Installing Noise Cancelling Glass is a Good Idea?
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What is Sound Proof Glass and How Should You Use It?

Noise Cancelling Glass - Preview

Posted Date: Nov 09, 2021

What is noise cancelling glass

There’s no better feeling in this world than getting into your humble abode after a hard day’s work. Oftentimes, this peace and quiet are disturbed by the noise generated by traffic in the street or a nearby construction site that makes soundproof glass a necessity for most people out there. But if you are having second thoughts or simply want to know more about these glasses, then this article might help you gain some insights. So read on to know more about noise cancelling glasses and their advantages.

What is noise-cancelling glass?

There is really no such thing as noise-cancelling glass or soundproof glass, though there are glasses that can suppress sound waves travelling through them. Some manufacturers claim that the noise cancelling glass manufactured by them can suppress up to 90% of sound. These glasses are manufactured with thicker glass, spacers, laminated glass or a combination of them which helps in blocking out most of the noise so you can enjoy the quiet indoors to the fullest.

Benefits of noise-cancelling glass

People have been switching to noise-cancelling glasses as they offer countless benefits over normal glasses. Some of these are listed below.

  • Noise reduction

  • As the name suggests, noise-cancelling glass can significantly reduce the noise coming into your house. With this glass, you can turn your house into a noise-free zone thanks to the glass’ ability to suppress up to 90% of sound.

  • UV protection

  • Apart from decreasing the level of noise pollution in your house, you are also protecting yourself as well as your loved ones from solar glares and harmful UV rays that are known to cause many ailments. If you want better UV protection then you can get the laminated soundproof glass installed on your windows as well as doors.

  • Increased durability

  • Soundproof glass generally has an extra layer of glass (laminated glass) which makes it more robust and durable compared to ordinary glass used in windows and doors. The inner PVB interlayer further adds to its durability and prevents it from shattering easily. On those rare occasions when the glass shatters, the inner PB interlayer holds the glass pieces together preventing them from falling out.

  • Better insulation

  • Last but not least, if you are looking for a glass solution that would not only suppress outside noise but also maintain an optimal temperature inside your home then you should definitely opt for a Low-E coating on your soundproof glass. During summers, the Low-E coating reflects most of the sun’s heat keeping the temperature inside cool. While in winters, the coating prevents the heat from escaping out keeping the interior temperatures nice and cosy.

    How should you use it?

    Now that you know about the benefits of the noise cancellation glass, it’s time to see how you can efficiently make it a part of your home decor to reduce sound.

    You can opt for the double glazed windows with noise-cancelling glass if your main aim is to reduce noise but if you are looking for an energy-efficient alternative and don’t mind partial noise cancellation, then triple glazed windows made of noise-cancelling glass will do the job for you.

    If you can’t renovate your old home too much or live in a flat with access restrictions, then you can opt for secondary glazing as this creates a gap between the inner and the outer pane. This gap acts as a noise-reducing chamber so the noise doesn’t enter inside the house or room.

    If you are wondering where these noise-cancelling windows can be fitted besides our homes, here are a few applications:

  • Schools

  • Noise-cancelling glass can help create a distraction-free environment in the classroom so the students can focus without any external noise.

  • Hospitals

  • Noise-cancellation glasses are widely used in hospitals as they help in creating a quiet environment so that the patients can recover at a faster pace. The silence also helps in reducing stress and anxiety which in turn helps in quick recovery.

  • Offices

  • If the office is equipped with noise-cancellation windows, then the employees can experience higher productivity as they won’t be distracted by the traffic jams or other external noise coming from surrounding areas during meetings, conferences or brainstorming sessions.

If you have made up your mind about investing in noise-cancelling glasses for your office or home, then you might be fretting about the perfect place to purchase these glasses from. Don’t worry! We have you covered as you can visit AIS Glasxperts website to pick your favourite from the plethora of choices available! You can even pick their other uPVC window and door designs for other spaces as they offer world-class architectural designs and 360-degree services so you can turn your dream house or office space into reality!

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