Frequently Asked Questions About Aluminium Sliding Windows
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The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Aluminium Sliding Windows

Posted Date: Sep 07, 2020

A hero for those facing space crunches, sliding doors and windows are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners today. They take up less space than your regular folding or bi-folding doors and windows, which makes them ideal for compact spaces. But even in spacious rooms with high ceilings, nothing says chic and modern like a giant sliding window with an aluminium frame. It fits exceptionally well with the minimalist theme that is all the rage in the contemporary architectural world.

If you are unsure about getting aluminium sliding windows installed in your home or office, let us answer some of the questions people usually have about aluminium sliding windows to help you make an informed choice.

Question #1 Are Aluminium Sliding Windows Difficult to Maintain?

People assume that just because aluminium is a metal, it is prone to rust, corrosion, and weather damage. But, aluminium is a lot less reactive than most other metals and is weather-proof to a significant extent. It is termite-resistant and does not allow insects or pests to grow. You do not even need to have the aluminium frame of your sliding windows painted to keep them from corroding. Therefore, aluminium sliding windows require little to no maintenance. Even if they are regularly exposed to harsh external elements, these windows do not rot, flake, or peel off easily.

Question #2 Do Aluminium Sliding Windows Provide Insulation?

It is common knowledge that metals are good conductors of heat. Aluminium also follows the same principle. But that does not imply that aluminium sliding windows do not offer any insulation. Aluminium sliding windows have their own way of providing insulation. They have several thermal breaks built onto them that create a small gap or a bridge between the inside and outside faces of the window pane. Air gets trapped inside this gap and, the air being a poor conductor, keeps the cold out, preventing the heat from escaping your spaces.

You could even get gaskets installed with aluminium sliding windows for increased thermal insulation. Aluminium has high reflectivity and can easily ward off solar radiation, which makes it especially suitable for a tropical country like India.

Question #3 Are Aluminium Sliding Windows Safe?

In a word, yes! Aluminium sliding windows are designed with safety and security in mind. The most noteworthy property of aluminium is that despite being light-weight, it is incredibly strong and sturdy. Therefore, the strength of the metal frame itself lends to the overall security of the sliding window. With durable handles, a robust multi-point locking system, and toughened or laminated safety glass, you have the ultimate safety solution!

But you need to be careful to not use too much force or slam the window shut as the sliding panel might bounce back from the frame. Having a gentle closing mechanism installed on both sides of the sliding panel is an easy workaround. As a bonus, it keeps your fingers from getting caught in between!

Question #4 Are Aluminium Sliding Windows Better for Views?

A two-panel sliding window will only have one vertical mullion, and a three-panel window will have just two. These vertical mullions are designed to be slimmer and less obtrusive than other types of windows. The objective is to give you more glass, less metal and all in all, a better view. Therefore, aluminium sliding windows are the way-to-go if you want to bring the outside in and enjoy the breath-taking vistas that already surround your home.

Question #5 Are Aluminium Sliding Windows Stylish?

Most people are of the opinion that aluminium is a cheap material that lacks class, style and elegance. But they are probably thinking of cheaper aluminium sheets or panels. Because doors and windows with aluminium frame look anything but cheap. We no longer live in a world where aluminium only comes in a white or silver finish. Homeowners today are gravitating towards aluminium sliding windows that come in a wide variety of colours – charcoal, grey, blue, green, deep browns, red; you name it!  This is all possible due to the advanced process of powder coating. With the powder coating process, manufacturers can colour aluminium frames in virtually any shade you desire. You can even choose between a glossy or a matte finish for the frame to go with the rest of the décor.

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