Familiarizing with Toughened Glass and its Properties
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Few interesting facts about toughened glass you need to know

Facts About Toughened Glass - Preview

Posted Date: Mar 09, 2021

Interesting facts about toughened glass

Glass is widely considered to be fragile and breakable, owing to which it was not widely preferred for use in interior designing. However, the technology and science in glass making have changed glass' fragile properties with toughened glass - a strong enough type to withstand huge impacts. This feature of toughened glass makes it an ideal fenestration choice in residential buildings and commercial spaces.

Are you intrigued to know more about toughened glass? Let's deep dive into some of the most interesting facts about this particular category of glass.

History of Toughened Glass

Toughened glass (also called tempered glass) was discovered by the French scientist Edouard Benedictus, way back in 1903. He was working in his laboratory when he heard the shattering of a glass flask. To his surprise, the broken pieces of the flask hung together.

He later experimented with coating glass & liquid plastic and discovered toughened glass after a non-stop experiment of 24 hours. The first practical use of toughened glass was in World War I where it was used as lenses for gas masks.

Process of making Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is also referred to as heat-strengthened glass, made through controlled chemical and thermal treatments on annealed glass.

So, how does normal glass transform into toughened glass? Well, fragile normal glass is heated to about 650 degrees Celcius through conduction, convection, and radiation. The heated glass then undergoes a rapid cooling process which is further quickened by a uniform blast of air on both surfaces.

The huge difference between the heating and cooling temperatures puts the outer glass surface into compression while the glass's internal part goes into tension. This particular process is instrumental in strengthening the glass four to five times compared to standard glass. The additional stress on the glass prevents it from breakage, a property that is a rarity in regular glass.

Glasxperts toughened glass is not only strong and durable but it also looks attractive in residential spaces. Toughened glass from Glasxperts is also extensively used in home décor. As toughened safety glass provides the ideal level of protection against physical intrusion, it is used widely across external facades of tallest buildings and internal applications like doors, windows, and furniture.

Why Choose Toughened Glass Over Normal Glass

Here are the key advantages of toughened glass over ordinary glass:


Thermal glass is considered to be thermally and physically more robust than normal glass. As per research, toughened glass can withstand surface compression of close to 10,000lbs per square inch.

The inherent toughness of the heat-strengthened glass makes it less prone to breakage. Even if it breaks in rarest scenarios, the breakage results in small and blunt pieces that do not cause any injuries.

Increased Safety

Even when toughened glass tends to break, it breaks into harmless chunks. This feature of tempered glass reduces the risk of injuries, which is more prevalent with normal glass. Hence, toughened glass is preferred by families with kids as injuries won't remain a concern if and when accidents happen.

Exceptionally Resistant

Toughened glass is manufactured using thermal tampering, providing it the strength to cope with extremely high temperatures. It is resistant to high impacts and external shocks.

The ability to resist high temperatures makes toughened glass suited for residential and commercial establishments located in regions that witness high temperatures throughout the year. Toughened glass can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius.

Apart from high temperatures, toughened glass can withstand heavy winds and hailstorms, making it an ideal solution in regions that witness frequent weather disturbances.

Flexibility and Versatility

Toughened glass is highly versatile and flexible. Hence, you can easily get customized as per the needs of your home or office. Toughened glass can also withstand frequent wear and tear.

Lastly, toughened glass provides enough noise insulation that facilitates a distraction-free environment in homes and offices.


If you are looking for windows and doors that look aesthetically elegant, you should opt for Glasxperts toughened glass available in varied styles that add elegance to the décor.

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