Types & Advantages of Skylight Glass on Ceiling Roof
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Things to Remember While Installing Skylight Glass

Posted Date: Nov 07, 2019

Always dreamed of gazing the at the starry night sky from the comfort of your bed? Or perhaps, pictured yourself owning an office with all glass interiors and a shimmering glass roof? Thanks to the advancements in technology, those futuristic days have finally arrived.

With modern architecture hopping on board the technological train, it wasn’t long before the world of interiors followed suit. More and more designers are embracing the concept of easy living. Gone are the days when we were limited to one or two solutions for decorating our space. We are living in a technological era where our wildest fantasies can come true at the flick of a button.

One such fantasy that has materialised into reality is the innovation of skylights. Typically, known as roof windows, a skylight glass simulates the beauty and magnificence of the outdoors to transform the look and feel of your space. They have emerged as the go-to product amongst several designers for effortlessly illuminating a homes or offices.

The Widespread Fame of Skylights

Whether you want to amp up the luxurious vibe of the glass walkway in your office or you’re looking to enhance the rustic appeal of the winding staircase in your home, skylight glass serves as a perfect addition for all your décor needs. Not only are they aesthetically appealing but also hold several functional purposes.

It gives the illusion of well-planned space when in reality you merely swapped out your regular, old ceiling roof with skylight glass for the perfect blend of class and elegance. Available in a multitude of vivid hues, stylish designs and trendy patterns, installing skylight glass has become the preferred choice for adding the oomph factor into your space.

However, installing skylight glass can be a tricky process. Thus, it’s important to get well-versed with the preliminary requirements for proper installation. It always pays to do your due diligence and so, we have curated an all-inclusive guide which discusses the different types of skylights along their real-life applications, benefits of installing skylight glass and some helpful tips to help you understand why they are the perfect addition to your space.

Types of Skylights

Apart from deciding the room for installation, several other factors can help determine the right skylight for your space. You can find the best one suited to your needs depending upon the purpose, type of roof and preferred materials for your skylight glass. Here are some of the top skylight designs that have gained immense popularity over the years.

Fixed Skylight

One of the simplest and most efficient designs- a fixed skylight glass is completely sealed to the roof. While they do not offer ventilation, they are popularly used to brighten low-lit areas such as staircases, glass walkways and dingy attics. While the panes are constructed from 100% recyclable glass, the frame is made up of wood, aluminium or steel to create durable and low maintenance designs.

Tubular Skylights

Love the idea of installing skylight glass but the lack of roof space putting a damper on your plans? Not to worry, because tubular skylights are specially designed for spaces with small roofs. It comprises of a small pipe with a spherical dome on the top which is responsible for collecting the light and transmitting it into the room through the tube. They are popularly used illuminating specific things such as living walls, aquariums and infinite pools.

Pyramid Skylights

Looking for a classy décor idea to enrich your space? Nothing compares to the timeless appeal of pyramid skylights. Available in customizable designs up to 20 feet wide and varying lengths, they are perfect for creating a sensational space. Pyramid skylight glass is popularly used in lobbies, entryways and glass walkways to create a magnificent entrance that is sure to take your breath away.

Barrel Vault Skylight

A true mix of art and modern architecture- the barrel vault skylight screams grandeur and elegance like no other. Since they cover up almost 80% or more of the roof, there is limited privacy and are not commonly used in residential spaces. However, with modern innovations in glass, this problem can easily be solved by swapping out your regular glass for smart glass.

AIS Glasxperts offers SwytchglasTM- a revolutionary smart glass which offers instant privacy when needed and lets in natural light too. Barrel Vault skylights are extensively used for designing commercial spaces such as offices, malls, medical and educational intuitions. Their intricate design is perfect for perking up bland passageways and canopies too.

Advantages of Skylight Glass

If you’re hesitant towards installing skylight glass in your space, take a look at the amazing benefits that they have to offer.

