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Smart Glass - The Ultimate Privacy Solution for an Architect's Design

Posted Date: Aug 01, 2020

There was a time when privacy in a space – commercial or residential – could only be achieved through the clever use of furniture and décor. Switchable glass technology, also called smart glass, has changed this, offering architects a fabulous solution to amaze clients with a versatile privacy solution!

If you’re looking for a new-age technology that meets international design standards while offering on-demand privacy, smart glass is your go-to product. The following guide is meant for architects navigating a constantly changing world of building materials and design trends. Here is how the incredible smart glass technology is the elixir for achieving superior aesthetics, functionality, and privacy – all rolled into one.

More than just glass – An architectural wonder

Switchable or smart glass is a unique technology to instantly change the appearance of the glass at the click of a button. A far efficient and especially low-maintenance alternative to curtains, smart glass turns clear or frosted on-demand, i.e. its opacity is adjustable. In fact, the switchable film can also be applied to existing windows, turning them into a modern privacy solution.

Here’s how it works. Based on an external stimulus – current, light, heat – smart glass changes its opacity levels. A user simply has to press a button on a remote and the glass turns from transparent to opaque, and vice-versa. You can now imagine its applications in spaces that require privacy, but not at all times. Because of this unique quality, smart glass is also more commonly known as privacy glass and switchable glass. 

Architects today are making use of this technology in every possible arena – glass partitions, windows, floors, skylights, you name it. 

A privacy solution for homes

For architects and designers building homes, smart glass can be installed pretty much anywhere – from the front door to bathrooms. In fact, many architects effectively use switchable glass as doors, keeping both privacy and functionality intact. Adding a switchable glass to a house’s front door, for instance, can give your clients a privacy solution that allows them only as much exposure as they need to see who’s at the door. This marvel of technology also does the job of impressing visitors to the house.

What makes smart glass particularly suited for homes is that it doesn’t completely shut out light in the frosted state. So your clients certainly enjoy privacy, but not at the expense of the ambience and natural light in their home. 

Building modern workspaces

Smart glass is also gaining popularity as an effective privacy solution in offices, in line with the company’s branding and design. You’ll see top corporates featuring switchable glass in meeting rooms where presentations and private discussions are held, giving users complete privacy and functionality at the flick of a button.

Because many architects place special emphasis on natural light in a space, switchable glass is an especially popular choice for a stylish touch to the workplace with instant privacy. It is a great alternative to blinds, that are harder to clean and maintain.

Privacy in commercial establishments

When architects design commercial buildings like hospitals and hotels, both aesthetics and functionality play a crucial role. This is why smart glass is gaining ground in the design of hospitals and hotels.

In hospitals, patient privacy is required for many activities - check-ups, recovery, consultations, etc. Smart glass does the job much better than curtains, up for use as room partitions for creating isolated units where patient privacy and confidentiality are supreme. Architects also find its use in examination areas, X-ray rooms, ICUs, etc., giving clients privacy on demand. What’s more, smart glass is absolutely hygienic and easier to clean than curtains. This makes it particularly suited for hospitals, especially in light of the spread of infections.

When it comes to hotels, architects have a tricky job; hoteliers want the latest technologies and design features for an unforgettable guest experience. No wonder they are making generous use of smart glass tech to serve both fronts – privacy and aesthetics. Architects often use switchable glass in hotel rooms to create a smooth transition between the bedroom and the bathroom, while creating a sense of more space. Guests can enjoy privacy at the flick of a switch, along with ample natural light that preserves the ambience. Hoteliers are also coming to value the minimalist and sleek appeal smart glass partitions and facades lend to their establishment. 

AIS Swytchglas – An architect’s delight

AIS Swytchglas, brought to you by AIS Glasxperts, is a revolutionary smart glass that is changing the architectural design game. There is a reason that the AIS Swytchglas is the smartest glass in the market – it gives users the power to control both transparency and heat transmission. With AIS Swytchglas, your glass partitions and doors turn transparent from translucent, blocking visibility and inviting privacy in a space.

Architects have found a world of applications for AIS Swytchglas – both residential and commercial. Contact AIS Glasxperts for premium smart glass solutions and wow your clients with your impeccable sense of privacy solutions.

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