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With improvement in lifestyle needs and advancements in technology the need for glass installation has changed a lot. Earlier glass simply used to be part of the décor. Now glass serves more purposes than showing the view outside and bringing light inside.



Modern day glasses are eco-friendly and are designed in such a way that they save energy and maintain temperature of the interiors. Manufacturers aim at making glasses that are energy efficient so that it prevents heat loss. This reduces CO2 emission and maintains the temperature of interiors thus reducing the cost of air conditioners and room heaters.


Many manufacturers use advanced glazing solutions that significantly reduce the need for heating and cooling in buildings. This reduces energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions. Along with this there are AIS low-emissivity™ (Low-E) glass that is specially treated with a microscopically thin, transparent coating. This coating reduces heat loss by reflecting the heat back inside.


Despite being low maintenance the product is strong and durable enough to secure your residential and commercial space. AIS Energy efficient glass™ save cost of repairing and maintenance as it can be cleaned easily compared to wood and aluminium. Unlike its counterparts, glass doesn’t go through termite infestation or rusting so they have a longer life. Even in case of damage glass materials can be recycled into other products.


While normal glasses go through expansion and contraction process due to climate change and suffer with cracks. Energy efficient glass is free from this problem and remains unaffected when subjected to temperature change.
Apart from being energy efficient these products are available a wide range of aesthetic solutions from a number of colours, shapes and sizes. Energy efficient glass also give modernized look to your residential and commercial space.


Overall there are lot of advantages when consumer chooses energy efficient glass products. One can enjoy unique advantages and cut their electricity bill to a considerable level.


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