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Don’t Let Noise Ruin Your Sleep- Buy Soundproof Windows

Posted Date: Feb 03, 2020

Noise is a huge irritant in our daily life. In recent years, noise pollution has become quite a problem. From the honking of cars to the loud blaring of music, it can drive one insane and keep you from enjoying a moment of respite. Homes and offices located on busy streets suffer the most. The constant state of stress created due to noise pollution impacts people’s sleep and consequently their productivity levels and moods. 

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is working super hard to make a living and accomplish their individual life goals. A typical white-collar man’s regular schedule is already tiring enough with having to commute to work five days a week and sit at a desk for six to eight hours in a row only to get back in a state of desperation for sleep. But, imagine if you were to come home after a painfully long and tiring day at work only to be disturbed by your neighbours throwing a party. And to top it all off, no solution worked; not covering your ears with a thick blanket, not “soundproof” earplugs, and not even polite pleas for turning down the volume of the loud music. 

And heaven forbid you land up with neighbours who enjoy partying most nights of a week. Staying ignorant will set you up for acute stress and unproductivity. It can even end up destroying your interpersonal relationships. Neglecting one small aspect – the sleep cycle – can wreak havoc on your bio clock. Ad you sure don’t want that to happen. As the old adage goes, “it’s never too late to do what might have been done”, the best way out of such perdition is to get soundproof windows installed in your home 

What Are Soundproof Windows? 

Soundproof windows lower the amount of noise that enters or leaves a building. They are especially good at reducing outside noises like those produced by airplanes, construction equipment, and traffic. 

These windows are constructed out of multiple layers of glass. The air or gas-filled space that generally separates the layers often helps to further strengthen the soundproofing qualities. Certain soundproof windows additionally include special acoustic films or coatings on the glass to further boost their sound-dampening capabilities. 

How Does a Soundproof Window Work? 

Soundproof windows can reduce or block outside noise from entering your home or office. It generally consists of soundproof glass that is thicker (typically laminated glass with a special PVB interlayer for noise-cancellation) and the distance between the glass panes is greater to provide maximum acoustic insulation. Large air gaps added between the glass panes dampen outside noise and give your home a calm and quiet ambience. 

Why Soundproof windows are Important? 

Improved Productivity  

It’s your first day of work and you’re super-excited. You reach the office only to realise that the usual office humdrum and your chatty colleagues are of no help to your productivity. You try to concentrate but in vain. You end up barely making it through the day and can’t wait to resort to your peaceful corner at home so that you can experience sanity once again. And what’s even worse is that the situation back home isn’t any better with your neighbours being no help either. Would you want this to be your story every day of the week? You need a quiet and peaceful environment to rest or work. A soundproof window lets you relax in peace by blocking out noise which further allows you to perform well in work as your body is well-rested and you are not distracted or disturbed by loud noise. This leads to higher productivity and better memory capacity. 

Improved Overall Health  

Consider the above-mentioned scenario again. If you were to allow such an issue to perpetuate, it’s no secret what havoc it would create on our physical and mental well-being. Often, people eat nutritious food and exercise well but fail to take care of their sleep cycles. Without adequate sleep, your body will not be prepared to handle the stress of everyday life or properly assimilate the nutrition you provide via food and exercise. Installing soundproof windows in your home will improve your overall health by allowing you to get enough rest. 

Process to Install Soundproof Windows 

Here is a rundown of the process to install soundproof windows: 

Assessment and Measurements 

  • Start by assessing the existing windows and identifying the primary sources of noise. 
  • Measure the dimensions of the windows accurately to order the correct size of soundproof windows. 

Choosing Soundproof Windows 

  • Select the appropriate type of online soundproof windows based on your needs and budget. 
  • Consider factors like the level of noise reduction required, the climate in your area, and the aesthetics of the windows. 

Gathering Materials and Tools 

  • Buy soundproof windows along with any additional materials needed for installation, such as foam insulation strips, screws, and mounting brackets. 

Sealing and Insulation 

  • Apply weather-stripping or foam insulation strips around the window frame to create a tight seal when the new soundproof window is installed. This step is crucial to preventing sound leaks. 

Installing Soundproof Windows 

  • Carefully position the soundproof window in the window opening, ensuring it fits snugly within the frame. 
  • Use mounting brackets or screws to secure the window in place. 

Sealing and Caulking 

  • Seal any gaps or spaces around the window frame using caulk to further minimize sound leakage and enhance the soundproofing effect. 

Testing and Adjustments 

  • After installing the soundproof windows, conduct a sound test to ensure that the noise reduction meets your expectations. 
  • Make any necessary adjustments or improvements, such as reinforcing the seals or addressing any areas of concern. 

Pros and Cons of Soundproof Windows 

Here are the pros and cons of soundproof windows: 


  • Noise Reduction: The main benefit of a soundproof window is its capacity to greatly lessen outside noise, making the inside quieter and more serene. 
  • Improved Comfort: Residents and workers can experience a more relaxing and stress-free living or working environment with less noise intrusion. 
  • Privacy: By reducing sound transmission, soundproof windows also provide privacy by preventing outsiders from hearing internal conversations. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Multiple layers of glass in soundproof windows that have tight seals can contribute more insulation, increasing energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs. 
  • Better Sleep Quality: Soundproof windows can improve sleep quality by reducing outside noise, especially in noisy urban regions or next to busy roadways. 
  • Sound Isolation: Soundproof windows aid in preserving acoustic isolation in particular applications, such as recording studios or home cinemas, by preventing sound from escaping the space. 
  • Protection from Environmental Elements: Along with improved weather resistance, soundproof windows frequently offer defence against wind, rain, and other outside forces. 
  • Reduced Condensation: The multiple layers of glass in soundproof windows can help reduce condensation buildup during extreme weather conditions. 


  • Cost: In general, soundproof windows cost more than regular windows, particularly when numerous layers of glass and other soundproofing materials are used. 
  • Installation Complexities: For soundproof windows to be effective, proper installation is essential. Poor installation may result in decreased performance or even possible leakage. 
  • Weight: The multiple layers of glass in sound proof windows can make them heavier than standard windows, potentially requiring stronger window frames and additional support during installation. 
  • Customization Time: Custom-made soundproof windows may take longer to manufacture and deliver, leading to longer waiting times for installation. 

Where Can You Buy Soundproof Windows from? 

Searching for reliable experts that can help you in our search for high-quality soundproof glass for your big switch to soundproof windows? Well, look no further than AIS Glasxperts. We at AIS Glasxperts believe in providing you with not only innovative choices but also cutting-edge solutions in glass using our deep expertise in the field. We have a variety of fusion-welded and double-sealed style profiles – uPVC, timber, and aluminum frames. We provide you with 360-degree solutions, starting from expert guidance and prompt service to the entire project management process, including post-installation support. With our service, you can experience a quiet and relaxed time in your living room, right in the middle of a busy city. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today! 

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