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Toughened Glass Windows: An Energy-Efficient and Safe Window Option

Toughened Glass Windows Safety - Preview

Posted Date: Sep 17, 2020

Toughened Glass Windows Safety

Glass has always held the reputation of being fragile. But, modern-day technological advancements have transformed glass to the extent that it shows no resemblance to the parent product. Despite retaining the delicate, fluid visual appeal of standard glass, toughened glass – a unique member of the glass family cherished for its unparalleled strength and safety feature – is anything but delicate. This popular glass type can hold up the weight of several people at a time! No wonder, this 21st CE         marvel is commonly incorporated in fenestrations for increased protection. Surprisingly, this strong glass type is also able to offer decent thermal comfort. Let us find out how exactly toughened glass windows meet the needs of safety and energy-efficiency.

Toughened Glass: The Science behind It

Toughened glass is an incredibly popular type of safety glass that is stronger and sturdier than regular glass. It is made by subjecting annealed glass to controlled chemical and heat tempering processes. These processes bring about varied compression and tension in the annealed glass; the resulting glass is around 5 to 6 times more impact-resistant than annealed glass. Moreover, toughened glass does not break into sharp shards, unlike annealed glass, but into blunt, cube-like pieces that do not cause injuries.

However, an important thing to keep in mind is that cutting toughened glass after the tempering process may cause it to break; hence all changes in shape and size are made prior to the tempering process.

Why Toughened Glass Windows Offer the Ultimate Level of Safety

Toughened glass, when installed in windows, offers 360-degree safety. How? Firstly, as mentioned above, the glass' highly sturdy and robust exterior makes it nearly 5 to 6 times stronger than standard annealed glass. As a result, it can easily withstand heavy impact; after all, toughened glass is even used to manufacture glass staircases! When toughened glass windows suffer harsh impact, the glass breaks into harmless cube-like chunks, significantly reducing the risk of injuries. These chunks can easily be cleaned with a broom without the fear of any sharp shard of glass injuring anyone. Toughened glass windows are especially useful in homes with toddlers.

Besides providing safety against intrusion and injuries, toughened glass is also highly resistant to environmental impact. The blow of nature in its myriad of forms – wind, dust, hail, UV rays, etc. can make no dent on the glass’ surface. It is even resistant to corrosion, scratches and daily wear-and-tear, which means once you get your toughened glass windows installed, they will easily last you a lifetime.

This three-fold safety feature – break-ins, injuries, and weather elements – of toughened glass makes them an excellent choice for fenestrations.

Are Toughened Glass Windows Energy-Efficient?

Normal window glass may expand and contract at inconsistent rates owing to the sun's heat, leading to breakage. If you live in areas that experience high temperature throughout the year, you may have to replace your window glass pretty frequently. However, that is not the case with toughened glass, which has an excellent heat-withstanding capacity and is not prone to thermal breakage; moreover, the thick glazing lends it a decent degree of thermal insulating properties. Toughened glass windows can, thus, help in keeping the interior temperature of your property at an optimum level throughout the year. They will prevent the hot air outside from entering in during summers and will hinder the warm hair trapped inside from escaping out during the winter months. You can cut down the usage of artificial heating and cooling systems, thereby reducing your energy bills.

Applications of Toughened Glass Windows

Due to their ability to handle high-temperature, strength, robustness, and unique feature of shattering into blunt pieces, toughened glass windows can be incorporated both in residential and commercial spaces. They will help keep the occupants safe and will also protect against the loss of valuable, confidential files and items. As toughened glass can provide optimum safety to your property, you can easily have the material installed in floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Moreover, the glass’ excellent heat-resistant properties makes it a perfect choice for kitchen windows.

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