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Uses of Bathroom Glass Partition

Uses of Bathroom Glass Partition

Posted Date: Jul 13, 2020

Uses of Bathroom Glass Partition

Glass bestows a certain elegance to a space, along with giving it a sizeable feeling. And, this feature of glass is especially beneficial for awarding small space like your bathroom a luxe appeal. Whether you use glass as a way of detaching showering area away from the rest of the room or ensure the partition between the wet and dry space, the choice is yours.

Not only do glass partitions offer a cost-effective yet aesthetically unparalleled solution to your bathroom, but they are also easy to install. They can light up this room where you often enjoy your solitude. If you are planning to renovate your restroom or are moving into a new home and are looking for a contemporary material to jazz up the bathroom, try partitions made of glass. Read on to learn about a few ways in which you can use this structure in one of the most vital rooms in your home.

Fixed Partitions

Nothing complicated to crack, fixed glass partitions create a physical boundary that demarks different areas within a bathroom. It doesn’t have to be a glass enclosure, just a floor to ceiling slab of transparent glass can make all the difference and can rescue a significant portion of your bathroom from getting drenched from shower water.

Unlike dividers made from opaque materials, fixed glass partitions do not look bulky. If your bathroom is short of square footage, choose this structure as it will make the room look bigger. You can also use partially frosted glass partitions as they will not block the light and offer privacy in case of accidental barge-ins.

Framed Glass Partitions

Are you looking for bold and extra-strong bathroom partitions? If so, then consider metal-framed glass dividers. You can get an entire shower cubicle made with framed glass or just a single pane. For a more contemporary look, go for stark black aluminium or steel bars to mount your partition.

Selecting a grid-like structure spread symmetrically across the divider, forms a truly eye-catching design. It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom is small or large, framed glass partitions go well with every size.

Lacquered Glass Partitions

Lacquered glass, also called back-painted glass, is precisely what it sounds like. Manufacturers take a pane of glass and apply multiple coats of metallic paint on one side, which provides a great deal of strength to the surface. Lacquered glass partitions can liven up your bathroom as these structures come in a host of colours and patterns.

You can install them as a single shower screen or get your entire stall made from this type of glass, as lacquered surfaces keep looking great for years on end. The painted side never comes in contact with moisture, and back-painted partitions can comfortably take hot splashes of water every day. If you are planning on using lacquered glass as a fixed partition in your bathroom, go for a colour that blends well with the rest of the space and does not hijack all attention.

Patterned Glass Partitions

If you don’t wish to invest in coloured glass shower stall or door, choose vinyl patterns that are usually stuck on a transparent sheet of glass. These patterns come in various colours and shapes. You can also go for bespoke frosted glass solutions.

Various glass experts give you the option to customise design on bathroom glass partition that matches your style.

Bent Glass Partition

Are you looking for a unique, almost futuristic shower stall or divider? If yes, then go for curved or bent glass partitions, or shower screens. Who says that glass slabs need to be straight when demarking space inside your bathroom! Tempered glass panes can be bent into a curve or an arc without compromising their strength or durability.

Even though this type of partition is excellent for making a shower stall, its uses don’t stop here. You can use bent and curved glass partitions for your office cabin or home study. Imagine a tall and swanky pane of clear glass curved to perfection that also serves the purpose of a divider.

Partitions Using Glass Bricks

If you want to play with distorted and diffused light without having to make your windows translucent, go for glass bricks. These structures can be used as a straight or a curved wall inside your bathroom. However, getting an entire shower enclosure made from glass bricks might not be an ideal solution.

Additionally, you can also use glass bricks as a skylight on your bathroom roof. Doing this won’t take away your privacy and also provide you with the experience of an outside shower.

Over to You

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