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Importance of Aluminium Frame Windows

Posted Date: Sep 15, 2020

Importance of Aluminium Frame Windows

From the tallest skyscrapers to the balcony doors in homes, aluminium is at the forefront of modern architecture and design. Presently, aluminium fenestration solutions are reigning over the market. Of those, aluminium frame windows stand apart, thanks to impressive designs and unmatched performance.

Why Aluminium Frame Windows Are Superior

Few fenestration profiles rival aluminium in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Widely known for commercial applications, aluminium profiles are now taking over residential spaces too. Offering diverse shades and styles, being incredibly formable and superior strength for a longer service life.

Besides, in the modern construction industry, aluminium is often hailed as ‘cradle to cradle’ material – a material which does not lose its value even after undergoing multiple recycling and manufacturing loops. This is why aluminium profiles are a highly sustainable and renewable fenestration choice.

More importantly, aluminium frame windows provide a vast variety of benefits, in both form and function.

A Host of Benefits 

In contemporary décor, aluminium is a formidable fenestration profile, offering a host of benefits – from energy efficiency, thermal insulation, durability to low maintenance, design versatility, and more. Best of all, aluminium profiles possess a natural sheen, offering a distinct visual appeal.

A perfect blend of form and function, aluminium frame windows offer unbeatable functionality and premier aesthetics. Besides, aluminium windows are easy to maintain yet highly durable. No wonder aluminium profiles are widely popular. 

Enhanced Security

A highly sturdy fenestration solution, use aluminium profiles to enhance the security of your windows. Thanks to their superior strength, they can withstand any attacks. You can equip them with suitable locking mechanisms and top-quality hardware for maximum security.

Most importantly, aluminium windows are extremely strong and robust. Even under harsh weather conditions, they do not warp, expand, or contract. 

Energy Efficiency

Lower the amount of heat gain and heat loss with aluminium windows’ superior thermal performance. Combined with appropriate glazing units, they can efficiently control the temperature indoors. Consequently, bringing down your cooling costs. Get a cooler, comfortable ambience without relying on artificial cooling systems.

Pollution Resistance 

Resist the entry of pollution by using aluminium frame windows. Renowned for their efficient insulation properties, they come equipped with airtight systems and silicon sealants to prevent air leaks.

By using completely sealed, multi-lock aluminium window systems, you can effectively keep the pollution at bay. Combine aluminium windows with top-quality gaskets and joints for healthy, comfortable indoors always.


Aluminium profiles are extremely sturdy, which is why they last longer. Highly resistant to UV rays, termites, corrosion, and everyday wear-and-tear, they can withstand harsh weather conditions with minimal maintenance.

In fact, aluminium is exceptionally reliable despite being a lightweight metal. No wonder it has a long service life. 

Weather Resistance

Be it extreme temperatures, downpours, harsh UV rays, or smog, aluminium can stand them all. Because it undergoes surface treatments during the manufacturing process, aluminium does not lose its shine over the years – making it highly suitable for workspaces and residences prone to physical elements. It does not rot, peel-off, or flake years on end, offering a long service life. 

Thermal Insulation

Aluminium windows can effectively reduce heat ingress and cold draughts inside your space. Thanks to its unmatched insulation qualities, aluminium windows fare better against extreme climatic conditions. Besides, they use a thermal-break technology to provide optimal insulation 24x7. So, you can forget the leaky windows. 

Minimal Maintenance

Aluminium frame windows require minimal to zero upkeep, yet they look fresh for decades. To clean the windows, you only need to use a microfibre cloth and soapy water. No fancy cleaning equipment or services are needed.

Moreover, aluminium frame windows do not rust or corrode even under harsh physical factors. Thus, eliminating the need for routine maintenance. 

Style Flexibility

The sleek, polished look of aluminium profiles is coveted worldwide. Highly flexible in style, they offer slim sightlines and frame finishes for better outside views. Also, aluminium windows work well with a vast variety of design styles, including modern, industrial, minimalist, and more. You can powder coat aluminium in any shade and accents to create stylish profiles.


Aluminium profiles are highly sustainable, non-toxic, and infinitely recyclable, which is why they are widely used to make fenestrations. In fact, recycling aluminium profiles requires only 5% of the energy used to create the primary aluminium profile. Yet, the recycled aluminium profile does not lose any functionality. 

Over to You

Few fenestration profiles rival aluminium when it comes to premium aesthetics and superior functionalities. You can score a host of benefits from enhanced security, distinct visual appeal to versatile styles and energy efficiency, with aluminium frame windows.

Now, if you are looking for premium quality aluminium frame windows, rely on AIS Glasxperts’ superior glass manufacturing technology.

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