Promotes Energy-Efficiency

Trying to lend a hand towards improving the environmental conditions? Skylight glass not only adds to the beauty of your space but also serves as a great eco-friendly investment. They help regulate indoor temperature by preventing the warmth from escaping your space on a chilly winter evening and also blocking the heat outside during summers.

This, in turn, helps reduce the need for heaters and air conditioners which are responsible for emitting harmful greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming. An added benefit of their energy-efficiency is that you cut unnecessary costs and save on energy bills.

Letting in Natural Light

Looking at fun ways to brighten up your dull space? Install skylight glass in your homes and offices to breathe new life into your space. Since sunlight is known for boosting the mood of the employees, a skylight glass not only offers stunning visuals but also serves as a valuable addition in the workplace. Apart from improving productivity levels, daylight is also known to regulate our circadian rhythms which in turn, promotes improved sleep quality and overall health.

Whether you have an indoor infinite pool at your home or a posh glass walkway in your office, standard ceilings can take the glam away from your luxurious décor. Swap them out for a wide skylight glass and let the natural gleam on the clear waters of your infinite pool and crystal glass walkway for creating space that exudes glamour.

Creating a Larger Space

A common misconception amongst several people is that skylight glass installation should be reserved for properties with a huge space. The fact of the matter is, installing skylights in cosy homes and cramped offices can instantly open up the room and make it look much more spacious. They flood the room with ample light to transform the stuffy space and make it feel roomy and vibrant. They also provide warmth and ventilation, whilst giving you a stunning view of the outdoor surroundings.

Appreciates the Property Value

Skylights are uber-chic and instantly jazz up the space. Simply installing commercial skylights in workplaces transforms a regular office giving it the illusion of a posh and cultured company. Since a high-quality skylight glass installation promotes energy-efficiency, improves mental health and creates a larger, vibrant space, property buyers are starting to acknowledge skylights as a valuable asset. They are willing to pay with skylight installation which thus, increases the resale value of your property.

Points to Remember

Now that you’re sold on the idea of installing skylight glass in your space, don’t just jump the gun on the installation process. While skylights are a great investment, certain essential factors need to be considered. Take a look at the checklist below before installing skylight glass to ensure their maximum utility.

Pick the Time and Location

First and foremost, you must ensure that you have chosen the right placement. Instead of hastening into the process, take a blueprint and mark the right sections that will allow the skylight glass to reach its maximum potential.

The best locations to install skylights are for bathrooms, kitchens and attics to improve natural light and ventilation. Office spaces may benefit from installing north-facing skylight glass to promote energy-efficiency and ensure sunlight throughout the year.

Bad weather can hinder the installation process leading to frequent condensation build-up, leaks and even potential roof damage. To ensure moisture control, install the skylight glass in summer.

Put Safety First

While several people may choose to DIY the skylight installation, it can do more harm than good if you’re unsure about the process. Leave the fittings to the pros and get their honest insights in return about the right skylight for your space. Professionals only use high-grade materials to ensure water-tightness, sound reduction and wind resistance. Inquire about the ventilation, shading, tinning and UV coating features to get the best service possible.

Looking for a trustworthy company for skylight glass installation? Connect with AIS Glasxperts for the world-class specialised glass solutions. Available in a variety of glazing options, our bespoke skylight glass is made with laminated sentry glass which possesses five times the strength of standard laminated glass.

Along with 5x durability, it also comes with a special coating to make your skylight glass immune to scratches. It is equipped with a 99% UV protection film to keep the harmful rays at bay, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine in its purest form. But that’s not all- we even paste an anti-skid film strip to avoid any skidding on your precious skylight glass.

Get in touch with AIS Glasxperts for 360-degree specialised solutions for all your glass interiors. We guarantee full responsibility right from the product inspection, selection to the final process of fittings, installation and post-instalment services. We have an expert panel at your service to help you choose the ideal skylight and build your ideal space with the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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