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Glass partitions are one of the best measures to rekindle your space at home and offices. It gives a sense of luxury and style to your space. Glass partitions at office space gives a positive feedback to the clients. Classy partitions create a subtle environment for the employees to work in. At residential spaces these glass partitions grant a very authentic look. Today manufacturers have come up with a number of stylish partitions fit of offices and personal space. It gives the consumer freedom of choosing from a number of options.


Lacquered Glass Partitions:


glass partitions for office

Lacquered glass partitions also known as the varnished glass, has a strong decorative effect and are quite popular in interior and furniture decor. At home they are best used for living rooms to lighten them up and also to make it look more vibrant. Apart from that they are also used at the workplace for Private Cabins or work stations. Lacquered Glass partitions comes in various sizes, shapes and colors to give a fresh and beautiful look to your interiors.


Laminated Glass partition:


Glass table top

One of the principal features of laminated glass partitions is its performance under force. It does not shatter into pieces like a normal glass panel would; instead the pieces of a laminated glass panel remains intact hence reducing the risk of injuries. Laminated Glass partitions come in different ranges from subtle transparent and translucent colours to opaque. They give your space an elegant look and even brighten your tiniest corners.


Patterned Glass Partition:


coloured glass partitions

Patterned glass are incorporated in places where there is a need to change the dull vibe in the atmosphere . They are more artistic and it brings out the essence of the place. They are shaped from a design that has been imprinted into the glass and thus it creates a textured pattern. The creativity adds a wonderful unexpected element to your space. They are available in different thickness and patterns depending upon your style and need. Laminated glass panels are not only limited to partitions, but they are also used in windows, stairway railings etc.
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