6 types of smart glass that can enhance your privacy!
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How to use smart glass in balconies and terraces for uncompromised privacy?

Smart Glass in Balconies & Terraces

Posted Date: May 09, 2021

Smart Glass in Balconies & Terraces

Nothing beats having a spacious balcony at home! You can use the area to create a green oasis with plants, an outdoor barbecue section to entertain your pals, or an outdoor lounge where you can relax, enjoy breakfast, and watch the world go by. While a glass balcony sounds like a great option, many people do wonder whether they can compromise privacy. Well, the truth is that a regular glass balcony may not help you. Want to know what will? A smart glass balcony!

What is smart glass?

The term smart glass may sound a bit futuristic to you, so let us demystify it. Smart glass uses the latest technologies to prevent light and sound from entering the room. When a certain light frequency hits it, the glass turns translucent, ensuring privacy. Depending on the type of smart glass you’re getting, you can even enjoy temperature control. This makes it ideal for people who live in hot and humid parts of the country!

Are there different types of smart glass technologies you can choose to enhance your privacy?

Yes! Based on your needs, you can create a smart glass balcony that employs any of the following features to give you the perfect ambience.

  1. View control glass for your glass balcony

  2. A view control glass balcony can be perfect for residential areas. This is because this type of glass can turn from transparent to translucent, with different viewing angles. Through this function, it helps you maintain privacy.

  3. Smart glass with integrated blinds

  4. Curtains and blinds require regular maintenance. When they are dirty, your entire room can end up looking a little shabby. A great way to do-away with curtains and blinds without compromising on privacy is by getting smart glass with integrated blinds. This type of smart glass has small blinds that are built onto the panels. These blinds can be controlled by you. As a user, you can decide when to close the blinds as per your needs. These are great options for people who want to retain their privacy while still using clear glass as a decor element in their homes.

  5. Switchable glass for your glass balcony

  6. Here’s another type of smart glass balcony you can choose to ensure your privacy. A polymer dispersed liquid crystal glass balcony can look quite chic - all you have to do is click a button and they will make the glass translucent, thereby protecting your privacy.

What are the advantages of a smart glass balcony?

There are many benefits to getting a smart glass balcony, be it for your home or your office space. Some of these benefits include:

  • They are great to look at - A glass balcony can help make the room feel larger, while letting you enjoy the views. Homes facing parks, trees or open roads can certainly benefit from this!
  • They let in light - Every homeowner wants a space with a lot of sunlight. By creating a glass balcony, you can let in a fair bit of light (as long as your home is facing the sun), and enjoy a naturally beautiful ambience.
  • They give you additional space - A glass balcony works as a great seating area. If you’re someone who entertains a lot of people, this can do wonders for you. You can place a few comfortable chairs, tables and lush green plants for an effortless decor.
  • They provide heat insulation - A glass balcony made with thermo-chromatic glass can help you control the amount of heat entering your home. As a result, you can even save money on your electricity bills as you won’t have to run the AC for a very long time (or at extremely cool temperatures).
  • They provide sound insulation - When made with the right types of frames (such as Upvc frames), a glass balcony can even provide a certain level of sound insulation. This makes it a great fit for an office space as your client-facing employees can occasionally step out to take calls and enjoy their privacy.
  • They provide all the privacy you’ll need - The best feature of a smart glass balcony is the fact that the glass turns opaque, letting you enjoy high levels of privacy. Even if your living room has a glass balcony on three sides, you’ll still be able to keep your private affairs to yourself thanks to this handy feature. Also, you can control the opacity to your liking, making it a fairly customisable feature.

Where can you get high-quality smart glass?

At Glasxperts, we offer high-quality solutions so that you can build the perfect glass balcony for your home or office space. We are a division of AIS glass, India’s leading name when it comes to glass for the architecture and automotive industries. As a result, we can always assure our customers that our product is durable and looks great. Whether you are building your new home or an office space, you can always count on us to create the perfect glass balcony that suits your needs.

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