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Bored of your old bathroom and wish to give it a fresh look? Well, installing glass shower enclosures would be an exciting way to give your bathroom a new, elegant look without remodelling the whole space. In aesthetically pleasing designs, glass shower enclosures have become extremely popular among builders and homeowners to create beautiful bathroom interiors. A glass shower cubicle helps in creating a separate bathing space within the bathroom. These cubicles function as a partition and restrict vision from the outside.

Elegant glass shower cubicles enclosure

Proper planning and designing in advance are crucial to make it more eye-catching and appealing. People install equipment like soap holders, premium showerheads, elegant faucets, etc., to give a more contemporary look to this space. However, another element that most people often forget to install to enhance the bathroom's aesthetic appeal is a shower enclosure. It makes the room more organized and sophisticated.

Advantages of Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures not only elevate the aesthetic brilliance of your bathrooms but also increase the functionality of your space for a truly modern bath. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out some of the many benefits of installing glass shower doors in your bathrooms.

Low Maintenance

An essential benefit of choosing glass shower enclosures over other materials is that they require significantly less maintenance. Using shower curtains often makes the cumbersome task of sprucing up more difficult. Unlike these curtains, glass enclosures are a more convenient option as they do not need much attention to cleaning. They are durable and effortless to clean. Chances of a build-up by mould or mildew are rare. It is advised to put a protective coating on the glass at the time of installation to reduce water and soap scum spots. They are well-constructed and thus require very few repairs. All you have to do is spray a cleaning solution on it and wipe it off with a clean towel.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

A massive jump from mouldy shower curtains, glass shower enclosures serve as the perfect décor that make your space look much more not only hygienic and clutter-free but also instantly adds grace to your bathroom’s interiors. Owing to their light-reflective properties, they create the illusion of a larger space, thus serving as the perfect choice for cramped washrooms. Moreover, their attractive designs instantly add a touch of glam to enrich your showering experience.

Bathroom glass door Faridabad

When decorating your bathroom’s interiors, much emphasis is placed on the tile patterns of the floors and the walls as they set the mood and theme of your space. However, shower curtains can diminish the appeal of meticulously chosen marble designs and be a dampener to the ambience. Glass shower enclosures, on the other hand, come in a variety of unique designs, textures and colours to accentuate and blend in with the rest of the interiors to create a stylish bathroom.

AIS Glasxperts offers a multitude of colours and patterns for glass shower enclosures that instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Etched glass, for instance, is perfect for those who like to have privacy without dealing with the mess of shower curtains. The carving on the glass surface provides a smooth satin-like effect with a coloured or white frosted finish to create a semi-opaque cubicle. Ceramic-fit glass is the ideal option for those who want to jazz up their bathroom interiors with a splash of colour. It is an enamel-painted tempered glass solution offering the right balance of aesthetics, privacy, and safety.

Sustainable Choice

Glass is 100% sustainable and non-toxic as it is made out of sand, limestone, and sodium carbonate. Being a 100% recyclable material, glass can be recycled indefinitely and up to 4-6 times a year, ensuring that no carbon footprint is left behind. As a result, glass shower doors have become a popular choice amongst environmentally conscious architects and interior designers looking to incorporate environment-friendly materials in their projects.

Frosted glass

Scope for Customization

You can easily customize glass shower doors to fit your need for privacy, both in terms of visibility and audibility. You can go for acoustic glass solutions that will provide you with the soundproofing you need to enjoy a peaceful shower time, and at the same time, you can even opt for the frosted glass option to obscure visibility.

Extreme Durability

A common misconception about glass is that it is incredibly fragile and prone to breakage. Modern glass, however, undergoes various processes and treatments to achieve its extraordinary strength and durable properties. AIS Glasxperts uses specially curated tempered glass and heat-soaked glass for designing glass shower enclosures that are typically five times stronger than annealed glass, making it the perfect choice for your glass shower doors.

