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uPVC Windows – Best window solutions for your home

uPVC Windows Solutions for your Home

Posted Date: Mar 24, 2021

uPVC Windows Solutions for your Home

Unplasticized Poly-Vinyl Chloride, also called uPVC, is a more rigid material than a normal PVC material. uPVC is also termed as ‘rigid PVC’. The primary reason for the rigidness can be attributed to the absence of plasticizers in it. Apart from rigidness, uPVC is also free from BPA, hence preferred by people who are on the look-out for environment-friendly options used in the manufacturing of doors, windows, windows, and more.

Why use uPVC material for windows?

In this environment-friendly era, home buyers are looking for economical, safer, and health-safe materials to build their dream home. They are also becoming increasingly conscious about their privacy. This is where uPVC windows fit in the big picture as uPVC material is considered sturdy, sound-proof, and energy-efficient. These are some of the qualities that home buyers look into when opting for doors and windows for their homes.

uPVC is comparatively economical than the options available in the market. Since uPVC is BPA-free, the usage of uPVC does not have any concerning health risks. Though uPVC is not biodegradable, it can still be recycled and reused.

Studies have shown that uPVC is flame retardant and does not encourage the development of fire. This is because uPVC has high heat tolerance due to which uPVC windows do not catch fire so easily. If you are looking for a safer option for building doors & windows, you should opt for uPVC-based windows and doors.

uPVC (or rigid PVC’) as it is quite strong and can only be broken with a very strong force. Regular cleaning and maintenance of uPVC windows is a simple task, as the uPVC material has strong tolerance towards chemical reactions.

Though uPVC is extremely light in weight, it has very high structural strength. It won’t corrode or rust like other materials (like Aluminium) that are used for building doors and windows.

uPVC does not require a special cooling mechanism after moulding. It can be cooled at room temperature and has a water absorption property of less than 0.02 percent. Due to these properties, uPVC does not require any special drying mechanism.

Since injection oulding is used for building uPVC windows, wastage is minimal and adding a touch of beautification does not require any special labour.

Types of uPVC Windows

uPVC provides comfort and flexibility for making different types of glass windows. ‘AIS Glasxperts’ have a wide range of window solutions that suits the needs of modern-day home buyers. A few of them are listed below:

  • Energy-saving solution – Solar and thermal controlled glass that blocks heat and prevents the increase of room temperature
  • Silent Window – Hardened laminated glass that blocks noise to a large extent converting the room into a soundproof room.
  • Safety windows – In case the window glass breaks by accidental means, this would not shatter the glass pieces. This reduces the overall risk of injuries that primarily occur due to the shattering of glass pieces.
  • Burglarproof solutionToughened glass that also acts as security glass. It provides a multipoint locking system, making it an ideal option for usage in burglary-resistant safe lockers.
  • Personalized solution – AIS Glasxperts also provides a custom solution for uPVC windows wherein customers can mix and match different features to meet their desired needs.


As stated earlier, uPVC windows are fireproof, soundproof, and environment- friendly in comparison to aluminium windows. uPVC-based windows and doors are ideal for consumers who are looking for durable products that last long and do not cause any harm to mother nature.

AIS Glasxperts offer 360-degree service and best-in-class designs and products so you can get the best quality uPVC windows that meet your custom requirements. In-house experts at AIS Glasxperts can also help in the process of selection, installation, repair, and maintenance.

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