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Modern House with Glass Balcony

3 Reasons Why People Prefer Balcony Glass

Posted Date: May 05, 2020

If you want great grand vistas for your home, decorate your balcony with expansive glass balustrades and floor-to-ceiling glass panels. A glass balustrade is essentially a railing made of glass installed in galleries, porches, mezzanines, etc. However, if you wish to use your balcony for longer, you may need more than a simple balustrade. A better idea would be to install fixed or retractable balcony glass panes.

Even though balcony glass serves the aesthetic purpose well, it is needed to clear the indoor air. Without balconies, you won’t be able to maintain regular ventilation or receive adequate daylight. A balcony is also the perfect space for unwinding from stress. After a long and tiring day, you can use the balcony for sitting and relaxing, maybe sip a cup of tea or coffee and rejuvenate your energy. A luxury home without an equally luxurious balcony won’t do, for it is simply the best space to connect with the outside world.

What Is Balcony Glass?

Simply put, balcony glass protects and covers your balcony in style. These glass panels are rock-solid and can withstand the rigors of external elements like wind, thunderstorms, and dust. Whether it is an intimate dinner with your loved ones or a full-blown birthday bash, balcony glass brings the outdoors inside in a spellbinding manner.

If you want to revamp your balcony, installing a glass enclosure is the way to go! Lend a sense of openness to your home and maximize the flow of natural light showering inside.

Types of Balcony Glass

Depending on your spatial requirements, you can customize balcony glass enclosures into any dimension or thickness. While there are several tailor-made balcony glass designs that you can discuss with your experts, listed below are two of the most popular options.


As the name suggests, such glass enclosures are installed from ceiling to floor but on the inner side of the balcony balustrade. Here, robust aluminium profiles support the tempered or laminated glass panels. This design doubly fortifies your balcony by essentially lending it with two railings.


This structure is also installed with the help of aluminium profiles mounted onto the roof till the railing. Tempered or laminated glass panes with customizable density are fastened to these attached aluminium profiles.

Both types of balcony glass panels are sturdy and resistant to heat and moisture. They can also withstand strong gushes of wind and insulate your home against pollution and dust.

Why Choose Balcony Glass for Your Home?

Apart from gracing your home with stunning aesthetics, balcony glass panels serve other functions, as listed below.

Protects the Balcony

Frameless balcony glass panels keep unwanted environmental elements like dust, pollution, birds, mosquitoes, and rain from mucking up space. These surfaces substantially reduce the time spent on balcony maintenance and repairs.

Balcony glass enclosures also provide excellent noise insulation. This feature is beneficial if your home is on a busy street. When combined with the right kind of glazing, these panels can reduce the outside noise by at least 50%. This benefit ensures you never wake up to horns honking and sirens blaring.

If your home is on a lower floor, these enclosures also enhance the overall safety of your home. An open balcony on a lower level can be climbed into more easily. Even if there is a secure door between the balcony entrance and your home, an unwarranted intrusion into the space is highly undesirable.

Adds Outdoor Lounging Space

Most homeowners consider the balcony as separate from other areas of their homes. The result of this segregation leaves such a premium outdoor space unused. Balcony glass improves the fundamental usability of this area. Additionally, you can throw in a few lounge chairs or install a small gazebo if your balcony is big enough and turn it into a fantastic place to entertain guests.

Balcony glass turns the space into an additional room, providing panoramic views and endless possibilities. Whether you are seeking solitude or holding a meeting, you can do it all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Enhances Safety

You may have a substantially-sized balcony but still cannot allow children to play there due to safety concerns. Balcony glass panels can help you get rid of such fears. A closed balcony is safe for children to move around without going too close to the edge because there essentially exists no edge after panel installation.

If you are an animal lover, you can let your pets wander off into the balcony without having to worry about their safety. These structures also award your felines and canines a sense of being outdoors for longer than usual.

Tips for Beautifying Balcony Glass Designs

A feast for Your Senses

Two essentials for a balcony are - the view and the décor. The true luxury of a balcony can only be enjoyed when you have a scenic or calming view in front. Make sure your balcony glass is installed, facing beautiful and panoramic views. Since nobody likes a cluttered view from their balcony, try designing a balcony that faces the best side of your home.

Once you’ve decided on the view, you must get on with the décor options. Furnish your balcony with a swing, a bean bag, and maybe a planting box for some greenery. Another good choice for décor is placing a small set of coffee tables and accompanying chairs. So, when it is beverage time, you can sip the goodness of freshly-brewed coffee while you take in the picturesque exteriors and cool breeze.

In the Right Direction

Since balconies are a great source to let some light in, it is best to design them in a direction where you can receive sunlight without overheating the interiors. It might be excessive if your balcony glass receives natural daylight all through the morning and afternoon. And not even curtains or shutters may be able to avert the heat altogether.

Solar glare can also be harmful to your furniture. Since you will probably have your furniture set in or near the balcony, you should carefully consider the direction your balcony should be facing. Or else you could risk ending up with faded furniture. Taking the direction into account is, therefore, very important.

Choose Topnotch Balcony Glass Solutions at AIS Glasxperts

For the best balcony glass solutions, you can rely on the expertise of AIS Glasxperts. We offer customized and innovative glass solutions to match your architectural and design requirements. We deliver high-end products and services with our integrated approach and specialized glass knowledge. Glasxperts has a 360-degree approach to provide a seamless business transaction. We offer the best support, from product selection, purchase, and site assessment to consultation, project management, and after-sales support.

Need help with what glass to use for your balcony? You can receive a consultation from our experts to find the right glass solutions. Get in touch with us today!

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