Why uPVC Doors & Windows are Ideal for Retail Stores
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uPVC Doors & Windows: Ideal Solution for Retail Stores

nes of glass, each separated from the other by a noble (unreactive) gas such as Argon. The reason for sandwiching the two glass panes with a gas such as Argon is insulation – Heat is prevented from escaping in air drafts. Moreover, the inner surface of one of the glass panes is coated with a fragile reflective coating, generally made using layers of metals or metal oxides that have low conductivity – Titanium, zinc, copper, tin, silver, and even stainless steel.

uPVC Doors Windows Solution for Retail Stores

Let us understand how heat-reflective glass works with the help of this example – Imagine a bright and blazing summer morning. Your spaces are brightly-lit due to sunlight. But, surprisingly, only minimal heat is invading your interiors. The heat-reflective glass allows light to enter freely, but the metallic coating reflects the longer-wavelength infrared light, much like a mirror. As a result, light freely enters, whereas sun heat is kept at bay, keeping your home’s interiors cool during the day. This energy-efficient property of heat-reflective glass helps reduce energy consumption and energy bills.

Now, imagine a freezing winter night. You’re enjoying hot chocolate with your loved ones while the fire is blazing from the wood burner. Yet, you’re shivering from the cold. You wonder how come? Well, your doors and windows are the ones to blame–allowing fire heat to escape to the exteriors. But, if you have installed heat-reflective glass, a different scenario will occur. Just like the sun radiating infrared radiation in the above example, the same will be thrown off by the wood burner this time. And just like the metallic coating reflected the more prolonged infrared radiation of the sun, it will reflect the same. Still, in this case, the heat will be reflected into your room, making the interiors sufficiently snug!

Now, uPVC as a framing material strengthens this energy efficiency. How? First, uPVC as a material is a low conductor of heat. Therefore, it does not allow temperature exchange in and out of your spaces. To understand it better, you can place your hand on a uPVC window frame sitting under the sun's scorching heat all day and feel its temperature. Moreover, uPVC doors and windows are sealed air-tight using high-quality sealants to further fill in any gaps around the window glass that may facilitate energy exchange. Thus, uPVC doors and windows installed with heat-reflective glass are the one-stop solutions for maintaining ideal interior temperatures throughout the year.

This energy-efficient property of uPVC doors and windows helps reduce the need for energy consumption – artificial lighting, air-conditioners, and room heating devices, thereby bringing down your monthly energy bills.

uPVC Windows and Doors Types

Finding the perfect windows for your home isn’t as easy as it seems. There are so many options available today that it can be pretty overwhelming to pick the right one for your needs. Windows can be square, rectangular, octagonal, and even triangular, and that’s just the shape. Some windows open to the side, and some slide up. Each of these diverse types of windows offers something unique to a home, and only a homeowner who understands their options can decide to choose the right windows.

Tilt N Turn Windows

They are the better utility and maintenance option. They are more versatile and easier to clean. You can easily clean the outside and inside of the window comfortably. You can also tilt the windows to allow a breeze in more effectively than you can with casement windows.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows are the best ones to install if you are staying in the middle of the city or at higher altitudes in India, as these are thermal and noise-resistant windows customized to Indian weather conditions. They come with an inbuilt security grill for additional safety, which is impossible to break through. These Windows also come in 6 wooden lamination shades to complement your interiors.

Bay Windows

When you want a window that projects out of your home to add a bit of additional floor space, you want bay Windows. Each of these windows comes out of the exterior wall and creates a small shelf in the home. The larger the window is, the larger the shelf is. Bay Windows are usually a better fit for modern homes, and bow windows are better for older Victorian-style homes. Bay windows rely on flat windows set into an angled frame built out of the house. A professional can construct a custom bay window using standard double or single-hung windows in a row. Bow windows, however, rely on custom curved windows that come together to create a circular outcropping in the home.

Skylight Windows

A skylight is an excellent option if you’re interested in adding some light in the center of a home with limited possibilities for exterior walls. It’s essentially a window for your roof and installed similarly to a roof vent. Some skylights open and close to allow ventilation, but most remain closed and serve the primary purpose of bringing additional light into a home. Still, they also provide an excellent way to look up at the stars and can do as attic ventilation in an attic-renovated bathroom.

Skylights must be installed by a professional, one of the more expensive window types available, but when you want to light from your roof coming in, they are really one of your only options.

Unbeatable Advantages of Installing uPVC Windows

When combined with uPVC, one of the ideal framing and profiling materials, you get the dual benefit of aesthetics and high performance. uPVC doors and windows can instantly elevate the look of your entire retail store space, both from the interior and exterior. But other properties make uPVC such a popular material. Let’s list them down:

  1. Aesthetics

  2. As discussed above, uPVC offers greater aesthetic variety than other profiling materials such as wood or aluminium. The clean look of uPVC is inherently modern, and the material is also available in a vast range of shades and colors. Moreover, it can be easily designed and shaped to seamlessly fit in with a shop’s interiors.

  3. Energy Insulation

  4. One of the essential properties of uPVC is its energy efficiency. uPVC as a material is highly efficient at keeping external heat at bay, providing a solid insulating layer between the outdoors and the indoors. This property is beneficial if your shop receives a lot of sunlight and external heat, which might make it quite unbearable in the harsh summers. Consequently, your retail store’s dependence on air conditioners decreases, bringing down your energy bills. This insulation also works well by preserving internal warmth in winter.

  5. Noise insulation

  6. When combined with the right noise-canceling door or window glass, uPVC is highly effective in providing acoustic insulation to your retail store. This helps create a lovely and peaceful ambiance inside the store, much to customers' delight.

  7. Low maintenance

  8. uPVC is very easy to install, remove, repair, and reinstall, and all this can be done without causing structural damage to your walls or columns. It is also effortless to clean since it does not readily catch dust and dirt. This way, you will be able to spend less time on maintenance and more time attending to your customers.

  9. Durability, Security, and Weather Resistance

  10. One of the best properties of uPVC is that it is powerful despite being lightweight, and uPVC doors and windows can be secured with multi-point locking systems. It is also resistant to inclement weather like rain, hail, dust, or air pollution. Another thing that contributes to its longevity is the inability of uPVC to rot, corrode, get infested with termites, and undergo pitting or scaling.

The AIS Advantage

Want to make your homes and offices energy-efficient? Then, look no further than AIS Windows – a subsidiary of India’s leading integrated glass player – Asahi India Glass Limited. We offer highly energy-efficient uPVC doors and window solutions, including heat-reflective glass sourced directly from our parent company. Our uPVC frames are lead-free, solid, durable, and practically maintenance-free. Together with high-performance heat-reflective glass, they will maintain ideal indoor temperatures throughout the year. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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