vital components without which our home would simply be a property and an unfinished one at that.

To lock in all the fun and warmth, bring in the elegance and timelessness of wooden glass doors. 

Wooden Glass Doors: Unbeatable Timeless Appeal

The timeless aesthetic appeal of wood remains unchallenged till date. Wood can excite all our senses, not just the sense of sight. There’s no other material besides wood that feels and smells as amazing. Wooden glass doors offer a luxe and classic look to your home, often mimicked by other materials.

Moreover, wooden glass doors are highly versatile and as such are available in a variety of styles, colours, finishes, and sizes. Furthermore, the aesthetic versatility of wood also makes it possible to cut and sculpt the material to meet individual design specifications. A mix and match can result in highly customised profiles for practically every room! There can be no doubt that if you have wooden glass doors installed in your home, they will indeed become the architectural focal points with no need for further design elements.

When this evergreen material is used in combination with modern-day glass solutions such as safety glass, privacy glass, coloured glass, energy-efficient glass, etc., it offers the right mix of aesthetics and functionality.

An appeal that Extends Beyond Aesthetics

Besides their aesthetic benefits, wooden glass doors are highly functional. Here’s how -

Good Insulation

Perhaps, the foremost reason why wood has been a popular fenestration material for around centuries is the excellent insulation that it provides. Moreover, neither is glass a good conductor of heat. Together, they work towards maintaining ideal interior temperatures, especially during the warmer months of the year. Wooden glass doors are the perfect option for those living in regions that experience a tropical type of climate.

The natural composition of timber is such that it absorbs the heat instead of transferring it. Meaning, an ideal thermal insulator would be vacuum – a space completely empty due to lack of molecules so that no vibrations of air can take place. Though wood appears to be solid, it is a highly porous material with internal crevices that store heat energy effectively. All this empty space inside wood gives wooden glass doors a high R-value – the measure of how well a material resists the conductive flow of heat. 

Protection against Short Circuits

Again, as far as electricity is concerned, neither wood nor glass is a good conductor of it. Materials that conduct electricity such as metals possess electrons that are free to move, thus allowing current to pass through them. In the case of wood, the electrons are not free; instead, they are bound to their parent atoms, making them incapable of conducting electricity.

Similarly, even glass as a material is devoid of such “delocalised” electrons and hence, cannot conduct electricity. As a result, wooden glass doors offer assured security to your property against short circuits. 

Durable and Long-Lasting

Now, what exactly do we mean by durability? It is the ability of a component to function at its optimum in a service environment over time without any unexpected costs incurred on maintenance or repair. Wood, as a material has such inherent qualities that make it highly durable. For instance, it is resistant to rust, wind, and many types of chemicals such as corrosive salts and dilute acids. And with modern-day innovations, wood can even be made resistant to moisture and termites. Glass, on the other hand, is also naturally resistant to all the aforementioned corruption agents.

This makes wooden glass doors durable, granting them long lives (generally 50 to 80 years!) and that too, without the need for constant repairs or maintenance. 

Easy to Maintain

Notwithstanding that wooden glass doors require practically zero-maintenance, with a little care; they will look as new as a day for as long as they are in use. All you need are two clean dust cloths and a gentle soap-water solution. Simply dip one of the dust cloths in the solution and wipe the entire wooden glass door, following up with the other dry cloth. Then, allow the door to air-dry, and that's it! Doing this once a month will ensure that your wooden glass doors not only live long but live well. 


It is a self-evident fact that wood is perhaps the most eco-friendly building material in existence. After all, this renewable resource has been derived from trees itself. Moreover, glass is also a non-toxic and sustainable material, making wooden glass doors a great choice for an eco-conscious home. 

Looking for premium wooden glass doors that can transform the look of your home in a jiffy? Contact AIS Glasxperts – a Strategic Business Unit of AIS (Asahi India Glass Limited). Our wooden glass doors are made using high-quality Accoya wood that is naturally resistant to moisture and termites! When combined with various glass solutions, our wooden glass doors can cover all kinds of needs – privacy, security, anti-pollution, acoustic insulation, and energy-efficiency.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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