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5 Best Uses of Frosted Glass in Your Home

Adding Finesse with Wooden Glass Doors

Posted Date: May 03, 2020

5 Best Uses of Frosted Glass

Most modern-day architects are borderline obsessed with how they can erect glass windows in a manner that they allow natural light without compromising on privacy; this is true especially when it comes to residential real estate. But, is it possible to have your cake and eat it too? Well, nothing is impossible with modern-day glass solutions! The answer lies in awarding your home with big and beautiful windows made from frosted glass.

What Is Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is manufactured by taking a sheet of glass and rendering it translucent or opaque through the process of sandblasting or chemical etching. Frosted glass panes obscure visibility and award spaces with heaps of privacy without compromising on natural light. It is an excellent alternative to blinds or curtains and requires minimal maintenance.

Types of Frosted Glass

Frosted glass surfaces can be classified based on two types of manufacturing processes.

Sandblasted Frosted Glass

This glass manufacturing process entails blasting a flat glass pane with sand or other abrasive materials at high pressure. Sandblasting allows manufacturers to inscribe different patterns and designs on a pane of clear glass. Sandblasted glass is readily available as opposed to other types of highly customised glass panes.

Manufacturers create sandblasted panes with different grades of clarity. These glass panes are resilient and do not peel or chip easily and integrate well with surrounding objects. You can partially or fully etch a glass surface depending on your privacy needs.

Acid-Etched Frosted Glass

Acid etching, also known as French embossing, is one of the oldest glass decoration techniques. It dates back to almost a thousand years and is still in use today. Here, hydrofluoric acid is applied to both sides of a clear or coloured glass pane, which melts or corrodes the surface. The glass pane is then washed thoroughly, and the acid applied portion turns translucent.

Similar to sandblasting, acid etching can also provide differing gradients and levels of opacity to the glass pane. Various manufacturers use stencils to impregnate glass panes with different designs.

Top 5 Applications of Frosted Glass

A surface that ushers in natural light while providing complete privacy is bound to have countless applications in your home. Here are the top 5 uses of frosted glass that will surely make you sit up and take notice of this material for your next fenestration project.

Shower Stalls in Bathrooms

Bathrooms award you moments of solitude. This room is often treated as the safe haven wherein one ponders and introspects, sometimes for hours on end. Doing up your bathrooms with frosted glass windows and shower stalls are a great way to usher in a tonne of natural light while obscuring the view from outside.

Moreover, since bathrooms deal with a lot of moisture, you need a material that is not corrosive and stays free from mildew. Frosted glass panes are ideal in such cases as they endear moisture comfortably. Also, you can easily clean them with some vinegar in case mould forms at the bottom of the panel.

Closet Doors in Bedrooms

You can jazz up your old closets with the help of customised frosted glass designs. Bedroom wardrobes play a significant role in home décor. Stylish cupboards can brighten up a room, whereas sloppily-styled closets can make your room look unkempt.

A pro-style tip is to choose a neat and repeated pattern to cover up your closet doors with frosted glass. Alternatively, you can also go for partially frosted glass doors. This design input can amplify the sense of space in your bedroom, especially if it is low on square footage.

Skylight Windows

Most windows usher in natural light from the front, but skylights shower light through the roof. This innovation brightens up homes with natural light all day long. Plus, your home receives no solar glare, which is not always the case with traditional windows. Get a skylight embedded in your roof with frosted glass for a long-lasting diffused light effect.

Partitions in Living Rooms

Open up your living room by installing frosted glass partitions. These components are usually wooden, but lately, frosted glass panels have gained more prominence. Frosted glass partitions offer both privacy and a sense of openness. If you have a small-sized living room, frosted glass panels are an ideal addition.

Doors or Windows for Study

If you are planning on building a little study cum home office, frosted glass windows and doors will provide much-needed privacy alongside a lot of natural light. Moreover, since frosted glass is easy to maintain, it becomes the perfect choice even for corner doors and windows that are more prone to accumulating dust. 

The Bottom Line

Rendering glass panes opaque or translucent to perfection is nothing short of art. Therefore, you must choose a thoroughly professional glass manufacturer for all your home or office glass needs. If you are looking for high-quality frosted glass panes with a host of design options, turn to AIS Glasxperts. Our team of professionals will help you every step of the way, from selection to installation to even after-sales support.

To get the best out of glass, visit www.glassxperts.com today! Get in touch.

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