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5 Qualities of a Good Glass Shower Cubicle

With more and more households incorporating modern bathrooms in their homes, homemakers choose the design, accessories, and the fixtures very carefully. Glass has always been one of the best décor material for installations inside a bathroom, and finds major usage as a shower cubicle. Such a cubicle provides a private space for bathing and incorporates glass shower partitions and glass shower doors for the same.

With shower cubicles becoming trendier by the day, it is natural that you would also want to install one made of glass at your home. So, how do you select a good quality glass for the cubicle? Here are five characteristics of a good glass shower cubicle:

1. Strong and Impact-resistant

One of the most important features of the glass used in a bathroom glass door or the shower cubicle is that of durability and strength. The bathroom floor tends to be quite slippery and incidents of slipping and falling are pretty frequent. In such an event, the cubicle should be able to withstand any impact without cracking or breaking. For this reason, Glasxpert uses tempered and heat soaked glass to create glass cubicles which are five times stronger than ones made of ordinary annealed glass. Sentry PVB laminated glass can also be used to make the glass more durable and impossible to shatter.

2. Low Maintenance

A bathroom can get quite dirty and slimy, and this affects almost every installation inside the space. In a glass shower cubicle, water and other stains will be quite common, which is why it is important to have a glass material that is stain-resistant and easy to clean despite the level of dirt and grime on its surface.

3. Moisture-resistant

Again, moisture can develop pretty fast inside a bathroom. This can have a damaging impact on a lot of structures like partitions and cabinets. While glass is not as easily affected by moisture and water vapour as a material like wood, having a moisture-resistant layer or construction will prolong its life even more.

4. High level of privacy

Many people desire their bathing spaces to be private. This has given rise to the trend of using frosted glass applications in a bathroom. This glass type blocks visibility from the outside, thereby providing a completely private experience to anyone inside the enclosure. A good quality frosted glass is also very sturdy and easy to maintain.

5. Aesthetically pleasing

In the end, any installation that you include in your bathroom has to be aesthetically pleasing. The use of glass makes the bathroom look more spacious and also allows enhanced lighting. In case you decide to use frosted glass shower enclosures, then rest assured of their sophisticated and suave appearance that will impart a modern touch to the bathroom.

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