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Protect Your Home with Security Glass

Posted Date: Nov 06, 2019

A home is not merely a place where one expects to reside. It is rather a haven that one turns to at night in peace. What transforms a house into a home is as much about the love shared among the people residing in it as much as it is about their safety and security. We all want to do our best to ensure that our loved ones are safe. One of the ways to do so is using security glass in your home. Why? Well, let’s find out.

What is Security Glass and how is it Made?

Security Glass, also known as toughened or heat-strengthened glass is a special type of modern, innovative glass specifically designed (as the name goes) for safety and security purposes. The glass is almost six times more durable than normal float or annealed glass and can handle tremendous amount of external pressure; such that normal float glass would shatter to pieces in no time.

That’s not all. The major reason security glass qualifies as a “safety” or “security” glass is that if it indeed were to yield to external force; it would break into blunt cube-like pieces incapable of causing serious injuries unlike ordinary float glass that would shatter into dagger-like pieces that pose a serious threat to those nearby.

So, how is this incredible variant of glass manufactured?

Well, there are generally two processes involved in the making of security glass

  • Process of thermal tempering which involves alternative rapid cooling and heating of annealed glass, and
  • The other involving the same patterns of pressure as the above but using chemical reactions 

Important Facts about Security or Heat-strengthened Glass

  • Provides Safety and Security

Fire is often seen as a purifier (and strengthener), purging all the impurities away. In case of normal annealed glass, fire purges away its weaknesses! The resulting glass is almost six times tougher than the former and can be used for safety and security purposes. Not only that, even if the glass does break, it will do so into blunt cube-like pieces incapable of causing any serious injuries. Hence, not only will the glass protect from foreign intrusion but also from itself.

  • Flexibility and Versatility

Another one of the many important benefits of security glass is that it is highly customisable and can be used in a variety of different styles depending upon your unique preferences and requirements. You can use frosted security glass for better privacy or even colour-tinted frosted security glass to fulfil both your privacy needs and appetite for aesthetic appeal.  

  • All Goodness Intact

Security or heat-strengthened glass differs from normal annealed glass only in that it is six times more durable than the latter. Apart from that, it retains all the features of normal float glass such as chemical resistance, expansion, and deflection.

  • Thermal Resistance

Not only is security glass resistant to external force or stress but is also three times more resistant to thermal stress as compared to normal annealed glass. Moreover, it can easily handle temperature changes of up to 100°C as compared to normal annealed glass that can handle only up to 40°C.

  • Scratch and Damage Resistance

Another important feature of security glass is that its surface is scratch and damage-resistant. Hence, it can easily survive the everyday wear and tear of use. And since it’s even easier to maintain, a simple wipe using a clean dust cloth is enough to retain its shine and charm. 

The Many Applications of Security Glass for Your Home

  • Windows and Doors

This is a self-evident application. The doors and windows of your home are what protect you and your family and hence need to be strong and durable so that no burglar may break in. What better way to do so than to use security glass? The strength and durability of heat-strengthened glass is such that it cannot be easily broken making your home burglar-resistant.

  • Staircases

When it comes to staircase rails, ramps, and landings, you cannot afford to trifle with security. After all, they need to support body weight consistently! Here’s where security glass’ strength and impact-resistance comes to advantage. Using security glass for your house stairs and railings will not only be a secure option but will also render a lighter and more aesthetically pleasing look to your living space.

  • Home Furniture

Security glass can be used in table tops, kitchen cabinets, and other home furniture for rendering safety, especially when children are involved. Moreover, since the glass is also scratch and damage resistant, it can remain fresh-looking for longer periods without tedious maintenance. And even when maintenance is required, simply wiping with a clean dust cloth will do the trick.

  • Bathrooms

Since bathrooms are generally wet areas highly prone to slip and fall mishaps, it is always safer to use security glass instead of normal annealed glass as it breaks into blunt pebble-like pieces that will not lead to injury. 

Looking for reliable security glass solutions? AIS Glasxperts is here to help you out! Our AIS Stronglas, a type of toughened glass has been manufactured through thermal and chemical processes and can be used in building doors and windows to provide extra security. AIS Stronglas can even be used in interior applications such as glass tables and partitions to lower the risk of injury. You can choose from among three variants according to your unique needs – toughened glass, tempered glass and laminated glass. So, what are you waiting for? Protect your home using AIS Stronglas! Get in touch today.

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