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Green homes that are synonymous with energy efficiency, natural illumination and conservation of natural resources are a breath of fresh air in the midst of urban concrete jungles. They offer a welcome respite from the numerous hazards of non-environment friendly structures. Green buildings have a lasting impact both on the environment and on the people who live in them. Much has been said and written about the positive impact of green homes on the physical and emotional well-being of their dwellers and the overall ecosystem itself. What often remains unsaid, though, is the fact that green buildings also improve the cognitive abilities of their residents.

Bringing into your interiors, ample natural light is another reason why green buildings are leading the way. This can be easily achieved via doors, windows and skylights etc. that are common components of a green building’s architecture. This eliminates the reliance on artificial lighting, therefore allowing you to save considerably on the utility bills. Natural light has also been proven to improve the health and overall well-being of the occupants.

The problem today is, in the quest to construct a perfect house we often miss out on building a sustainable home. Sustainability implies designing, constructing, and employing materials in a way that makes the home healthier and more importantly, energy efficient. Glass, being a recyclable material, can improve the way our homes are designed and run, leading to the creation of energy efficient structures.

The alluring transparency of energy efficient glass, when used in wooden doors and windows or in any other application for that matter, reduces the requirement for artificial lighting by letting in maximum daylight and eliminates the accompanying thermal stress and glare. High-performance solar control glass used in windows, skylights, or even canopies allow home occupants to enjoy the visual delights of the environment without the harmful impact of harsh sunlight streaming inside. Adding to this, enhanced daylight and unhindered views of the outdoors; and the role of windows fitted with energy efficient glass becomes priceless.

To enjoy a tranquil environment within the home, install laminated glass panes with a special acoustic PVB layer. Glass solutions can also bring a sense of safety, security, and privacy without compromising on the aesthetics of your home. The viability, versatility, efficiency, and effectiveness of the material make glass the ultimate icon of green architecture.

Your home must be resilient enough to withstand the whims of nature and adapt to different climatic conditions. Glass, as a solution, helps you accomplish this and cuts down carbon emissions. The AIS Glass Villa built in Goa is a wonderful case in point. The design team has made fantastic use of energy efficient glass by AIS to not only reduce UV radiation but also offer other benefits including security, safety, and privacy for the residents.

For a building to be truly sustainable, energy efficiency must be made a priority right from the point of design conception. Greenovate your home and reduce your carbon footprint with glass solutions that are a standing testament of durability, energy-efficiency and aesthetics.

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