Enjoy Benefits of Energy and Cost Savings with Glazing
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Enjoy Benefits of Energy and Cost Savings with Glazing

Glazing provides homes and buildings with light, warmth, and ventilation. The same glazing can also negatively impact a building’s energy efficiency. The best way to reduce energy costs by installing energy-efficient glazing or windows for your home or building.

Glazing primarily allows daylight to enter buildings; this in turn improves residents’ well being and augments their productivity. It also reduces the energy used for artificial lighting. It is important that the glazing system enables ample daylight to enter without the accompanying heat and glare. There are many ways in which this can be achieved. With proper selection and orientation, energy efficient glazing can help provide all round comfort and reduce energy consumption.

The energy efficiency of a building is greatly impacted by the windows and other glazed external surfaces. Using advanced glazing solutions can significantly reduce the need for heating and cooling the buildings, thereby reducing energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

energy efficient glass


  • Smaller energy bills
    • Smaller carbon footprint
    • More comfortable home: Energy-efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows.
    • Reduced condensation: Energy-efficient glazing reduces condensation build-up on the inside of windows.


Proper installation is essential for any energy-efficient window to ensure energy efficiency. Therefore, always have a professional install your windows.
Window installation may vary depending on the type of window or the construction of the house. Windows should always be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and proper air sealing is to be ensured during installation, for the windows to perform correctly.

double glazing


AIS provides a wide range of solutions for your energy efficiency needs:

Ecosense from AIS

Ecosense is a unique range of high-performance glass in natural shades available as Enhance (Solar Control) and Exceed (Solar Control Low-E). It is the perfect amalgamation of energy efficiency and optimum day-lighting, and designed to deliver superior performance that allows architects and builders to set a higher standard of green architect by:

  • Allowing optimum light to pass through windows/facade while absorbing and reflecting away a large degree of the near range Infrared heat.
    • Keeping indoor spaces brighter and cooler.

AIS Opal Solar Control Glass

Cut out the heat from your buildings – in the colour of your choice – with AIS Opal. A popular choice for Heat Reflective Glass, AIS Opal’s solar control properties makes it the best choice for exterior glass. So while your buildings stay cool, they also look stylish.

  • AIS Opal is manufactured using cutting-edge CVD technology which makes it a long-lasting and durable glazing solution.
    • Available in a range of shades to meet every need and fit every design.
    • A wide range of sizes and thicknesses for more choice.

Glazing is popularly described as a solution that is, specifically designed to reduce heat loss from homes and buildings, double glazing also performs many other benefits, including:

Warmer in winter: Double glazing is the perfect type of protection, with up to 50-70% of home warmth lost through single-coated windows. Twofold coating likewise catches and store a higher rate of the regular warmth from the winter sun.

Cooler in summer: Double glazing insulates your home against extremes of temperature, catching a portion of the late spring sun's beams and limiting the warmth which consumes through your windows on hot, sunny days.

Energy Efficient Windows

Reduces energy usage: Since there's less requirement for warming frameworks you'll be lessening vitality utilization, which saves money on your influence bills and helps the earth.

Reduces condensation: Condensation can be a significant issue, especially in more seasoned homes, as it causes shape and mold, and now and again it will likewise spoil timber window edges and harm your family's wellbeing. Twofold coating attempts to decrease abundance dampness on your window sheets.

Reduces noise: Double gazing reduces noise for a calmer, quieter home. High performance double glazing can decrease outside clamour by up to 60%, making it an extraordinary speculation on the off chance that you live by a bustling street or underneath a flight way.

Enhances resale value: Double glazing is a great approach to expand the resale estimation of your home. With twofold coating, a more seasoned home can be similarly as alluring to the buyer who needs to guarantee that the house they purchase is effectively protected. With retrofit twofold coating any home can get the advantages!

Reduces interior fading: Lessens the harming impacts of UV light on window hangings, cover and furniture (exceptional glass sorts required) Diminished inside blurring by utilizing glass mixes that decrease the transmission of UV radiation. Lessen the requirement for warm window hangings that can obstruct the outside view.

pollution proof glass window

Increases security: Discourage intruders for safety and security. It's more troublesome for interlopers to soften up through twofold coated windows, especially on the off chance that you incorporate overlaid or toughened glass.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of glazing windows, here are some of them –


pollution-proof-glass 2

  1. They help you save money on vitality bills.

Double glazing or protected coating utilizes two sheets of glass, in this manner fundamentally decreasing the measure of warmth that enters or leaves your home. Subsequently, your home is cooler amid summer and hotter amid winter. As a result, you don't need to wrench up your aeration and cooling system and radiator levels to achieve an agreeable temperature, and you wind up utilizing less power.

