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Wooden Window Designs To Transform Your Spaces

Home is the place that provides you with an identity, safety from the outside world, and a sense of belongingness. Most importantly, it acts as the center point for all the family members since you would always crave to return to your home’s safety. 

Aesthetics bring life to the house, and it should be a reflection of your personality. This is the primary reason why you should spend a reasonable amount of time planning important aspects of your place.

The doors and windows are the main aesthetical features of your house. They not only provide security but also cast the first impression on the visitors coming to your home.

Like Edward Gorey quotes

‘My Favourite Journey is Looking Out of the Window’

Windows are the soul of the place where they are installed. Well-placed windows keep the house ventilated and bring in light and fresh air. Windows keep us connected to the outside world while being in the solace of the house.

Wooden frames are excellent insulators as they provide 1800 times more insulation than aluminium windows. That’s not all; Wooden window designs bring in an element of luxury to the house. Over the ages, wood has been a symbol of grace and elegance.

Having windows made of wood keeps the house insulated from the heat, cold, and wind. Wooden windows also increase the overall charm of the house. Wood is more eco-friendly and requires less energy to manufacture. Wooden doors or windows matching the architectural elements of your home will increase its aesthetic value.

This detailed blog covers everything you need to look into when choosing wooden glass windows for your space.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Wooden Glass Window Design

Windows are the functional elements of your house. In the morning, the first thing we do is open our windows to let fresh air and sunlight into our homes. They are affected by external factors (weather, wind, and rain) and internal factors (smoke, dirt, and dust).

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration when choosing a wooden glass window. Here are some of the critical points that should be on your checklist when opting for wooden glass windows:


The durability of the wooden windows is very important. The wood should be well seasoned and of an exterior grade. If you are on the lookout for the best quality wooden glass windows, make sure to check out AIS Glasxperts. Wooden glass windows from AIS Glasxperts will add a new look & feel to your space.


The wooden windows on the exterior should be coated with melamine or a good quality weather-resistant material. Wooden glass windows by AIS Glasxperts are resistant to heat, wind, rain, and termites. They do not swell, bend, wrap, or get weathered.

Match the Aesthetics

The wooden windows should match the overall aesthetics and architecture of the house. Choosing the correct style of a wooden window depends on whether the architectural elements are contemporary or classical.

AIS Glasxperts provides international quality wooden windows that can be customized to match every architectural style, unlike the one-size-fits-all approach!


Wooden windows usually demand a lot of maintenance. A lot of dust accumulates on it, and cleaning becomes difficult. The wooden window design by AIS Glasxperts is sleek and promises minimal cleaning time.


The main characteristic of wood is that it is a good insulator of heat, cold, and noise. When using glass and wood together to design a window, one should take precautions that the insulation doesn’t get affected.

Wooden glass windows designed by AIS Glasxperts guarantee excellent insulation from noise. It does not allow heat exchange, thus keeping the house warm during winters and cool during summers. 

Applications of Wooden Windows

The use of wooden windows is not restricted to just homes, but they are extensively used in commercial spaces. Installation of the correct type of wooden windows can change the entire look and feel of the area. Be it a house, workplace, retail outlet, library, hotel, restaurant, or any other establishment, wooden glass windows add a tinge of ultra-elegance to the place where they are fitted.

Let us understand how wooden window designs can transform any space:


The wooden window design that suits the architectural style enhances the beauty and aesthetic value of the house.

AIS Glasxperts windows are good noise insulators; hence they restrict the outside noise, thus providing the occupants with the required calm and serenity. 

Work Places

Workplaces are second homes to the employees, as they spend close to 8~9 hours in the workplace. Hence it is necessary to design the workplaces in such a way that the employees feel at home.

Also, care needs to be taken that the windows are noise insulated to give much-needed privacy to the building’s occupants. Wooden glass windows from AIS create a rich working ambience, thereby keeping the unwanted noise disturbances away.

Wooden glass windows can act as a productivity booster for the occupants in the workplace.

Hotels and Restaurants

The first thing we note in any hotel or restaurant is the ambiance of the place. Wooden windows design up the charm and elegance of the restaurants. Wood and glass combination windows by AIS Glasxperts make the hospitality space enchanting and give them a premium look.

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and clinics are the key stakeholders of the healthcare sector. Patients admitted to the hospital would want peace from the outside noise to recover quickly.

Apart from noise insulation, wooden windows also have a calming effect on the patients and their families. Incorporating wooden glass windows is the perfect architectural solution to improve the entire healthcare segment’s aesthetic element and functionality.

Retail Outlets and Shopping complexes

Retail outlets and shopping complexes have to be welcoming to the guests. Only when the customer gets this feeling would they be more motivated to spend time inside the retail outlet. This, in turn, can skyrocket the business of the occupants.

Installing wooden windows creates an appealing aura to the retail outlet. Wooden windows with glass tend to drive more curiosity in the customers, which impacts the overall business.

On the whole, it helps in creating a perfect space with enough eternal light that uplifts the shopping experience.


A library is a place where you would love to explore books. Your book reading experience will entirely transform based on the aura created by the library room.

The experience of reading a book for hours beside a large wooden glass window that offers a top-notch noise cancellation is beyond mesmerizing.


Wooden glass windows add more durability to the glass fitted inside them. Wood also prevents the glass from breakage that generally occurs due to the contraction of the structure.

Wooden glass frames add much-needed aesthetics to the room where the glass windows are installed. When installed in commercial establishments, they enhance the overall experience of the place. AIS Glasxperts offers a range of wooden window designs that improve ventilation and completely transform the space (e.g., home, malls, etc.). It’s an experience that occupants of the place will truly cherish.

Wooden Window Designs on your mind? Look no further than AIS Glasxperts

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