Water Seepage Is Not an Issue Anymore

Shower curtains have gaps around the edges from where water may seep outside and get on the floor. Such situations often result in accidents as people may slip and fall. On the other hand, since glass shower cubicles completely seal the space, there is no place for water to escape outside. Hence, they can help to prevent accidents and are a far better alternative.

Exhibit the Tile Design

The tile patterns used in the washroom set the mood, theme, and décor of it. When curtains or opaque elements are added inside the bathroom, they block the view and diminish the appeal of the washroom. Transparent glass enclosures offer a clear view of the tile designs and patterns, enhancing the overall look and décor of the place.

Tile patterns used in the washroom

Ensures Safety

The glass shower enclosures are a safer option than leaky shower curtains that create a slip and fall hazard, especially for the young and older people of the house. They significantly reduce the chances of any mishap in the bathroom, as there will be less water on the floor and less clean up required after your shower. The glass shower cubicle by Glasxperts is made from tempered and heat-soaked glass, which highly impacts resistance due to its considerable strength (five times stronger than regular annealed glass).

Add value to your Home.

If you are planning to sell your property, replacing the old and worn-out bathroom enclosure with an elegant glass enclosure is sure to enhance its value. Even if you do not plan to move, upgrading it with a beautiful glass enclosure will make the space look pleasant.

Types of Shower Doors

The selection and understanding of all the options available can become tedious and confusing. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to assist your decision-making with precise information about the perfect shower door and how you should go about the selection process.

Sliding (Bypass) Doors

This space-saving genius has a fixed panel and a sliding panel placed on rollers within a track that slides behind the fixed one when opened. Sliding shower glass doors create an illusion of a larger space as they neither open inwards nor outwards. This structure also maximizes lighting making it a classy yet straightforward choice.

Pivot (Swinging) Doors

The sheer simplicity and common type are the Pivot Shower Door; as the name suggests, it is installed with pivots located primarily at the top and bottom at about 25% of the weigh in on the length. This makes them an incredible choice for glass showers because of the neat, modern look they provide.

Fixed Shower Doors (Panel Enclosure)

An entirely unmovable Shower door is placed to allow free entry without opening or closing. You may strategically position these glass panels so there won't be any water splashing out due to the calculated placement of the showerhead, making it an ideal match for people looking for simplicity.

Hinged Shower Doors

The classic glass door design is found commonly across the world. Hinged doors are supported by pivoting hinges that can easily be attached to the wall, around the shower, or even to an immobile panel attached to the shower. Even though they are pretty standard, you need large spaces to accommodate them; otherwise, they will obstruct the bathroom.

Hinged Shower Doors

Types of Shower Shapes

Corner (Neo-Angled) Enclosure Shower

As the name suggests, these Showers are located in a corner. However, the door is not installed at right angles to the wall. Instead, it is located in the center of two panels attached to the wall, with an inclination of 135 degrees. These are best suited for a large bathroom since the door is attached to a hinge and swings out.

Alcove (Inline) Enclosure Shower

These doors can be placed in showers encompassed by two parallel walls such that it has a single straight opening and include sliding bathroom doors, single swing doors, and door and panel structures without angled panels. Alcove enclosure shower is a space-efficient design that will correctly portray minimalism.

Curved or Round Enclosure Shower

It may be placed in a corner with curved glass or stand alone in the shape of a cylinder; in any case, the door in the corner would be fixed and freestanding, and direct walk-in and the cylindrical one would slide along its track to be opened and closed. These features give both of the accurate fit for small spaces.

Types of Glass Varieties

Clear Glass

These doors are among the most famous types everywhere. A salient feature of this glass is its transparency level. Clear glasses have a certain sophistication to them because they look clean, neat, and new. They work effectively to create the illusion of openness in your bathroom. Another huge advantage is that it allows light to pass through, making the bathroom look spacious, appealing, and bright. These doors work best if you have a small bathroom because they will create the big one without actually doing so.

