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Importance of Custom Glass Staircase Design

Custom Glass Staircase Design - Preview

Posted Date: Jun 23, 2020

Custom Glass Staircase Design

Glass, with the right kind of craftsmanship, is that one material that can effortlessly fit into any architectural or interior designing project. Its immense popularity is evident from its myriad of applications – doors, windows, partitions, barricades, balustrades, table-tops, etc. However, there is another trend emerging using glass, which is exceptional, both in terms of aesthetic appeal and utility – the installation of a custom glass staircase!

Before the question of safety even crosses your mind, here’s a reminder that technological advancements in glassmaking have made it not just possible but even common for glass to go against its own nature – think privacy and most importantly, safety and security.

Now, let us get into details and discuss the importance of custom glass staircase.

Captivating Aesthetic Appeal

Such is the beguiling beauty of a glass staircase that it can easily become the architectural focal point of any space – residential or commercial. Exuding sophistication, glass staircase allows homeowners to integrate different rooms in a light and airy manner, and its addition is the single thing that can take the look of a minimalist space to a whole new level.

And if you have a unique floor plan for your home, maybe want it to have a futuristic aesthetic appeal, you can have a frameless glass staircase installed and that alone will give the vibe you’re aiming for. Also, installing colourful LED lights underneath a glass staircase will create a utopia-like atmosphere during the night-time. On the other hand, monotonous and poorly-designed office spaces can hamper productivity like nothing else. However, avoiding this can be as simple as installing a glass staircase in custom designs to give the office a truly professional look. Sometimes, being progress-oriented must show, not just in work ethics, but in space design.

Glass staircases are also becoming increasingly common in large retail outlets, especially showrooms. Since they emanate such grandeur, they click perfectly with the vibe showrooms and exhibition halls are going for. And let us not forget that you do not need to opt for the basic transparent glass type; you can choose from myriad of colours, textures, patterns, etc. to personalise it to your tastes.

Let There be Light, and Plenty of It!

Natural light is a blessing – it not only illuminates the place to reduce energy consumption, but is also imperative to overall well-being and makes any living or working space more breathable and liveable. And while doors and windows are indeed gateways to ample natural light, yet the addition of a custom glass staircase will amp up the daylight management of the space to an unprecedented level. The daylight trickling in will give the residents the feel of living under nature’s umbrella.

Since a glass staircase is essentially transparent, it allows light to reflect and refract all across the room. But for this to work optimally, ensure that the glass staircase is not installed in any of the corners of the room, and is preferably opposite a large window. You can even have glass balustrades to enjoy an all-glass appeal or sleek timber handrails also work exceptionally well. Choose any glass staircase style you wish – L-shaped, U-shaped, basic straight stairs, etc. – and watch how beautifully lit your entire home or office becomes!

Impressive Capacity for Endurance

Earlier, glass staircases were often neglected because of a common perception – glass is not strong enough to bear human weight. But modern advances in glass technology have debunked a host of such misconceptions. Today, standard annealed glass can be made four to five times stronger using thermal and chemical tempering. The resultant glass – tempered or toughened glass – is exceptionally strong and robust and can easily endure heavy foot traffic.

Moreover, glass is intrinsically a low-maintenance material. It does not get affected by dust, grime, moisture, termites, mould, and other external elements. As a result, it will last you for years on end on simple upkeep – just take a clean damp cloth dipped in warm water and wipe the staircase followed by a wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Do this once a week and that’s it! Your glass staircase will sparkle like a new coin!

Looking for Premium Glass Staircase for Your Projects?

Installing glass staircases is a carefully thought-out process. It requires you to pay utmost attention to parameters like safety, quality, and aesthetics. However, the process becomes smooth when you have a partner such as AIS Glasxperts by your side! As a Strategic Business Unit of India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer – Asahi India Glass Limited – we house premium-quality glass staircases in customised designs, waiting to be explored. Our experts will help you right from the time of product selection, up until installation, even with post-installation support.

Give your space the revamp it needs with a custom glass staircase! Get in touch.

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