Advantages of Using Wooden Frames in Glass Windows
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Wooden Window Frames: A Long Lasting Solution for Glass Windows

Long Lasting Wooden Window Frames

Posted Date: Mar 26, 2018


When it comes to selecting the ideal material for the glass windows of a home, there is often a problem of choice. One can choose from wood, uPVC and aluminium, all of which offer different qualities. However, while aluminium and uPVC have gained popularity recently thanks to their modern looks, the effervescent charm of wood still makes it a hugely popular choice.

But there is another advantage to using wooden frames for windows apart from their aesthetics – their undisputable longevity. If the wooden window frames for glass windows that you have recently bought have been manufactured by a company that offers exceptional quality timber, then you can easily expect your frames to last for decades.

Glass Wooden Window Frames

Here are the advantages of wooden window frames that make it a long-lasting and ideal solution for your home:

Exceptional toughness and strength

The better the quality of timber used in construction of the wooden frames, the longer they will last. This is due to their inherent toughness and weather resistance. Unlike aluminium frames, wooden window frames do not rust or corrode. This is a hugely deciding factor in places of high humidity. With proper care and maintenance, wooden frames age well, and their toughness means that they do not chip, crack or get dented easily. The best timber frames can last up to 50 years!


The aesthetics offered by premium-looking wooden frames is unparalleled. They are known to evoke a certain rustic charm and are synonymous with luxury. Wooden frames give the sense of living closer to nature as well. Wood helps in imparting a natural and a rich look to the interiors as well as the exteriors, and since it goes well with almost any kind of architecture or interior design idea, wooden window frames are sure to last many renovations of a house.

Heat and noise insulation

Another big advantage of having wooden frames for windows is that wood is known to be a great insulation material, both for heat and noise. Therefore, wood helps keep a space warm in the winters by keeping the cold air out, and cool in the summers by not letting the sun’s heat enter the interiors. Wood also muffles external noise exceptionally well. All in all, it contributes to the energy efficiency and the peace of a home, thereby being a great value-for-money long-lasting solution in window frames.

Glasxperts has partnered with Wood from AIS Glasxperts a premium wood products master with a presence all over India to bring highly functional wooden windows that age exceptionally well. With a 5-year product warranty and a 50-year timber warranty, this modern wood guarantees long last window frames that are resistant to bending, warping and swelling.

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