Frosted Glass

If you share a room with another person and are insecure about someone randomly walking in on you taking a shower, this is the perfect shower door glass for you. Its frosting level determines the transparency, and you can choose the amount of frosting you want on the door as some of them can be more see-through than others. They do allow some light to enter but equally offer protection from anyone outside the door. Frosted doors are beneficial in several applications but are darker than other options.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass provides a unique artistic glam to your regular shower door and comes in a vast range of designs and colours to satisfy your taste. You will find patterns like trees, plants, aquatic animals, birds, flowers, abstract art, or others with a framework incorporated with clear glass panels running through the door. These structures are easy to maintain. When selecting a colour, it is suggested to use neutral tones to preserve the aesthetic aspect of the glass.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass offers an amalgamation of brightness as well as obstruction of sight! If you want a bathroom with the enhanced light of clear glass with the coverage of frosted glass, then this one will be your ultimate choice. These pages are designed to make it highly problematic, if not impossible, to see a person inside the shower. Again, this would be a correct choice if you live in a busy home or want some privacy as it will do a marvellous job at keeping prying eyes from watching you while you shower.

Rain Glass

The name says it all! Rain glass is made to give off a rain-like appearance to offer protection while using the stall. This glass type offers a modern vibe with a graceful appearance. They are well-suited to any bathroom and will surely turn around the feel of your bathroom. Rain glass doors will blend into the bathroom effortlessly. They will not overpower the aesthetic of your bathroom, leaving enough room for you to readjust its décor as and when you like without worrying about making it look tacky.

Tempered Glass

If you are worried about the fragility of the glass, go for tempered glass. This glass type is specifically designed to withstand a great deal of impact and keeps it from shattering. Even in the case of breakage, the shards crumble and are practically harmless. It doesn't matter if you live alone, with kids, or with animals; choosing a tempered glass for your shower is the safest option available out there.

Features of Tempered Glass Shower Doors

Tempered Glass Shower Doors


The thought of your shower door glass shattering due to high water temperatures in the bathroom has probably crossed your mind. Well, you've got nothing to worry about because this glass takes care of that problem due to its high heat and humidity resistance feature and continues to maintain its finish for years on end. Now you know what makes glass shower enclosures completely safe.


It is inevitable for the bathroom door to go through some wear and tear to excessive usage, but tempered glass has taken care of that issue for you too. This toughened glass will not succumb to scratches, blemishes, or any severe damage due to wear and tear.

Frame Types

Framed Enclosure

Shower doors with a frame running around the glass of each shower panel are considered framed enclosures. This frame is usually made of compound material or aluminium. Such doors also have a track that collects trickling water and vapour droplets and needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid the deposition of mildew or mould.

Shower Door Framed Enclosure

Semi-Framed Doors

The metal frame around the actual structure of the shower is absent in this frame type, and the door itself does not have an edge. The framing is present on each side of the larger panel piece but not around the actual door. It's suitable if you would like to include your finishing without blocking the view of your shower.

Frameless Doors

This frame has minimal coverage and is designed to provide a clear view of the bathroom and its accessories. The frame around the door is situated at the bottom to capture water. The glass is up to 3/4" thick, offering enough weight to make the door easy and comfortable to operate. These are perfect for bathrooms with intricate tile work, high-end bathroom fitting, or creative showers.

The AIS Glasxperts Advantage

Now that you've acquired all this information about trend-setting Bathroom Door designs & types, it's time for you to buckle up for a beautiful shower experience with the bathroom you will most certainly enjoy having. But wait! Where will you source said shower doors from? Try AIS Glasxperts - India's leading glass lifestyle provider. We offer a host of glass solutions that are bound to suit your design sensibilities.

With eons of experience in the glass architecture industry, our expert squad ensures end-to-end expertise along with a quick turn-around time. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to know all about our gamut of products and services.

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