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An Architect’s Guide to Inspirational Glass Door Designs

Posted Date: Sep 21, 2020

Latest uPVC Glass Door Designs

We open several glass doors a day without realising the decades of technological development that have gone in churning out today’s aesthetically appealing and easily operable light-weight structures.

Glass door designs must be one of the most used architectural elements in any contemporary residential or commercial property. Other than ushering in heaps of natural light and lending a sense of space, glass doors offer intense aesthetic value and ventilation.

There is only one way to bring the outside inside, and that is through glass door designs. And, so, consider this article an architect’s ode to inspiring glass doors that will liven up your dwellings. Below you will find some of the most exquisite glass door designs without which any contemporary space may seem incomplete.

French Doors

If there is one glass door design that has transcended generations and stood the test of time for its elegance and resilience, it’s the French door. This structure is two single-hinged doors that traditionally open inwards or outwards. But, not all homes have the kind of square footage to accommodate swinging French doors. To counter this challenge, you now have sliding French doors, which ensure a sense of openness, no matter how big or small a room.

With advancements in glass door technology, you can also opt for thin-frame or frameless French doors. Furthermore, if you wish to use a French door for the main entry point of your home, ensure safety with laminated or toughened glass. Hinged or sliding French doors come in a variety of sizes, framing, and glazing options.

Bi-Folding Doors

Imagine an entire wall made from glass bi-folds allowing you spectacular vistas and panoramic views of the world outside. Bi-folding glass door designs include a series of individual folding panels that fold along a track. Much like French doors, bi-folds can also come in a frameless design. Additionally, these doors are great as room partitions. Instead of putting up a permanent wall to divide your drawing and lounging areas, use bi-folds.

When you’re hosting house guests, open the bi-folds fully and convert one half of your lounging room into a private bedroom. During a party, however, open bi-folds all the way to enhance the spatial look and feel of your home. Remember, glass bi-folds create an illusion of space, offer unprecedented ventilation, and you can open them only partially or fully depending on the level of privacy needed.

Glass Pivoting Doors

Add oodles of character to your home with glass pivots. Pivoting doors come with hinges mounted at the bottom and top of the structure. These hinges are usually centred or slightly off-centred, meaning you can enter through this door from any side as it swivels. You can install a single or a set of glass pivots. Also, arched glass pivots are a fantastic idea if you wish to add just a hint of vintage charm to your home.

If you want focussed pangs of cool breeze into your home, install a set of pivoting doors and leave them open at the same angle. Also, the opening space of a pivoting door is broader than traditional doors. This structure is sturdier as, unlike other door designs, the weight is supported at two places with top and bottom hinges.

Single-Hinged Glass Doors

A single-hinged glass door design is as timeless and elegant as any. Single-hinged doors look stunning with expansive glass panes and framing. A traditional yet trendy design, this structure comes with a swivelling hinge affixed on one side of the frame. A single-hinged glass door opens from one side only and can open both inwards and outwards.

You can get this type of door without a frame, with a thin frame or with elegant thick wooden frames. Hinged doors optimally utilise space in narrow openings. You can team these structures with fly or mosquito screens to keep the bugs out.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the right glass door design, but do not want to compromise on privacy, choose frosted glass. This type of glass allows for day light to pour inside your home through its translucent surface. Also, when selecting the glass for your door, you can choose from a host of functionality like energy-efficiency, security, insulation, etc. But, choosing a professional service provider for manufacturing and installing these doors is perhaps even more critical than the door design itself.

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