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Glass shower enclosures: The Latest Buzz in 2020

Posted Date: Mar 10, 2020

After a tiring day at work, nothing feels better than soaking in a hot tub or taking a long shower. The relaxing shower becomes more appealing if you have a luxe and well-furnished bathroom.

The definition of luxurious bathrooms has evolved from Edwardian Era touchstones to sleek and shiny glass, marble or tiled enclosures in recent decades. Be it an upscale hotel in a metro city or a posh apartment in the suburbs, glass shower enclosures add oomph to the bathrooms.

Here are some reasons for their immense popularity and the buzz revolving around them -

Absolute Privacy

A common myth surrounding glass shower enclosures is that they do not offer optimum privacy because of their transparent nature. While glass shower doors are transparent, they can provide adequate privacy and noise insulation depending upon the type of glass that is installed. For example – you can opt for acoustic glass for keeping external noises at bay and frosted or tinted glass to resolve your privacy issues. If you prefer to have privacy on-demand, you can choose to have your glass shower enclosures made using switchable or smart glass. With smart glass like AIS Swytchglass, you can switch between having a utterly opaque shower enclosure to a slightly blurred to an entirely transparent one at the click of a button. Such freedom of choice is impossible with shower curtains or marbled enclosures.

Little to No Maintenance

Out of all the rooms in a house, bathrooms require deep cleaning most often. An unclean bathroom is not only aesthetically unpleasing but also a health hazard. With glass shower enclosures, however, cleaning the bathroom becomes infinitely easier. Since glass does not catch stains easily, wiping the shower glass with a cloth sprayed with a glass cleaner is sufficient to restore its shine. Moreover, most glass shower enclosures come with a protective coating that repels water and soap stains. Such coatings ensure that your glass shower remains pristine throughout its lifetime.


Mould is a fungal growth found in places where moisture accumulation is typical. In bathrooms, there is little you can do to prevent humidity or moisture. Materials like wood or porous tiles can foster the growth of mould in your bathroom, making it highly unhygienic. Since glass is entirely resistant to water and steam, it does not allow for the accumulation of moisture on it and therefore discourages the growth of mould or pests. Any moisture that sticks to glass remains there only temporarily and can be wiped off with a dry cloth.


Bathroom accidents are nothing new and slipping on the bathroom floor can be fatal for kids, elderly and pregnant women. One of the most common causes of slipping is leaked or spilt water from wet shower curtains. Glass shower enclosures do not allow for any kind of water spillage outside the cubicle, and therefore ensure ultimate safety in the bathroom.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Lighting your shower can be tricky, especially since you might have to install multiple waterproof fixtures to get comfortably lit bathroom interiors. With glass shower enclosures, however, light infiltrates into the shower cubicle freely, reducing the lighting bills. Moreover, heat-insulating shower glass keeps the bathroom at a comfortable temperature, thereby eliminating the need for heaters or thermostats.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The striking shine of glass is one of its most revered features. Interior designers all agree that glass makes spaces open and airy. Additionally, advanced glassmaking technology has made it highly customisable, offering clients a wide range of shapes, styles, colours and patterns. Glass shower enclosures produce the illusion of extra space even in a compact bathroom. Moreover, they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from rounded triangles to large rectangular ones for the centre of the bathroom. If you are a fan of colours, accents, patterns or unique frames, you can opt for those as well. Regardless of the décor pattern of the rest of the bathroom, glass shower enclosures fit in perfectly.

Glass Showers from AIS Glasxperts

If the latest trend of glass showers appeals to you, approach AIS Glasxperts today to get your very own customised glass shower enclosure. We are a strategic business unit of Asahi India Glass Ltd. - India’s leading glass manufacturer and provide full-range glass solutions.

We understand that your bathroom is an intimate space reflecting personal tastes, so our experts will offer completely personalised consultation, shopping, installation, even post-installation experience for you. Our world-class fittings, branded products and trained professionals are sure to revamp your bathroom into a trendy and calming space.

Once we assess your bathroom and help you shop for the right shower glass enclosures, we will follow with quick and hassle-free installation and aftercare services. In case you’re dissatisfied with our craftsmanship or products, you can avail of the one-year warranty that we offer on each of our services.

Contact AIS Glasxperts today to avail of our trusted glass consultation and installation services. Get in touch today!

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