How to Transform Home Interior with Aluminium Sliding Doors
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Best Ways Aluminium Sliding Doors Can Change Your Home

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Posted Date: Feb 25, 2020

Why Aluminium Sliding Doors So Popular

Gone are the days when aluminium was a household name only in terms of kitchen utensils. Today, the metal has gained prominence as a favourite material in the fenestration industry, used in the construction of door and window frames.

Moreover, modern-day homeowners are adventurous who love to experiment with new styles, even for their homes’ doors and windows. The result? A fenestration staple such as aluminium sliding doors that continues to win the hearts of thousands!

But, what are aluminium sliding doors and why are they so popular? Let’s find out -

Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors

The following are the many reasons aluminium sliding doors are a popular choice among modern homeowners -

Let There be Light and Lots of it!

Aluminium sliding doors have large panes of glass that run from the top to the bottom of each door panel, allowing an ample amount of natural light inside your home. Natural light plays a significant role in improving the ambiance of your home. It creates a warmer and more inviting atmosphere, no matter the season. The increase in natural light also allows you to enjoy a well-lit interior which leads to a reduction in the usage of artificial lighting during the daytime, thereby leading to less energy consumption and more savings on utility bills.


Aluminium sliding doors glide along a track, wherein one glass panel slides over the other. These doors don’t need extra space to swing open like traditional doors. Due to this functionality, they are the perfect addition to homes with limited spaces.  Aluminium sliding doors also offer a seamless transition between the inside of your house and the outside and hence are perfect for rooms that open up to gardens and patios.


Aluminium sliding doors, when paired with a low-E glass or heat-reflective glass can make your home more energy-efficient. Low-E glass is known to be exceptional at trapping heat. Installing aluminium sliding doors with low-E glass can keep your home warm during the winters. On the other hand, during the hot summer season, they can keep your home cool by reflecting the sun’s heat away. Opting for aluminium sliding doors with an energy-efficient glass will also lower the need for artificial heating or cooling systems and help you reduce your energy bills. More importantly, the aluminium of today is modified using thermal break technology that makes the metal a poor conductor of heat, in contrast to its inherent nature.

Moreover, aluminium sliding doors are fitted with composite gaskets to provide optimal thermal insulation and noise insulation, further making your home more energy-efficient.

Maximum Outside View

Whether it’s a cityscape or your beautiful garden, the gargantuan, unobstructed design of aluminium sliding doors allows you to have a better view of the outside throughout the year. This feature comes in handy for parents who want to keep an eye on their children playing outside in the garden or the backyard.


Applications of Aluminium Sliding Doors

Given below are a few innovative ways aluminium sliding doors can be used to change the appeal of your homes -

Gazebos and Porches

Aluminium sliding doors work great if you want to enclose your porch or gazebo. By adding aluminium sliding doors to your porch or gazebo, you can create an outdoor lounging area and use it for dining and enjoyment without being disturbed by weather elements.

Room Dividers

Installing aluminium sliding doors as room dividers allows you to enjoy your privacy without compromising on the airy and spacious vibe of the space. For example, by putting aluminium sliding doors as dividers in a large family room, you can have a workspace adjacent to your children's play area. Aluminium sliding doors as room dividers will also give you easy accessibility between the two spaces.


If your wardrobes are located in a narrow corridor or passageway then traditional swing doors can take up a lot of space and cause obstruction. In such a situation, opting for aluminium sliding doors is the best option. These doors will provide you unrestricted access to the wardrobes and not take up much space. Moreover, wardrobes with sliding doors add a sleek and modern look to the interiors.

Balcony Doors

Installing an aluminium sliding door as your balcony door to separate the balcony and your room is the most basic yet effective way of using these doors. These doors allow for an easy transition between the room and the balcony and let you enjoy the beautiful outside view. They also create a wider balcony space that you can spruce up by adding furniture and little planters, converting it into a seating area.

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