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How Energy Efficient Doors And Windows are Best for Summers

Posted Date: Jul 25, 2019

One of the greatest challenges faced in recent times is global warming and its consequences. The soaring temperatures make for higher energy bills at an individual level and a greater demand for energy on a global level. As more and more people understand the need for environment-friendly solutions, the demand for green and energy efficient homes and offices is on the rise. One of the best ways to cut down on your energy bills is by using energy efficient glass for your doors and windows. Whether you wish to use these energy efficient doors and windows for your new construction or replace existing windows, energy efficient glass can cut down your energy needs by a considerable amount.

Glasxperts offers top of the range glass solutions for homes and offices. One of our best offerings in the energy efficient category is, Ecosense. Ecosense optimizes the inflow of natural light by increasing visible light transmission. It doubles up the energy efficiency quotient by minimizing the transmission of heat. This naturally keeps the interiors cool in summers and reduces the need for air conditioning. The Ecosense energy efficient glass comes with a number of features and options. The Ecosense Essence has a Low-E coating that restricts the transmission of heat while the AIS Sunshield uses advanced heat-reflective technology for heat and UV protection. Ecosense can be combined with a variety of metal, wood, and uPVC frames to suit your needs.
Energy glass is produced using modern technology. The multiple-pane glass with pockets of air in-between helps create insulation. Some are coated with low emissivity (or low-E) coatings - very thin transparent coatings that reflect back the sun's long-wave energy that causes the heat. Add to this uPVC frames that can be custom designed to suit the needs of your home, and you have the perfect solution to fix energy leaks. Even using energy efficient glass in wooden doors and windows can be highly beneficial. The energy bill reduction that you can expect from using energy efficient glass and fitted frames could be up to 25 - 30 percent.
Energy efficient glass is also typically used for the exteriors or for facades, skylights, and conservatories. They are extremely versatile and come with natural shade tinting as well that makes them aesthetically superior to regular glass. When used in doors, windows and a variety of other applications, energy efficient glass can be extremely alluring to look at and add a lot of comfort to the home or office. This makes it the best choice for your home, letting you spend summer with ease.

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