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Reasons to Choose Glass in Your New Staircase Design

Posted Date: May 10, 2020

Why walk, when you can gently float upstairs? We are talking about glass staircases! These magnificent structures add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to any space they are installed in. If you are looking to give your home a contemporary look, start with using glass for your staircases. Whether you want the entire staircase installed in glass or just the railing or even the alternate steps, the choice is yours.

Design Tips to Install Glass in Staircases

Glass staircases allow you to add heaps of sophistication to your home without compromising the safety and security of your family members. Here are a few trending ideas in the glass staircase design.

Glass Steps with a Steel Balustrade

Imagine an ultra-modern and ultra-chic structure, made using thick and clear glass slats to form a staircase. Now pair it with sharp-looking steel balustrades and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of any space. Floating glass steps look nothing less than modern art installations, and they also keep a room looking light and bright.

Solid Steps with a Glass Balustrade

If you want to mix things up a little, try a combination of Italian marble steps with clear glass balustrades. In a smaller home, staircases are generally crammed into a corner and installed with a conventional and opaque safety barrier. Opaque balustrades cut out natural light and make the stairwell appear darker than it is. You can replace such a gloomy-looking staircase with a clear glass panel to keep the area bright and airy.

Helical Floating Staircase

A classic spiral or helical staircase can look new by adding glass! These structures save space in a layout that does not have a big enough stairwell. You can choose to design the steps with clear glass coupled with a solid steel railing or vice versa. Additionally, spiral staircases also look sublime when both the steps, as well as the balustrade, are constructed using clear glass.

Steps with Safety Panels

Instead of installing a glass or solid staircase with a balustrade running across, you can add simple glass safety panels. These panels look like vertical slats of glass bolted to one another. These safety panels are higher than a railing and provide maximum protection. Glass safety panels look great and are especially useful if you have younger children in your home.

Clamped Steel and Glass Balustrades

If you don’t want pure glass railings, you can opt for a mix of steel and glass. These two materials are used artistically wherein steel rods that have clamps hold up glass panels. The final result is a glass railing with steel rods running on top of them. This entire structure serves as a modern and robust balustrade.


If you are installing glass steps, make sure to add LED or any other kind of lighting strips to each rim. Lighting up a glass staircase awards homes a unique feel. Avoid installing a glass staircase with an opaque balustrade.

Why Choose Glass for Your Staircase?

Sure, glass steps and balustrades look mesmerising, but are they practical? Yes, very much! These structures come with a host of benefits that are listed below.

Opens Up Space

Glass as a material lends a sense of openness to any space. This feature is especially useful if you live in a metropolis where space crunch is a common issue. These structures brighten up a room as they let light pass through them. They also go with any possible décor and colour inside your home. Glass steps or balustrades also work well with open-plan homes.

Resists Damage

While you may think that glass steps and balustrades are fragile, they are far from it! With modern advancements in glass technologies, toughened and laminated glass panes are used to construct these staircases. These glass panels can withstand a tonne of pressure and do not crack easily upon impact.


Glass structures barely collect dust or grime and can be cleaned without any hassle. To clean glass steps or balustrades, take some water and mop them clean. These structures do not get damaged when exposed to moisture or heat and are completely resistant to corrosion and termites.

Aesthetically Appealing

Glass steps and balustrades look stylish, contemporary, and refined. No wonder they are featured in many design and architecture magazines. Additionally, these structures can be customised to a large extent. For example, if you want your home to have both vintage and modern elements, install a glass balustrade and leave the rest of the staircase as it is. However, if you are looking for a more futuristic outcome, a full glass staircase is the way to go.

Your Turn

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