Top Reasons to Install Glass Shower Enclosures in Your Bathroom
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Glass Shower Enclosures: Pros for Your Bathroom Remodel

Advantages of Installing Glass Shower Enclosures

Posted Date: May 25, 2020

Advantages of Installing Glass Shower Enclosures

Your bathroom is the one place in your home where you are alone with your thoughts each time you visit. Bathrooms offer the freedom to indulge in single secret behaviour unapologetically. No wonder why modern bathrooms have become as much about aesthetics as they are about utility.

If you are planning on remodelling your bathroom, start by choosing a frameless glass shower enclosure. This structure lends a bathroom a tonne of aesthetic appeal while adhering to your ever-evolving needs. These enclosures also create a sense of spaciousness along with a host of other benefits that are listed below.

Keeps Bathroom Clean

The showerhead is the primary source of moisture in your bathroom. Water from this source quickly spreads across the floor and drenches other fitments if not kept under control. Several people use shower curtains to keep the water spread contained, but that often proves to be a sloppy solution. Glass shower enclosures, on the other hand, come with a door that can be sealed shut to restrict the flow of water within a specific area.

Containment of water within the enclosure keeps your other bathroom fitments and furnishings safe and away from moisture. The floor inside the shower stall does not require any wiping or cleaning, and it dries up on its own after some time. This containment of water within the enclosure keeps the rest of the bathroom dry, thus making it more user-friendly.

Minimal Mildew

Mildew or mould is a type of fungus that thrives on moisture and generally appears as black and white dots on the bottom of a structure. Shower curtains are often replete with mildew and demand deep weekly cleaning. Glass shower enclosures, on the other hand, attract minimal mould.

Even if they catch mildew, you can clean the surface hassle-free with the help of some household vinegar. Fill up a spray bottle with undiluted clear vinegar and spray the solution generously all over the affected area. Now, take a soft dry cloth and gently scrub the vinegar off the surface. You don't need to leave the vinegar on the glass pane for several minutes before wiping.

High Aesthetic Appeal

Opaque enclosures like a shower curtain or screen visually cut a bathroom's size in half. Glass shower stalls, on the other hand, award this room a unique sense of openness leading it to appear larger. Frameless shower enclosures made of glass also add instant style and class to any bathroom.

This structure offers a modern aesthetic appeal and makes your bathroom appear more luxurious and welcoming. Moreover, nobody likes to shower in the dark! Opaque shower curtains cut the flow of light, making the showering corner of your bathroom much darker than the rest of the room. Glass shower stalls do just the opposite. They usher in heaps of light, brightening up the showering area for a better experience.

Highly Customisable

These glass enclosures can be bent into any shape, size, and thickness depending on your bathroom's floor plan. You can also choose to have fully or partially transparent shower stalls. This flexibility benefit allows your design sensibilities to run free.

Whether you want an expansive spa-style showering enclosure with a rain shower and massage jets, or a spartan corner walk-in enclosure, these structures can be manufactured for either scenario. Many people also use frosted glass on one of the shower enclosure walls for further effect.

Strong and Durable

A common concern surrounding these structures is that of durability. Some people worry about a glass shower enclosure cracking or shattering upon impact. However, there is no cause for concern because these enclosures are rock-solid and are built using tempered safety glass.

Tempered safety glass is four to five times tougher than standard annealed glass. It is toughened through "thermal tempering." In this process, a standard glass surface is rolled into a preheated 650°C furnace and then cooled down rapidly. Rapid cooling ensures that the outer glass layer loses heat significantly faster than the inner layer, thus providing a lot of strength to the pane.

Another benefit of using tempered glass in shower enclosures is that it does not shatter into sharp jagged shards. Instead, it develops multiple cracks upon impact and breaks into pebble-like pieces that are blunt and harmless. Furthermore, tempered glass shower enclosures can comfortably withstand hot steamy water drenching their surface day in and day out without losing their sheen.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a bright and tranquil shower, install a glass enclosure! Looking to get in touch with an expert service provider? Reach out to AIS Glasxperts. We offer a host of solutions for all your glass-related needs. Our team of professionals provides help in every step of the way, from selecting to installing to providing smooth after-sales support.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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