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Benefits of using Aluminium Frame Windows and Doors

Benefits of Aluminium Frame Windows and Doors

Posted Date: Feb 18, 2020

Benefits of Aluminium Frame Windows and Doors

Looking for trendy yet functional installations for your new home or office? Maybe yours is a case of renovation? Well, home designing or remodeling calls for careful planning as your personal space will have a significant impact on your comfort and lifestyle. When the time comes to seal the deal, aesthetics and advanced functionality are the priorities of every discerning home and office owner.

And since doors and windows set the tone for a space, both for visitors and those residing within, choosing them wisely is a mandate. And to that end, a fresh candidate is becoming popular in the architectural and interior designing realm – aluminium. 

Here are the benefits of using aluminium frame windows and doors in your homes or offices -


Aluminium is a highly strong metal. One of its best features is that it is a low-density metal and hence, sturdy aluminium frames can be achieved even in slim-line variants. Aluminium also has a high strength-to-weight ratio as a result of which it is very hard to make a dent on it. Moreover, since aluminium frame windows and doors come with multi-point shootbolt locking mechanisms, they are highly resistant to external attacks and provide security. Furthermore, with aluminium frames, you can easily maximise the glass area as aluminium frames can easily hold huge glass panes.


Due to certified surface treatments, aluminium frame windows and doors also have a longer product life - they do not flake, warp or peel easily. They also don’t rust because of aluminium’s corrosion-resistant property. Aluminium is extremely weather-resistant and can easily handle harsh weather conditions. It is a material that can easily withstand rain, wind, and strong sunlight without rotting or getting discoloured. It is also unaffected by harmful UV rays. Moreover, aluminium is a highly stable metal. Meaning, even if there are major ambient changes, it will neither expand nor contract.

And since aluminium frames retain their performance and aesthetics throughout their lifetime, they also guarantee that you will get a good return on your investment – you home will have a higher market value as a result of aluminium frame windows and doors.


We are currently living in the age of consciousness and awareness where governments and individuals alike are striving towards a cleaner and greener world. Naturally, there is a dire need to include energy-efficiency in building projects. And since windows are the conventional protagonists for heat escape and transfer, where else would the need or energy-efficiency be greater?

To bring this about, energy-efficient glass or low-E glass has been introduced. But, equally important are the windows’ frames in allowing or restricting heat transfer. With the advent of thermal break technology, modern-day aluminium frame windows conduct heat and noise around 1000 times slower than regular aluminium. As a result, they help maintain an optimal room temperature in every season lowering the need for air-conditioners and room heaters. This, in turn, reduces energy bills.


Choosing aluminium for your home or office is an environmentally conscious decision as aluminium is non-toxic and is a 100% recyclable material. According to industry experts, recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the initial energy that was consumed while manufacturing it. This further makes aluminium an environmentally sustainable material. Moreover, aluminium frame windows and doors will also limit the production of carbon footprint – recycling one tonne of aluminium saves around nine tonnes of CO2 emissions.


Sick of high-maintenance doors and windows? Then, aluminium frame windows and doors are what you’re looking for! Aluminium doors and windows, besides being highly durable and strong, are practically maintenance-free. All that is required is a routine wipe with a clean cloth dipped in window cleaning agent and your aluminium doors and windows will look brand new as ever.

Myriads of Design Options

Due to the way aluminium is manufactured, aluminium frame windows and doors can quite easily get customised as per your design specifications while maintaining all the inherent qualities of the material. Moreover, aluminium provides limitless customisation options, ranging from different finishes to a large variety of colours. You can get aluminium frames in different shapes, even unusual quadrilaterals or multi-level windows with pointed tops.  Aluminium frame windows and doors come with powder coating finish, as a result of which they do not require repainting. As aluminium is a versatile material, you can opt for sliding doors, sliding and side hung windows, sliding and fold-a-side doors, etc as per your wish. 

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