  1. They support the soundproofing in your home.

Since your windows are thicker, they are more powerful in diminishing the commotion that can enter your home. This is particularly useful for the individuals who live close air terminals, have neighbors with loud pets, or dwell in the busiest ranges in the city.


  1. They enhance your security.

Windows with twofold coating are harder to break and are harder to be compellingly opened all things considered. This builds the security level of your home and thieves will be disheartened from softening up.


  1. They decrease inside blurring.

Whenever furniture and stylistic layout are presented to excessively warm, they tend to wear and harm all the more effectively. With less warmth advancing into your insides, your decorations are better secured.


  1. They increment property estimation.

Because of the considerable number of advantages recorded in the focuses over, the offering cost or worth of your home increments. So in the event that you plan to offer your property, you can normally show signs of improvement arrangement if your windows and entryways have twofold coating.


  1. They trap heat.

This might be favorable during amid winter, however in summer season, this can be an issue. You do have the choice to tint your windows, yet this will be an extra cost.


  1. They can't be repaired.

On the off chance that the seal of your twofold coated windows isn't impenetrable, buildup can show up between the sheets. What's more, since you the windows are now fixed, you can't pull them separated to settle the issue. Rather, you need to supplant the entire window and wind up paying more.


  1. They won't not be a decent match for homes with more established engineering styles.

A house with a more seasoned structural style may look confounded on the off chance that it has your common present day twofold coated windows. Yet, there are some twofold coating organizations that have some expertise in making twofold coated windows for more established homes or retrofitting existing windows, so this may not be excessively of an issue.

  1. They cost all the more at first.

Clearly, since there are two sheets of glass rather than only one, twofold coated windows cost more. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you consider the measure of funds you get over the long haul and alternate advantages as well, they may simply be a beneficial venture.

Glazing also acts as a personal temperature regulator for your space be it residential or commercial. One can install it on windows or even on the exterior façade of the building for better interiors.

Comfortable interiors across the year

In the summers, this heat resistant glass reflects the heat, thus ensuring that your interiors remain cool. Further, they also absorb the harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation that can be extremely harmful to health. Not only can this radiation lead to serious health concerns but can be a nightmare for people with sensitive skin.

With, energy efficient glass, all the unwanted elements of excess heat and radiation are prevented from entering your interiors, making it a more comfortable and safe environment. Additionally, in places like offices, constant exposure to these rays can also damage expensive equipment and technology.

On the other hand, during the winters, typical windows often let the indoor warmth escape leading to chilly temperatures. With this modern glass solution, the indoor warmth is retained while at the same time the chill from the exterior is prevented from entering in. Thus, irrespective of the weather outside, this glass solution ensures you stay comfortable inside.

Decreased dependence on artificial gadgets

The extreme weather changes have also increased the dependence on artificial temperature control. Either the air conditioner or the heater seems to be constantly in use throughout the year for a comfortable interior. Not only do these weigh heavily on the electricity bills but also put a massive strain on our economy’s resources. This is particularly true for huge spaces like malls, high rise building, office buildings etc.

Environmentally-friendly solutions for every establishment

The expansion in fake contraptions additionally prompts expanded carbon emanations which additionally decline an unnatural weather change. Limiting the utilization of temperature control contraptions and other simulated instruments has turned out to be basic to secure the earth. With vitality proficient glass arrangements, people can protect the earth without trading off on their solace.

Alongside protecting your insides with the twofold coated window framework, you can likewise pick the correct sort of glass in view of your solace and necessity. A typical and suggested alternative is that of vitality productive glasses.

Window glazing

The fixed air between the glasses goes about as a warm hindrance and averts loss of warmth in the winters while lessening the measure of warmth entering in the mid-year months. By adding vitality proficient glasses to this window framework, one can incredibly enhance the temperature looked after inside. Low-E sunlight based glasses work ponders in twofold coated window units by further diminishing warmth exchange. These glass arrangements additionally shield tenants from unsafe bright and infrared radiations. In places where the glare of the sun can be quite high, a tinted glass can also be used to optimize the amount of daylight entering in, while avoiding the intense glare and heat. Reflective glass is another stylish and trendy energy efficient window solution which can commonly be seen in high rise and office buildings. This type of glass not only gives the exterior of the building an aesthetic look but can greatly reduce the amount of heat and light entering the building, while simultaneously increasing the privacy of the space.

Thus, we can see that glass solutions with a strong window system can go a long way in keeping our interiors free of pollution and harmful toxins. However, they also have an added environmental benefit. By naturally maintaining clean and comfortable interiors, individuals require less of artificial lighting, temperature control and air purifiers. This not only prevents additional drain of natural resources and CO2 emissions, but can also reduce the cost of energy bills over time. For latest trends in glass solutions along with a well-fitted window system, be sure to only contact the leading glass manufacturer in your city with professional expertise in this field.

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